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Valpo Yoga (Yoga Sukha Shala)
NWI Suzuki Conservatory
Kassie Meeks

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Valpo Yoga (Yoga Sukha Shala)
NWI Suzuki Conservatory
Kassie Meeks
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  • Intuitive Practice + Billie Holiday + Madeleine Peyroux
  • You Can + 10 Reasons Not to Do Yoga
  • Spring! Let's Play! Yin. Yin and Yang. Prenatal.
  • Prenatal Yoga Benefits
  • "'When I got pregnant, I knew yoga was the best thing I could do for myself and my baby. I knew the asanas [poses] could give me tools to combat fatigue, backache, digestive disorders, and headaches that were sure to come at some time during my pregnancy; the breathing exercises would be powerful allies during labor and delivery.

    "'As you ground yourself in your yoga practice, you feel and trust the power of your body, you learn to listen to your instincts and to connect with the life growing inside you.'"

    Prenatal yoga increases comfort during pregnancy, improves sleep, boosts mood, decreases back pain, leads to a quicker and less painful labor, and enables a speedier postpartum recovery.

    As a class participant, you will work with your breath, your mind, and your body as you increase both your enjoyment of the present moment and your ability to work with your body during labor and childbirth. Cultivate joy and ease as you connect with your body and your baby!
  • NWI Suzuki Conservatory Inspiration
  • "'If, as a person works at playing the violin well, he develops the talent to overcome any difficult problem by working, then the talent will be born to accomplish even the hardest problems easily. As a person practices the violin, he creates this talent.'"

    "Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart."

    "Performing means communicating with others, so music comes into its own as a magical language when it takes to the stage. It's the sharing of music that gives it its fullest meaning."

    "In our culture of specialization, performance tends to be thought of as a big deal, an event that invites public scrutiny and critical judgment. This is not a viewpoint shared by all cultures, however. Apparently in certain tribal societies the spoken language contains no word that corresponds to musician. The reason is simple: they have no concept of a set-apart class of specialists who might be known as musicians as opposed to all the nonmusicians - virtually everyone in these tribal cultures, both young and old, is used to singing, dancing, and beating on drums with communal spirit and without apology or fear. Apparently musical activity is accepted as normal and basic; music is considered an enjoyable component of life, of celebration, and of oneness with the tribe. But in industrialized society, the idea of performance is daunting to many people. Yet like all challenges, of course, it presents an opportunity."
  • Powerful Intention Setting & Keeping
  • Wishing you the best of freedom, joy, and prosperity in the new year! ~Yoga Sukha Shala
    Join us to develop a fit body, sound mind, intuitive heart, and peaceful spirit.

    "The purpose of yoga is freedom....
    We must be willing to examine our habit patterns:
    how we act and react in all kinds of situations....
    Happiness is our birthright. But we must claim it."
  • What Can I Do? A Day That Calls Us to Wake Up
  • Doing What Lights You Up
    Lights Up Other People,
    Lights Up the World

    How you, how anyone, can best light up someone else's heart is by noticing, owning, and doing - actively living - what lights you up.

    Yoga is a practice that gives us the space to release what needs to be released; to create opening for fresh insights, new inspiration, greater clarity; to connect us to the light of who we authentically are; to receive the strength to shine this light brightly.

    This is why I practice. This is why I teach yoga.
    This is why I invite you to join me.
  • 12 Things... First Things First
  • "Despite its numerous approaches to practice, yoga has one underlying purpose: removing suffering and infusing life with joy and fearlessness."
    Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
  • Meditation & Yoga + Gift Certificates
  • includes the Why? Who? and What? of Meditation

    "When I was in high school, we were taught as irrefutable truth that the size and circuitry of the brain are fixed before adulthood. But in the last decade and a half, neuroscientists and psychologists have demonstrated again and again that the adult brain is capable of neuroplasticity - that is, forming new cells and pathways. Throughout life, the brain rewires and reshapes itself in response to environment, experience, and training. And meditation is one of those brain-changing experiences. ...meditation can remodel the brain to strengthen the qualities that psychologists say are crucial components of happiness: resilience, equanimity, calm, and a sense of compassionate connection to others." Sharon Salzberg
  • Great Work of Your Life + Sandy + Voting
  • "Every man has a vocation to be someone: but he must understand clearly that in order to fulfill this vocation he can only be one person: himself." Thomas Merton

    "What role does yoga play in this unfolding story? The concepts of equanimity, compassion, non-attachment & faith all apply.... To recover your center in uncertainty, turn to your breath...." Kim Ellner, Westfield, NJ

    "Prepare what you can prepare. Beyond that, practice equanimity." Waylon Lewis

    "We come back to this [yoga] room in order to unfurl, process, and integrate.... From this place of greater clarity and truth, we seem to make better choices, whether at a salad bar or when voting. We try to be present enough to discern, listen, and mindfully witness what truly has meaning and impact.... Then and there, in the stillness, I can hear the 'right' answers to the big choices that are present in my life and in the voting booth." Tracy Columbus
  • Yoga's Benefits for Lawyers, Students, and Everyone
  • How to Be Empowered and Wholehearted
  • Our members routinely report reduced stress, better sleep than they can remember since childhood, greater muscle tone and strength, improved clarity and inspiration, and many more benefits. Your turn to experience all this!
  • Meditation for the Love of It
  • The benefits of meditation are now widely known. Stress reduction, greater clarity, lowered blood pressure, ideal weight achievement, inspiration, and bliss are just a few of meditation's effects.
  • Yoga's Benefits In the News
  • "It may sound like magic that yoga can have extensive effects on the brain and body, but ongoing scientific studies show that this ancient practice can improve health and in fact alter our mental state significantly, for the good."
  • Practice and All Is Coming
  • We practice to discover — and be equipped for — each step.

    Step this way for big play!

    Together, let's live bigger than ever.
  • I am that
  • Everything that "triggers" me, everything that delights me :: I am that
  • Thank You
  • It's been an amazing several weeks at the shala, including people discovering their life's purpose, gaining clarity for their next step, discovering courage and strength they never knew they had, and experiencing more beauty in life than ever before.
  • Practicing (Life) Principles; Summer Rhapsody; 100 Days Challenge
  • A list of rules would shortchange our most important aspects of growth, which are discussed in the principles below. These principles are both flexible and concrete, enabling you to work with them throughout your lifetime for continually increasing, beautifully expansive growth.
  • Yoga's Benefits Are For Everyone
  • The Four Desires; Prenatal Yoga; Sundays at the Shala
  • Although we might feel like we don't have time, the truth is that we cannot afford not to make time. The busier our schedules are, the clearer we need our minds to be.
  • Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom
  • Ready. Set. Your Best Year Yet!
  • Do you intend experiences of more authentic love, joy, or creativity? How about abundance, health, fitness, strength, peace, hope, clarity, wisdom, or playfulness? Yoga practice effectively cultivates each of these - and even more....

    Any time of year is the opportunity to begin anew, with a blank canvas for the life you choose to create!

    ...Although we were founded in November 2010, it was not until October 2011 that we began offering regularly scheduled classes. ...
  • Benefits of Yoga in Autumn
  • Yehudi Menuhin: Violinist, Yogi, Humanitarian
  • Yoga's Multiple Simultaneous Benefits
  • Pure play

People experiencing directly embodied love and joy is YSS's, NWISC's, and Kassie's passion.

Yoga, qigong, music, learning to play an instrument, coaching, and the presentations we give all facilitate this. Words and writing can sometimes point in a direction towards this.

Through our email archive links on this page, you will find a range of topics, but their commonality is their directionality. Whether the email was about yoga or music or anything else, it was a signpost of the adventurous journey deeper into living happy, healthy, vibrant lives.

No matter where you are on this planet, regardless of your age, profession, past or any other details, we hope something in these archived emails inspires you towards the life of your greatest desires, into even deeper fulfillment, purpose, and delight.

We always enjoy meeting people, and we connect with people from all over the world in a variety of ways.

Kassie also coaches individuals from all over - resulting in true transformation - in areas such as purpose, health, career, relationships, happiness, prosperity, and freedom. Kassie incorporates whichever tools will be most effective for each individual. These tools may include inquiry excavations, yoga and qigong, identity matrix, and other approaches and practices.

Kassie's client's have experienced powerful breakthroughs. They share that they now have greater joy, freedom, connection, prosperity, and health than they could even have imagined possible before. To listen to the free introduction for coaching clients, visit Kassie's website:

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