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Green Room Unveiling

The Green Training Room unveiling has been postponed until early December.

Stay Tuned, it will be worth it.
Sustainable Homeownership Workshops
St. Ambrose is holding a workshop to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.
November 2

To register call 410-366-8550x235
Just Advice Legal Clinic
Just Advice Legal Clinics in partnership with St. Ambrose
will have their third clinic
October 29
Homeownership Workshop
This pre-purchase workshop will occur October 19th at All Angels Church, 2013 St.Paul Street. Please contact Pete or Pam to register.

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St. Joesph's Parish Good Samaritan Fund

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From Vacants to Valuable Homes
Counselman Mosby, Andrew Bertamini of Wells Fargo, and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Councilman Nick Mosby, Andrew Bertamini of Wells Fargo, and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake joined in the celebration of the announcement of a $750,000 grant from the City and Wells Fargo to Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc. for reinvestment in renovated homes in Reservoir Hill and other designated communities. 


As a Healthy Neighborhoods Development Partner, St. Ambrose uses similar funding to acquire, renovate and sell homes to qualified homeowners in communities around the city.  Last year was a banner year for our Housing Development Department, 51 new homes were created from vacant and foreclosed properties. 


After 14 years of diligently focusing on this work, in 2014, we will celebrate our 500th new homeowner and we salute all of our partners who over the years have helped us restore the vision of the Baltimore we call HOME. 


To learn more about our Housing Development Program visit our website:



Have you heard the news? Giving Tuesday is in its 2nd year and you can be part of the FUNdraising!


Did you know that Baltimore is the most giving city in the United States? We give at the rate 7.4% per capita, while the rest of the United States gives only 4.7%. We are the city that gives and we want to show the nation that we care. On December 3, 2013, rally with the rest of us and give locally to your favorite organization.


The idea is that you gave thanks for all that you have on Thanksgiving Thursday, went shopping on Black Friday, and then shopped via the computer on Cyber Monday. Why not give to those that need your support, hence Giving Tuesday?


Of course you can give to St. Ambrose any day of the week. We would love to show the nation that we are truly charming by raising $5,000,000 in the city of Baltimore by midnight December 3.  


Scam Alert:Payday Loans

We understand that the current economic climate may make it tough to make ends meet and many families are using payday loans to help cover emergency expenses. Beware!!!


Many of these loans are conducted online to avoid the State of Maryland usury cap and some borrowers have seen interest rates as high as 500%.  Don't be one of them!


Payday loans are sometimes referred to as a "cash advance," whether payment of the loan is linked to a borrower's payday or not. Two representatives from Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) along with an attorney from Congressman Elijah Cumming's office gave us tips to pass on so you won't get scammed:

  • Consider a small loan from a credit union or your local bank.  
  • Contact DLLR to see if the lender is license.  
  • If you decide to fill out a loan application online, make sure you print off the application. After you hit "send" - the application disappears. Without the application, it is impossible to prove the interest rate charged or even the existence of the loan.
  • Insufficient funds fees can ruin your credit and banks often will not close the account to stop fraudulent withdrawals if those fees have accumulated. This means that you will owe the bank and the lender.  
  • If a collection agent makes outrageous claims regarding the return of the money, contact  DLLR and report them.
To contact DLLR, call 1-888-784-0136 or email
People on the Move

Judy Rice, Kaleema Breathett, George Schuette, Emma Jornlin. Thea Davis and Stephan Dufresne not pictured.

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center would like to welcome Judy Rice, Kaleema Breathett, George Schuette, Emma Jornlin, Thea Davis, and Stephen Dufresne to the St. Ambrose Family!