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Here you will find an archive of the FImetrix Newsletters and Special Bulletins. In the articles below, you can find discussions of current industry topics, highlights from FImetrix studies, and distributed white papers.

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  • FImetrix Bulletins and Special Announcements
  • Trade Finance White Paper
  • June 2013: FImetrix, in collaboration with Alexander Malaket of OPUS Advisory Services, examines the growing importance of the expertise of the bank in supporting the international trade finance needs of their corporate customers.
  • Brand Attributes of Thought Leaders
  • February 2013: Historically, many banks thought that being a "Thought Leader" meant being an innovator, but there is far more to thought leadership than just innovation. In this second of a series of articles commissioned by FImetrix, Chris Skinner discusses what key brand attributes can be applied to banks that are seen as being thought leaders.
  • Thought Leadership: Trusted Bank White Paper
  • September 2012: Over the years, FImetrix research has shown an increase in banks looking for providers who have a long-term commitment to the relationship. Increasingly, banks are looking to providers that can add value to the relationship.
    FImetrix has commissioned Chris Skinner, Chief Executive of the financial think tank Balatro, to write on the topic based upon the findings from our research over the past few years.
  • Trade Payments with China
  • February 2012: This white paper covers the evolution of China's trade and rise of the RMB, as well as regional findings from FImetrix research regarding the use of this currency in the global payments business.
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