Tired of trying to fit into society's mold of religion? Following someone else's path to spiritual enlightenment? Efforts to do this have left most of us feeling like we are sitting alone in the dark. The Weekly Eureka invites you to flip on a light switch - ask the questions - question the answers and join others on the journey to the most important discovery of all - that of your true self.


In 1996 an independent study done in America showed adults in this country expressed mainly skepticism and distaste toward atheists and agnostics.  This same research also showed that 85% of non-Christians were favorable toward Christianity's role in society.  In 2007 the group repeated the study and found that America's skepticism had switched focus and swapped targets.  Americans in 2007 aimed their cynicism at Christians and Christianity.
The outsiders who were interviewed commented that Christianity had a definite bent toward empire-building and that Christians had become convert-focused rather than focused on creating meaningful friendships, and that they could not live peaceably with others.  In this eleven year period the opinion of non-Christians toward Christians went from being 85% positive to overwhelmingly skeptical. Have Christians become known for what we are against rather than what we live for?  If we are for love, why are we perceived as hateful?
In this type of environment, the Christ who protected prostitutes and signed up sinners as disciples may as well still be held captive behind the stone of the tomb in which he was laid. Jesus, the friend of sinners, is nonexistent, or nearly extinct according to those who Christians have labeled sinners.
In order to be relevant in society, Christians must once again make the main thing, the main thing.  And what is the main thing?  LOVE! God is love and love is of God.  The true Christ must be resurrected and re-presented in his only accurate context - Love!

Quote of the Week

"Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.  No one has ever seen God at anytime; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us."
- I John 4:11-12

Until next week, remember... Truth is a Journey - Not a Destination!
D.E. Paulk
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