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Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of unwanted, abandoned, and neglected pets in the Lake Los Angeles and Littlerock communities of Southern California by offering transportation and funding for spay and neuter of companion animals and by finding homes for rescued pets.

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  • SNIPpets 2015/05-06 May-June Issue
  • The Pet Detective: From Feral to Family!
    A Home for Bella
    Rescues of the Month
    Three must-see videos
    Photo of the Month: Pit Bull Fight
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
  • SNIPpets 2014/09-10 Sept-Oct Issue
  • AmazonSmile Program
    The Pet Detective: Mama & the Four Graces
    Looking for Love!
    Rescues of the Month
    Photo of the Month: I Love You No Matter What You Put on My Head
    Guide Dog Gets a Helper
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
    Adoption Update: Little One
  • SNIPpets 2014/06-07 June-August Issue
  • The Pet Detective: Mary the Rescue Mare
    These Cuties Need Homes!
    Spays of the Month: A Record!
    Tina and her 4 seasons, and puppies puppies puppies!
    Recognizing Dog Behavior
    10 Worst Excuses for Not Neutering Your Pet
  • SNIPpets 2014/05 May
  • Emmy's Tale
    Spays of the Month: Emily's babies & Hoops
    The Pet Detective: More Puppy Patrol
    Photo of the Month: We all have that one friend
    Videos of the Month: Saying Grace, Daddy's Home, Touching Rescues
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
  • SNIPpets 2014 Apr Issue
  • Rescue of the Month: Mojo, Billy
    Neuter of the Month: Widow
    Hometown Heroes
    The Pet Detective: Talk About Bad Hair Days!
    Video of the Month: Daddy's home!
    Photo of the Month: Monkey feeding tiger cub
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
  • SNIPpets 2014 Feb-Mar Issue
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Sadie the 14 Freeway Dog
    Photo of the Month: A little help from my friend
    Video of the Month: How dogs and cats teach their babies to use stairs
    Neuters of the Month: George and Cool Cat
    The Pet Detective: Puppy Patrol
  • SNIPpets 2014 Jan Issue
  • In Review: 2012 and 2013
    Photo of the Month: Just wanted to say "Hi!"
    Video of the Month: Robbie-the Little Dog that Could
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
    All Dogs Go to Heaven--Or Do They?
  • SNIPpets 2013 Nov-Dec Issue
  • Spay of the Month: TeeTee, Happy and Sad
    Rescue of the Month: Roscoe
    Pepsi Update
    Neighborhood Watch: Bear & Blue
    Saying Goodbye: Tyrone
    Photo of the Month: Monkey Rescues Puppy from Explosion
    Video of the Month: If It Fits, I Sits
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
  • SNIPpets 2013 Oct Issue
  • The Pet Detective--Happy Ending for Molly and Dolly
    Neuters of the Month--Puddin', Punkin, and Naomi
    Rescue of the Month--Pepsi
    Tips from the Trainer--Scott Beckman of BarkBusters
    Photo of the Month: God bless Mommy and Daddy...
    Video of the Month: Cats Stealing Dog Beds
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
  • SNIPpets 2013 Sep Issue
  • The Pet Detective--Rocky's Road to a New Life
    Neuter of the Month--Santiago
    Challenger Dogs Update
    Rescues of the Month--Tres Amigos
    Puppy-Free! Delilah Gets a Break
    Tip from the Vet: Guard Against Parvo!
    News Flash--Dog Pack Attacks Gator!
    The Worst Hunting Dog--Ever!
    Man's Best Friend...and Friends
  • SNIPpets 2013 Aug Issue
  • The Pet Detective--The Challenge at Challenger School
    Rescue of the Month--Duncan Rocks!
    Puddin' Update
    Tip from the Vet: Spay/Neuter Early
  • SNIPpets 2013 July Issue
  • Video of the Month--No Pain, No Pain
    The Pet Detective--Desert Puppies
    Desert Puppy Report #1-- Tucker
    Rescue of the Month--Puddin'
    Spay of the Month--Coco and Pups
  • SNIPpets 2013 June Issue
  • Video of the Month--Sleepy Babies
    Back from the Brink--Timmy and Reese
    From Under the House to the Lap(s) of Luxury!--Lena and Lola
    Rescue of the Month--Anna and the King
    The Pet Detective--On the Case!
  • SNIPpets 2013 May Issue
  • Rescue of the Month Update: Sweet Dee
    Big Love in a Tiny Package: Daisy
    All in the Family: Angel and Blossom
    Pet Detective: On the Case!
  • SNIPpets 2013 April Issue
  • Rescue of the Month: Sweet Dee
    It's a Love Match: Lobo
    Happy Together: Rocky and Shadow
    From "Rags" to Riches: Little Bit
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