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After decades of review, revision and debate, Monterey County gave the final go-ahead on the Corral Village on February 7, 2012. The approved Village design includes:

*  10 low-rise buildings
*  A locally serving village market
*  100+ foot setbacks from 68 and Corral de Tierra Road
*  Wide planted berms along frontage roads and landscaped parking islands
*  A rainwater harvesting and recharge system

  • Project Updates & Issues
  • Corral Village Receives Final Approval
  • February 2012. After 40 years of review, revision and debate, Monterey County gave the final go ahead for the Corral Village.

  • Update on Gas Station
  • November 2012. Monterey County has approved a workplan to excavate and remove all contaminants found recently in the area where underground tanks once lay.

  • County Supervisors Signal Support for Village
  • July 2011. The supervisors' hearing room was filled with folks wearing YES stickers. The speakers talked about the community desire to have a shopping village. Afterward, the supervisors voted 3-2 in FAVOR of the Corral Village.

  • Final Revised Village Site Plan Submitted
  • June 2011. The Phelps family submitted a fourth and final site plan for the Corral Village to the county. The new plan shrinks the commercial village to 99,970 gross square feet of buildings and the FAR (Floor Area Ratio) to 23.3%.

  • Shrinking Carbon Footprint
  • April 2011. It only makes sense. Put a grocery store, post office and local services near Toro residents and they can stop driving 10-15 miles one way to meet everyday needs. Approve the village and help us cut VMTs and our carbon footprint.

  • Boosting Local Economy
  • March 2011. The village will inject $32 million into the local economy, provide 150 construction jobs, create almost 300 permanent jobs and add $500,000 annually to local tax revenues.

  • Village Would Be County's First Green LEED Center
  • February 2011. The Corral de Tierra shopping village would be the county's 1st ever, new construction Green LEED commercial project. It cuts the community's carbon footprint and creates a net benefit to local groundwater supplies.

  • Planning Commission Splits Vote
  • January 2011. On January 27, 2011, the Planning Commission passed Resolution 11-004A stating that half of the planning commission finds the project is suitable for the site. The county supervisors will cast the final vote on whether the project can move ahead.

  • LUAC Recommends Project
  • July 2010. The Land Use Advisory Committee for the Toro Area recommended county approval of the Phelps project.

  • County publishes Draft EIR
  • June 2010. The County publishes a 1500+ page Draft Environmental Impact Report on the Corral Village.
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