What You'll Learn in this Free Webinar
We'll create a document in Adobe InDesign CS5, offering tips on all aspects of document creation as we go along. Among other things, you'll learn:
How to create and why to use paragraph styles consistently

The pitfalls of character styles

The basics about different file formats and resolutions

Text and image frames, and how to use them

How to use the Direct Select Tool to manipulate your graphics to show just the portion you want in your frame

How to flow text (manually and automatically) from one text frame to another

Aligning and distributing elements on a page

Packaging a finished project for archiving, sharing and/or printing.

Creating PDFs for various purposes.

And much more!

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Data Designs Publishing Training
Free InDesign® Webinar
June 19, 2012, 9-10:15am EST
Join us for our FREE InDesign training webinar on
June 19 at 9am EST
(previously scheduled for June 12).

Click here to register. Registration closes June 14.
We'll create a sample document in Adobe® InDesign® CS5 in about 45 minutes, offering tips on all aspects of document creation along the way. Check out the list of some of the things you'll learn at the left.

We're confident that the free webinar will be useful to you. We recognize that you are spending valuable time with us. You will get a benefit from the class.

Why Version CS5?
We wanted to teach a version that will provide the widest range of our customers' common experience. While it's true that CS6 was recently released, few people have taken the step of upgrading yet. Some of you upgraded to CS5.5 when it came out, but it's similar enough to CS5 at the level we're teaching that we won't be skipping any exciting new features. Some of you are still on CS4 or even CS3. What we teach will be transferable to these lower versions, as well. The screen and menu options may look a bit different, but the command structure is very similar.

Your Questions Answered
We'll be taking questions from participants throughout the webinar, so if you have questions about how to set up a document in InDesign, this could be your lucky day. We'll be shooting to end our instruction at 10:15am, so detailed questions may be deferred, but we'll answer as many as we can as we go along.

End Time is Flexible - For You and for Us!
Of course you can leave the webinar at any time, but we promise to wrap up the formal webinar about 10:15am. We will, however, remain available to answer questions, give advice, etc., for about another half hour.

Registration closes Thursday, June 14.
6-Week InDesign Course Introduced
During the free webinar we'll be introducing our InDesign 6-week webinar training course. In this 6-week course we'll not only teach how to use InDesign, but also "best practices" that will ensure your documents print well when you send them off to the printer. You'll learn:

◊ How to create and use multiple Master Pages ◊ Character Styles - their pitfalls and benefits ◊ Embedding vs. linking ◊ A graphics primer - more about file formats ◊ Color models and their importance ◊ Tools to learn well and tools to ignore ◊ How to customize your InDesign desktop to work more efficiently ◊ The super powerful Search & Replace function in InDesign ◊ How to align text (take your hand off the space bar!) ◊ How to create, work with and format tables ◊ Fitting graphics to frames and moving graphics within frames ◊ Aligning and distributing elements ◊ The power and convenience of layers ◊ Rotating and flipping graphics ◊ How to create PDFs for different purposes ◊ How to pre-flight your documents ◊

And much, much more!

If you're interested in the 6-week course but don't want to attend the free webinar, contact me: Sandy@DataDesignsPublishing.com
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