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The Regent Undergraduate News (RUN) is the only Undergrad-only publication-created for the undergraduate community, by the undergraduate community, including students, faculty and staff.  A delicate balance of upcoming events and activities, critical resources for students, and a broad array of essays, reflections, stories, poetry, and more.

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  • Spiritual Development for Christian Scholars - Dr. Dominick Hankle
  • In this column I want to ponder the development of Christian scholarship from a spiritual perspective, particularly the spiritual development of a Christian Scholar. To be Christian and a scholar is more than attending a Christian university. In fact, some of you may continue your studies after you leave Regent at a university not founded on Christian principles. Does that mean you're no longer a Christian scholar? Christian scholarship is more than being able to quote scripture versus that match particular discipline content. That is indeed helpful, but just because Satan quoted sacred scripture in Luke chapter 4 does not make him a holy angel. Being a Christian scholar is about what we become, not only what we do. It is an ontological characteristic carrying us through our journey in life. The purpose of this column is not to dictate a "to do list" for you to develop a particular spirituality. This column is not an authoritative instruction regarding your spiritual development nor is it a devotional of sorts. My hope is this column presents one traveler's experiences with another traveling a similar path.

  • Turkey or Chicken? - Dr. Bill Ventura
  • This Thanksgiving, eat turkey but think like a chicken.

    Now that I have your attention, allow me to explain what I'm thinking. I've been fascinated with Chick-fil-A for the last 10 years. The food is great (I prefer the chick'n strips salad) but even more interesting is the culture that the founder, Truett Cathy has created and his two sons, Dan and Bubba continue to uphold. Those that are familiar with the organization know that the lights are off and the doors are locked on Sundays. Yes, that's right, a nationwide, quick-service restaurant actually closes one day each week in part to honor the Sabbath and to give employees a day to rest. Closing one day per week has little effect on the bottom line; Chick-fil-A is on track to gross close to $3 billion in 2009.

  • Snow, Snow, Snow
  • Even though most Regent students are still experiencing fall, in northern Canada, where I am presently, it is showing signs of winter. Fall has come and gone and winter has begun. Snow is in the forecast and even freshly covering the streets. For us, winter is here. Curled up in my hotel room and looking out of my frosted window I sipped some steaming hot chocolate. I soaked in all that I could from this winter wonderland outside of my window. Watching the big snowflakes fall and cover every little thing, I remembered the first time that I saw snow.

  • I Thought You Were My Friend!
  • Oh sweet, smooth, Caramel Macchiato - I thought you were my friend. Sticky banana nut muffins and warm White Chocolate Mochas - I thought you were my friends too. Spicy foamy Chai Tea Latte with tangy lemon wedges - why have you betrayed me so? As the pounds silently creep on, and the years pass by, I realize that yesterday's friends are today's villains.

    They've invaded my body and made a permanent home on my chin, hips, and thighs. The Freshman Forty - we all know what it is, but regardless of age we're all vulnerable to the threat of bodily-expansion.

  • Finding My Running Stride
  • Few things in life are as attractive to me as my blue Adidas running shoes and a trail of black asphalt. Anyone who is a runner knows what I am talking about. Hitting the open road and chasing fresh air has a certain gratification to it. I have not been running much lately, but my last run was a few weeks ago. It was on the treadmill, because it was too dark to run outside. I watched my feet one by one as they walked below me on the rattling black belt. My lungs started to wince and my ankles reminded me that they were tired and were not in the mood to work hard. I often ask myself why I love a good run especially when it hurts my body so much. But I know why. It is the feeling of the finish line. It is the feeling when I break free of lethargy into a well-oiled stride and both feet and hands begin to move in line with my stream of thoughts. My stream of thoughts begins to mirror my blood flow.

  • Poop Stinks... But UNChapel Doesn't! - Michan Myer
  • Inviting and downright cool music swelled from the library auditorium Thursday evening, luring students away from the catatonic stare of too much studying-and calling them to lay down their books to let loose with the Lord for a while. The dimly lit auditorium had a campfire-like peace to it as students "rubbed some funk on" classic worship like "Awesome God" and let their dry bones be refreshed as they sang to our "Amazing God." Students entered with backpacks and Starbucks cups in tow and had a chance to "get real" for a change.

  • The Regent Experience - Dr. Hankle
  • When you mention you work for Regent, you generally hear two responses. The first is, "Regent, I've heard good things about it, but isn't that a religious school?" The other is, "Isn't that Pat Robertson's school?" In some sense, both statements are true. However, both need clarification to really understand the Regent experience.

  • MasterPeace Theatre Presents: Michan Myer
  • GOD: Be still and know that I am...

    ME: Seriously?! Still?! With this Shakespeare paper to write, and the spaghetti sauce perma-gluing to the pot in the sink, and the kids' school-picture day tomorrow?! Still?! (shrugs) Sorry, not happening. I mean, I'd like to and all, but I've got this RUN article to write, and the Ministry Report for church and I still haven't folded those three loads of laundry piled in the rocking chair...

    GOD: Peace, be still.

  • Back to the Basics - Michelle Echterling
  • There's nothing like waking up in the morning and realizing that there is a whole new day awaiting you. Hearing the birds sing and seeing the gentle glow of a sky warmed by a rising sun not yet visible is something I cherish. I found myself starting my day off praying and asking God for His blessings and direction. I lived these wonderful days while in Leading Tickles, Newfoundland. It is a small remote fishing village located on a charming and peaceful cove. My time there was the perfect place to remember God's meaning for creation and the simplicity of His love. As much as you may try, you could not escape from getting back to the basics and falling in love with life again.

  • The Learning Experience: "I Don't Know" - Julie Woodruff
  • The room was quiet for a moment's pause. Frustration was welling under our skin as we sat in the classroom. The conversation was ripe but no one wanted to breach the silence. No one wanted to answer the question the professor asked, Is the Christian worldview mixed with other worldviews or is the book we are reading wrong? There was too much at stake to answer. People would much rather say "This is stupid" and "I am just not interested in this conversation" than answer the question. No one wanted to open up the silence and see what lied underneath. No one wanted to admit that they were sort of curious of the answer.

  • The Melting Pot - Edward Beck
  • Salman Rushdie once characterized his homeland of India as a crowd, and he explained that "a crowd is by its very nature superabundant, heterogeneous, many things at once." A Melting Pot, in contradistinction, is a crucible where a whole crowd might be drowned and made simply abundant and homogeneous. The idea that America is that crucible-making a whole man from many members-is probably more hyperbole than reality and her fractured history has proven this time and again.

  • Another Kind of Sacrifice - Michan Myer
  • I was going to write an encouraging note about the end of this season and the beginning of a new one, but that's just not what God wanted me to share. For some reason, the subject of sacrifice just won't leave my heart lately. I don't mean sacrifice like not buying a yummy strawberry, hand-spun Chic-Fil-A milkshake when you really, really want one; I'm talking about a different kind of sacrifice-ultimate sacrifice.

  • ...How Could That Be? - Ashley Andrews
  • Opportunity seems to keep to its own time. It used to be that opportunity was never there when I wanted it. Now, after months of education and numerous quick prayers, I am now an opportune person. How is that? Well, it is all God.

  • Discovering America - Dr. Carrie White
  • The economy is in the toilet, and the American Dream is dying, or so say television commentators. What is the American Dream anyway-when and where did it begin, and how has it changed? Most people, including the aforementioned commentators, have only a vague notion of this dream's inception and transformation.

  • Now Wait A Minute! - Ashley Andrews
  • Here they come, a mother and her daughter, making their way from the parking lot toward my door. They are on a mission; I can tell. They have come for one thing, and only I can help them get it. As they enter the store, the two march right up to the register. The then mother utters six short words, "She wants to get her ears pierced."

  • Apologies - Michan Myer
  • I owe God (and my husband) an apology. My husband and I had a pretty ugly argument this afternoon that essentially boiled down to my choice of punctuation. Now to some aspiring writers, punctuation could be that big of a deal, but this wasn't the case here at all. I simply got angry about something that was NOT a big deal, and it unleashed a string of unkind words and hurt and hurtful emotions. By the time my tirade was coming to a close, my husband was as hurt and angry as I was. I sulked into Wal-mart, fighting back unhappy tears, while he sat in the van with the kids.

  • He's Alive! - Ellie Keith
  • A few months ago I was at a home daycare as an observer for one of my psychology classes. I sat off to the side and watched the daycare provider teach her little charges about the sacrifice Jesus made for us all. She used a carton of plastic eggs to tell the story. Each egg was filled with a little toy that stood for something in the story. I was intrigued by how attentive the children were as the oldest of the bunch was only three years old.

  • Dear Facebook, - Robyn Bera
  • It's time we had a little chat about our relationship. You've been a great friend to me, since first meeting a few months back. We've grown quite close and I thank you for the countless hours we've spent reconnecting with old friends, and finding new ones. I will never forget our 2am chat sessions, our sharing of photos, videos, memories and aspirations, and all your wonderfully addicting applications, groups and games.

  • I'm Sick - Michan Myer
  • I'm sick.

    My head is throbbing and the words on the screen are a bit blurry, but there is something I must share with you. Last night, while I was feeling too terrible to even get out of bed, my husband came in and dabbed my forehead with a damp washcloth and asked gently if I needed anything. He took care of me when I couldn't take care of myself. He held me and comforted me when I was at my lowest.

  • The Future of Christian Conservatism - Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano
  • The hallmark of political science, we are often told, is its ability to predict the political future. As any astute observer of politics knows, this is a difficult endeavor. There simply is no crystal ball for politics. Given the defeat of the Christian conservative movement at the polls this past November, it is a ripe time to think about the future of this movement in American politics. To do this, we must have a sense of what Christian conservatism is in the here and now.

  • To Be Regent - Ellie Keith
  • Regent recently unveiled their global initiative, RU Global, in an effort to further expand the mission of the church and grow into the responsibilities entrusted to us by Jesus Himself: "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation" Mark 16:15 (NIV).

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