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Thank you for visiting our Client Success Archive!
We have prided ourselves on building our studios through client successes and referrals over the last decade.  It is their words and being a part of their amazing transformation that encourages us and makes us even more passionate about helping others to achieve their personal best.
Get a glimpse of who we are and what we do through the words of our own...

The Doctor knows best!


"You have to be consistent with your dedication and the time must be focused, exercises must be done with proper form, and you have to work hard to make a difference."

Don't do what I say, do what I do!

Making fitness a family affair!

"It is very rewarding to be part of the change in our family to get healthier and become more physically active."

Sara Green B4Sara Green After  "I have tried every Bootcamp and Diet... Pilates is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself... and the best part is, NO JOINT PAIN!" 

Down 4.5% Bodyfat in just 3 months!
John Lemaster BEFOREJohn Lemaster with Sign"Losing the weight and strengthening my body has definitely been worth the effort now that I have reached my goal weight. I now find myself encouraging others to commit to a better self because a new me was just around the corner..." 
Total Weight Lost: 40 lbs
Total Body Fat Lost:  6.3%
 27 Total Inches Lost
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Ellen Before 2Ellen Nise After 
A new woman in just 18mo!
"I didn't believe that I could make changes that would completely alter my life, but
I finally got my life back!"
Total Weight Loss: 68lbs   
Total Body Fat Lost: 19% = 53lbs of Fat
34 Total Inches Lost
Betty Before
Betty lost 4x the amount of fat she's holding!
Betty with Fat

I began this new leg of my personal fitness journey at age 56. The results of my annual physical prompted me to finally devote time and energy into my health again. 
I have never liked to work out but Pilates at the Pilates & Yoga Room has become something I find myself looking forward to at the end of my working day!"

In less than 18mo...

Total Weight Loss: 34 lbs
Total Body Fat Lost: 6.1%
30 Total Inches Lost
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Liz Gress Before 2
Liz Gress After "My knees, hips and shoulders would scream at the end of a long day and I knew my weight was responsible... I cook every night for my husband and myself, using vegetables from my garden and spending all the money I save on new clothes for my new body.  I am loving life and am so happy to share my story with you!"
 Total Weight Loss: 55 lbs

Total Fat Loss: 12%

23 Total Inches Lost
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Before at 30% Bodyfat
Dan at the Beach
After at 15% Bodyfat
Dan on Bike
"I left behind "that guy" who gauged his fitness by not having to buy bigger clothes and being able to stay just ahead of all the other out-of-shape weekend warriors."
Total Wt Loss: 50lbs   
14% Body Fat Lost
37 Total Inches Lost
Karen Ruzzi "I have tried many types of exercise over the years, however, it wasn't until I started doing Yoga & Pilates that I found something that really works!  I saw results almost immediately and now feel better than ever before with more strength, energy, and peace of mind, plus have seen amazing changes in my body in just a few months!"
6 inches & 2% Bodyfat Lost!
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