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July 2013
Is Your House Underwater?
National Night Out

Scam Alert
Mortgage Scam Alert
Governor O'Malley urges Marylanders to watch out for Mortgage Scams
Workshops for July and August are moved
to St. Michael's 2013 St. Paul. Contact Pete  or  Pam for more information

Hard Hat Zone! 
317 Training Room Under Construction

Community Green Room

We are renovating the Training Room! Did you like the before? You will
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Mortgage Assistance Workshop

Mortgage Assistance Workshop
Sponsored by Attorney General Gansler
August 10th.
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 Are you a homeowner who is worried about their finances and trying to stay in your home? St. Ambrose can help.  


Stay Tuned for the dates of our Sustainable Homeowner Workshops in September, October and November.    


St. Ambrose will Fight for You! 

Is Your Home Underwater? We can Help!

If you are like the majority of Americans you may be wondering if the housing crisis is over. 


Is it safe to venture back into the waters? Will I be able to pay my mortgage? It all depends on who you ask. In a recent article by Jacob Goldstein of NPR, they state that while housing prices are rising, the housing crisis is still going strong. 


What does this mean for Maryland?  


James Briggs, an Associate Editor at the Baltimore Business Journal, illustrates that while the housing market in Maryland may be on the upswing there is a noticeable increase in judicial foreclosures. According to Mortgage Bankers Association a "judicial foreclosure is a court proceeding that begins when the lender files a complaint and records 

a notice in the public land records announcing a claim on the property to potential buyers, creditors and other interested parties." This procedure typically ends in the borrower being taken to court to offer evidence that they have made payments on their mortgage and are not in default.  In Maryland, most of the foreclosures are quasi-judicial because the cases do not end up with a homeowner being taken to court, but the foreclosure has to be filed with the courts in order to proceed to the actual auction. 


If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, St. Ambrose is here for you.


You or someone you may know might be experiencing a financial hardship.  Research shows that homeowners working with housing counselors get better results. Housing counselors will work with you to develop an action plan that is based on your unique situation. Please contact us to learn more about the Sustainable Homeownership Workshops and counseling at or 410-366-8550.

Stand up to Crime!

Come out to National Night Out (NNO) 

St. Ambrose Joins the Old Goucher neighborhood. 


National Night Out started in 1989 to promote neighborhood engagement and to show that neighbors can assist with crime prevention. The neighbors of Old Goucher Community Association with Live Baltimore, Charles Village Community Business District, Station North Tool Library, and Margaret Brent Elementary will be out for fun, food and games. Come out to National Night Out at Old Goucher and meet your neighbors and the folks at St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center.   

  • August 6th 3:00-9:00PM
  • Calvert Street Park & King Kennedy Playground, 2200 North Hunter Street
If you are interested in learning more about Old Goucher's NNO, click here.