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Sandra J. Hovatter, President
  • 2014-03 ALPHA CHANNEL  (3/19/2014)
  • SPECIAL: Udemy training 60% off- VERY LIMITED TIME offer! In this newsletter you'll find tips about spacing, adding headers and footers, and some basics for InDesign. Also a link to a blog about proofreading, and links to past blogs.
  • 2013-10 ALPHA CHANNEL  (9/30/2013)
  • This newsletter includes hints for working with graphics in Microsoft Word and some basics of setting up a website. It also includes references to our Facebook page with some of the posts you'll find there.
  • 2013-08 ALPHA CHANNEL  (8/19/2013)
  • This newsletter includes information on Adobe Creative Cloud pricing and ways to save money on your next desktop publishing project
  • 2013-06 Anniversary Alpha Channel  (6/27/2013)
  • CELEBRATE our 25th anniversary with us! Also introducing our new FACEBOOK page!
  • 2013-05 ALPHA CHANNEL  (5/28/2013)
  • This newsletter includes the latest news from Adobe, help for first-time authors, and tips for Facebook users. Also the release of "My Poems" by Cindy Hay.
  • 2013-04 Alpha Channel  (4/10/2013)
  • This newsletter includes news from Adobe about the availability of boxed CD sets after May first. Also a new book has been released: Brainstorming, by Sandra J. Hovatter.
  • 2013-03 Alpha Channel  (3/6/2013)
  • Even WE use our blog posts for the Tips & Tricks!
  • 2013-01 Alpha Channel  (1/9/2013)
  • This newsletter shares an interactive way to learn shortcuts in InDesign CS5.
    Also included is information on Self-Destructing Emails as a way to protect sensitive data.
  • 2012 -12 Alpha Channel  (11/28/2012)
  • This newsletter included a way to get Images at great prices for a limited time. It was also our Merry Christmas to all!
  • August 2012 Alpha Channel  (8/27/2012)
  • This newsletter includes the following:
    - Steps to Creating an InDesign Document that Prints Perfectly
    - Links to Blogs about Creating Safe Passwords and InDesign Hyphenation
  • Invitation to Free INDD Webinar 01  (6/6/2012)
  • Invitation to our Free InDesign Webinar on June 19, 2012.
  • May 2012 Alpha Channel  (5/24/2012)
  • In this newsletter you can read about:
    - Adobe CS6 & Creative Cloud
    - DDP Tip Cards
    - DDP InDesign Training Webinar
  • April 2012 DDP News & Quick Tips  (4/5/2012)
  • In this newsletter you will find:
    - News about our website update!
    - Adobe's Upgrade policy
    - Windows Desktop Tip
  • November-December 2011  (11/17/2011)
  • In this newsletter learn about:
    - Safari Books Online
    - Being safer when you pay online
    - InDesign zooming tip
    - Data Designs Publishing FTP sites
  • September 2011  (9/8/2011)
  • In this issue learn more about:
    - JPGs
    - InDesign Tables
    - How to have more secure passwords
    - Photo editing software for everyday use
  • February 2011  (2/14/2011)
  • This newsletter brings you:
    - Excel formula tip
    - FreeConferenceCall.com
    - More options for sharing large files
    - Beyond e-books to social books
  • December 2010  (12/7/2010)
  • In this issue learn about:
    - Options for sharing large files
    - Memonic.com
    - A blog kindle users can't live without
  • June 2010  (6/22/2010)
  • In this newsletter read about:
    - Scheduleonce.com
    - Social Media Intro
    - Adobe InDesign Tips
    - ApprehendingGrace.com
    - ShopOnline2Give.com & ShopOnline4Charity.org
  • April 2009  (4/22/2009)
  • In this issue you'll learn about:
    - Interactive 3D Images in PDFs
    - Marketing tips in tough times
    - Tips for using Guides in Adobe InDesign
    - Ideas for managing document updates
  • March 2009  (3/10/2009)
  • In this issue you'll learn about:
    - Extending your print materials by embracing digital publishing
    - Going green with e-newsletters
    - Using logo'd flash drives to market your digital brochures
  • January 2009  (1/12/2009)
  • In this issue, you'll read about:
    - Flash Drive Marketing
    - Digital Brochures
    - Nifty Program: LetterMeLater.com
    - Adobe Software Upgrade Specials
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