Bronx Better Learning eBlasts

The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning (Bronx Better Learning or BBL) provides its students with a solid foundation for academic success, through achievement that exceeds citywide averages and meets or exceeds New York State Standards and national norms in all curriculum areas tested, especially in mathematics and language arts.

Our teaching constantly adjusts to the needs of our students, leading to independence, autonomy, responsibility, and a sustained love of learning, all of which contribute directly to high academic achievement.

At BBL, we strive to create an atmosphere where each child's innate ability to learn is nurtured, protected and directed toward mastering all traditional subjects. Our pedagogy, the Subordination of Teaching to Learning, was developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno (1911-1988). Dr. Gattegno's precise techniques and materials enable students to master new skills with minimal interference from the teacher. As a result, learning continues to be a joyous experience for the children, instead of the drudgery they might otherwise encounter in more conventional schools.

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Bronx Charter School for Better Learning
3740 Baychester Ave. - Annex
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