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  • The War on Poverty Turns 50  
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  • Last Year In Review   
The War on Poverty Turns 50
Poverty: The History of a Measure
         The war on poverty began 50 years ago, when President Lydon Johnson decided that too many Americans were living in poverty. President Johnson's mission was to grant millions of Americans the opportunity to receive funding from the federal government. During this time he issued an Executive Order, Equal Opportunities in Housing. The wish was to make any federally assisted program nondiscriminatory.


         How far have we come? 50 years later and fair housing is still an issue. According to The Center for Community Progress, there are many homes for sale but not enough eligible buyers. This problem is particularly flagrant in urban communities. There is not a foreseeable end to the war, however President Obama believes that together we can succeed, "not with a handout, but as partners, every step of the way."
THE Answer 

Q: Why doesn't the market produce enough affordable housing where people want it?

A: Click HERE to find out!

Last Year In Review
Below are highlights of last year's E-Newsletters that you may wish to share or re-read.