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Adopt A Family
This holiday $20.00 can buy a glove and hat set for a child.
To become a donor for AdoptAFamily contact Leah Mason Grant at 410-366-8550x264
Homeownership Workshop
The Homeownerhsip workshops are back in the Green Room. To register for upcoming workshops please contact Pete or Pam.

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  • Congrats BMore! 
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Congrats BMore!


The numbers are still rolling in, and YOU did it! You helped make Baltimore the most generous city in America!  


Although #BmoreGivesMore is over, Adopt A Family is still going on until the end of the holidays. Please give to help make a family's home a little brighter this year.
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Why I Give: Sergeant Liddell
Why I Give
We know why we love working for St. Ambrose, and we began to wonder. Why do you give to us? We recently asked Sergeant Liddell of the Maryland Department of Corrections. She sat down with us to tell us why she gives to St. Ambrose. Click on the video link to learn more.

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