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Say it Ain't So, ExMo

Two and a half years later, ExxonMobil's competitors are still saying their premium synthetic motor oils provide substantially better wear protection than the industry's leading synthetic oil, Mobil 1 5W-30.  Is it true?


Castrol TV AdIt's hard to turn on the television today to watch the news or a sports event and not see Castrol's advertisement saying Castrol Edge 5W-30 oil has "8X better wear protection" than the industry's leading synthetic oil, Mobil 1 5W-30. Even if you never change oil yourself or know what oil fast lubes put in your engine, this ad has got to get your attention. The reason it does is because, rather than the usual marketing puff about performance or humorous bits about your dipstick, Castrol's ad takes a direct shot at ExxonMobil's Mobil 1 by clearly and boldly stating their oil has "8X better wear protection" than ExxonMobil's flagship product.


When JobbersWorld first reported on Valvoline making their "4X better wear protection than Mobil 1" claim in our July 24th, 2008 issue, we received many calls and emails from readers. Most of them said Valvoline must be crazy to pick a fight with ExxonMobil (ExMo), and better have a bevy of lawyers on retainer to defend themselves when the biggest tiger in the jungle comes at them for false advertizing if the statement is untrue. Others said, you can be sure Valvoline must have some very solid data on hand to make such a claim, and they are prepared to prove it if challenged in court.


Well ExMo did respond to Valvoline's claim. They posted a statement on the Mobil 1 website, saying ExxonMobil is aware of Valvoline's advertising claims that Valvoline SynPower offers four times better wear protection than Mobil 1. But they added, they are "not aware of any accurate technical data to support the claim".  Moreover, they requested Valvoline to provide the "substantiating data to support this claim immediately."  Whereas many thought this was the beginning of the end for Valvoline's advertizing claim, it turned out to be just the start of even more. Some time after Valvoline first made its claim, out comes Castrol with an advertising campaign saying Castrol Edge 5W-30 has "8X" better wear protection" than Mobil 1 5W-30!


Sure, oil companies sometimes may go a bit over the top in their frenzy to gain market share, but two major oil companies making the same type of claim?  Many expected Castrol's challenge would draw ExMo out of their self imposed silence, if the statement were untrue. After all, oil companies have a long history of litigation regarding each other's motor oil claims, either in court or with the Better Business Bureau. Witness the landmark case about ten years ago when Mobil challenged Castrol's claim that their Group III based Syntec was not a true synthetic oil.  Castrol won that ruling, revolutionizing the synthetic motor oil market. And prior to that, Castrol sued Pennzoil for false advertizing claims, causing Pennzoil to drop their campaign.


So with oil companies willing to do legal battle over advertizing claims, why has ExxonMobil chosen to lay low on this one for so long, especially in light of Castrol's recently renewed media blitz taking on Mobil 1?  Could it be there is a basis for these claims, and Valvoline proved it after ExMo publicly requested Valvoline to provide the "substantiating data to support this claim immediately." 

So are these claims true? If not, say it ain't so, ExMo, because JobbersWorld is hearing some of your biggest fans saying they want to know the truth.


Castrol's  8X Ads:

ESPN Promo Castrol

Grease Monkeys - Super Bowl 2009

Think With Your Dipstick 

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ConocoPhillips Announces Price Increase and Freight Adjustments

Effective February 1, 2011, ConocoPhillips Lubricants announced it will raise prices for its finished lubricants by 5 - 8%. They say the actual increase will be provided the week of January 4, 2011. Further, marketers are told, in certain circumstances, prices for specific products may change in amounts that fall outside of this general increase. ConocoPhillips said this price increase is necessary due to the recent increases in base oil, additives and packaging costs. 

In addition to announcing a price increase, ConocoPhillips advised its marketers that effective February 1, 2011, it will increase the fuel surcharge nationally for bulk and packaged truck orders that COP arranges on a prepaid destination basis. Marketers were told the freight adjustment will not affect any collect or customer pick-up orders. 

Old World Lubricant (PEAK) Increases $0.40 a gallon


Old World Industries announced it will increase prices on all its finished lubricants by $0.40 a gallon. This increase is effective January 3, 2011. As with the price increases announced by others, Old World says the increase is due to increases in the cost of raw material.

For those unfamiliar with Old World Industries, Old World manufacturers the well known PEAK brand of antifreeze and washer fluid. In 2007, the company capitalized on the brand recognition they enjoyed in the automotive segment, by introducing the PEAK line of motor oils and lubricants. These lubricants were positioned on introduction to fill what Old World says was a "void for a top-quality, national, value-priced brand."


POLARIS Laboratories™ is a progressive, high growth leader in the oil and fluid analysis industry. With a diverse customer base that includes the oil & gas, construction, mining, transportation, industrial, power generation and marine industries, we serve more than 60,000 customers in over 50 countries around the world. We are currently hiring for the following positions:



This territory sales position is responsible for sourcing new fluid analysis accounts as well as increasing business with current accounts in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. This individual will conduct sales presentations, generate proposals and close activities as well as train customers in gathering fluid samples and represent POLARIS Laboratories™ at selective trade shows.


Read more or apply now



This field services position is responsible for performing fluid analysis assessments and providing consulting services, customer field support and both public and private fluid analysis training for the construction, mining, oil and gas and power generation industries throughout the western United States and Canada.


Read more or apply now



This position is responsible for learning all aspects of sample analysis, microscopic analysis, interpretation of results and explanation of data to customers.


Read more or apply now


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