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Compilation Tour of Rocky Point
Compilation Tour of Rocky Point


Summer is over and the kiddos are back at school. The weather here is still quite hot and sticky but lately, the mornings have been a bit cooler. Weekends are still very busy with out of town visitors. My, how things have changed from years ago when the Summer caused Rocky Point to go into hibernation. Not any more. Even the cooler months of January and February seem to be picking up quite a bit. But, for those of you who like the more quiet times here, those months haven't changed too much.

This weekend is the big Labor Day holiday and Sandy Beach is pretty much sold out for rentals. Selling out all rentals on Sandy Beach has happened more this year than I can remember in the past several years. After that, right around the corner, the heat and humidity will dissipate and we will be in our perfect weather season again. From October through November and even into December, the weather is just perfect here. Things just continue to pick up here as more and more people discover our little secret paradise.

The flights continue into Rocky Point's International Airport and I had the opportunity to try one of them out myself last month. My family and I flew from Rocky Point to Hermosillo and back the first week of August. The flights were great and everything went smoothly on both ends. It was wonderful to get there in 35 minutes flight time instead of 5 or 6 hours driving. The price is much lower than flights in the USA as well. For anyone considering taking one of the flights, I highly recommend it and give it two thumbs up. TAR airlines has flight schedules and prices on their website.

Things are still moving right along in the city with new projects popping up more often than I have seen in quite some time. I notice now that when I go into the hardware store (Los Pinos is the closest thing to a Home Depot here), there are many more people buying things and waiting for checkout. It wasn't long ago that those businesses were empty as there just wasn't any construction going on around town. All that has changed and it appears that it will continue to get busier and busier. Now I just wish that they would put in a "real" Home Depot or Lowes here. I'm all for supporting local businesses but at los Pinos the selection is low and the prices are high compared with the Home Depot in Hermosillo. 

Enjoy your month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I've been here full time for 8 years and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Summer Concludes with Record Tourism Numbers 


The 2016 summer tourist season in Puerto Penasco has successfully come to an end with some very impressive numbers, said the President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV-Peñasco) Hector Vázquez del Mercado.


Vazquez del Mercado specified that this period from June 6 to August 21 of this year showed an average lodging occupancy of visitors of 72%, which represented a 6% increase compared to last year during the same period. This works out to approximately 626,000 visitors. This increase in visitors resulted in an estimated 620 million pesos economic benefit.


The tourism leader was gave an emotional thank you to all those working in the tourism sector for the great service and treatment  that they give tourists every day, helping to account for the increased numbers and better tourism.


"That is the purpose and result of promotional campaign launched and the recognition of the daily effort made by thousands of people campaign," he said. Hector Vazquez del Mercado expanded that the, according to statistics by the OCV, we will see a total of 1,538,500 visitors during this calendar year, with an economic impact of more than 1.384 billion pesos (approximately 77 million dollars). 

Sonoran Resorts Announces "Great New Management Team" for the Tiki Bar and  La Cantina Sports Bar Located at the Sonoran Sky


Everyone's super favorite beachfront Tiki Bar at the Sonoran Sky Resort is under terrific new management. There have already been some exciting changes and there are more to come. The new La Cantina Sports Bar is also being managed by the same great team. 


You do not need to be an owner at the Sonoran Sky, or even be renting a condo there to come and enjoy these great establishments. They are both open to the public and they have the specials and the entertainment to ensure that you will return again and again. Stop by next time you're in town and see for yourself. 



Super Salsa group Agua de Coco will be playing at La Cantina Sports Bar every Thursday from 8:00 til 11:00 pm. This group is very popular in the area and they always fill the dancefloor. There are drink and snack specials and it is sure to become the "place to be" on Thursday nights. 



And, of course, don't forget the ever popular Tiki Bar. This is the only ocean-front, on the beach, bar on Sandy Beach. Now you have a choice at the Sonoran Sky Resort. If it's too hot outside, or if you want to watch your favorite game, head on inside to La Cantina Sports Bar. On the other hand, if the weather is beautiful and you want to grab a cocktail right on the beach, then the Tiki Bar is just steps away. Either way, the Sonoran Sky is a great place to be. 



Sonoran Sky Live Camera Use That  You May Not Know About

The Sonoran Sky Live Camera has become a very popular site for people who want to "feel" like they are at the beach, even if they are stuck behind their desk at work. It is also very useful for seeing how busy the beach is in front of the Sonoran Sky Resort, or checking out the Tiki Bar to see if you want to head over for happy hour. How about checking the tide line to see if you want to head out shell hunting or tide-pool exploring? Seems better than looking at a boring ol' tide chart, no? 

It is online and live 24/7 so you can check it at any time. But, did you know that there is another, maybe even more practical use for checking out our live feed? See the yellow flag in upper left hand corner of the photo above? That flag indicates the wind and wave situation at any given time. In this photo, the flag is yellow, which means that mariners need to take precautions if out on the water. See the whitecaps out there? The ocean is rough and not suitable for small watercraft or inexperienced captains. 

When the flag is green, all is clear to go out and enjoy yourselves. Yellow is caution and red, of course, means that you need to stay on dry land. Conditions change quickly and sometimes it looks better from shore than it really is so by checking this site (or checking with the Port Captain) you can see whether you should head out or not. Of course, I should add a disclaimer not to rely solely on this flag system and to use your own discretion based on conditions, type of craft, and your level of experience.   

If you haven't yet bookmarked the Sonoran Sky Live Camera site, make sure to do so now. You can find it on our website, under the "media" tab at the top of the page. You can also just save the direct link to the camera. Here it is:  
The Tourist Assistance Unit Continues to Impress with Good Deeds 
These unsung heroes just seem to always be on the scene when you need them. They have proven themselves time and time again as life saving first responders. The number of "lost" tourists that found their way because of the TAU can no longer be counted, and there are so many visitors to our city by the sea that had safer and more enjoyable vacations because of these Agents certainly number into the hundreds or even thousands at this point. 

Even with the program's tight budget, equipment and supplies that are sometimes in short supply, and the long, hot and humid outside hours that they work, you won't hear these guys complain. They really love what they do - and it shows. If you meet one of them on Sandy Beach, the Malecon, Cholla Bay or somewhere in between you'll be glad that you did and you will see for yourself just how friendly, professional, and dedicated this team is. These Agents are chosen specifically because of these characteristics. They do what they do because they like helping others.


Members of the Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee understand and appreciate what the TAU Agents do for our community, for our residents, and for our out of town visitors. These committee members are committed to assisting Puerto Penasco tourism, tourists, the TAU, and the City Administration as needed to improve the experience of visiting our city. That assistance includes sharing information with the public, acting as a liaison between the public and the City/TAU, and collecting donations and equipment/materials that can help the TAU better perform their duties.
Police and Paramedics from the USA have donated their time to help with training, individuals and companies have donated some first aid equipment, backpacks, and helmets, and the Tourist Committee raised funds to buy school uniforms for the kids of the TAU Agents. These efforts are ongoing and your next donation might be the one needed to save a life or maybe it will just help make someone's vacation a little safer. Everything helps and participation is the key. Please keep this in mind and contact the Tourist Assistance Committee if you would like to donate time money, or useful items. 

Yesterday, August 31st, Mayor Kiko Munro held a small gathering at the Malecon along with members of the government, business community, and the Tourist Assistance Committee, to present some new equipment to the Unit. In his speech, Mayor Munro praised the good work of the TAU and promised to continue to support and improve the team throughout his reign as Mayor. TAU Director, Luis Molina, also spoke to the group on behalf of the TAU and the City of Puerto Penasco. 
After the more formal part of the meeting, two new Segway personal transportation scooters were demonstrated by Agents of the TAU. While the Agents were still a bit shaky, they were definitely getting the hang of it quickly. These scooters will help Agents move about the Malecon more quickly and efficiently as needed in their duties. This demonstration was followed by a visit to the Malecon TAU office located next to the entrance to The Point restaurant. 
Below is the contact information for the TAU and Advisory Committee. Feel free to contact either group with questions, suggestions, problems, or praise for a job well done.

TAU Offices:
Convention Center, NW Corner
Malecon, near entrance to The Point Restaurant
Phone: 001-52-638-382-8413
Emergency: 066 or 911
Tip Line: 089

Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee:
Phone: 602-774-1777
Facebook: Puerto Penasco Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee AC

North American Hobie® 16 &18 Sailors - Where will you be October 10-14? Puerto Penasco Mexico!


The races will take place in the Sea of Cortez off of Sandy Beach near the Sonoran Sky Resort and Playa Bonita Hotel. Puerto Penasco offers preeminent sailing for beach cats, with an endless sandy beach, warm water, consistent winds, 350 days of sunshine, and of course, fantastic people.


Fleet 514 will host their Piñata Regatta October 8-9, the weekend before the Championship. Both regattas consistently have over 25 boats each year, and have hosted 100+ boat regattas in the past.

All levels of lodging, from tent camping and RV hookups at the Playa Bonita RV Park, to hotel rooms at the Playa Bonita Resort, to deluxe condominiums at the Sonoran Sky, are within easy walking distance of the regatta venue.

There are multiple food options within walking distance, and many more restaurants and shopping opportunities just a short 5 minute drive into town. For the non-sailors in your group there is plenty to do including shopping, fishing, four-wheeling, jet-skiing, or just drinking a cold Tecate on the beach. No US location has this combination of beach access, open ocean sailing, warm air, warm water, and lodging of all levels all within walking distance of the regatta venue.

Registration will be through Regatta Network, and is open

- Early Registration (prior to June 21) - $350 - Regular Registration - $400 Late Registration (after August 9th - $450)


Social  Schedule

-  Welcome Party Sunday - Tecate Tent
-  Mid-week party Wednesday - Puesta del Sol Patio
-  Final Banquet Friday - Puesta del Sol Restaurant

-  Other activities may be announced


John Fowler and the Santa Claus Club Still Hard at Work




I like to check in every few months to see how John Fowler with his passion for helping others is coming along. As usual, John has been busy. Here is recent list of impressive donations that he has given to the less fortunate and following is a list of upcoming events designed for fun and to help contribute to the charity efforts:  


*Barrios report for August 20, 2016. This week we delivered 1080 pounds of clothes, 100 bras, 300 children given school supplies, 30 backpacks, 120 pairs of shoes, 32 food bags, 14 bicycles and toys. To the free clinic: 2 pairs of crutches.


*Barrios report for August 13, 2016. This week we delivered 1040 pounds of clothes, 2 large totes of towels, sheets & pillows, 2 large totes of household items, 1 tote of personal hygiens products, 50 pairs of shoes, 40 food bags, 400 children given school supplies, 11 bicycles, toys and 50 backpacks. To the Lions' Club 35 pairs of glasses and cases. To the free medical clinic: 1 tote of medical supplies and 1tote of scrubs.


*Barrios report for August 6, 2016. This week we delivered 1120 pounds of clothes, 2 large totes of towels, sheets & pillows, 2 totes of household items, 1 tote of personal hygiens products, 90 pairs of shoes, lounge chairs, 5 gallons of roof coating, 5 gallons of paint, 12 bicycles, toys, 40 food bags, 350 children given school supplies and 50 backpacks.


*July 30, 2016 barrios report. This week we delivered 960 pounds of clothes, 2 large totes of sheets & towels, 1 tots of personal hygiene products, 1 tote of household items, 250 children given school supplies, 100 pairs of shoes, 10 bicycles, toys, games and 30 food bags. To the free clinic: 2 walkers, 2 canes and 1 tote of medical supplies.To the Lions' Club: 30 pairs of glasses.


*July 23. 2016 Barrios report. This week we delivered 1040 pounds of clothes, 2 large totes of blankets, sheets, towels & pillows, 40 food bags, 100 bras, 2 totes of household items, 1 tote of personal hygiene products, 85 pairs of shoes, 1 tote of new baseball hats, 15 bikes, 1 metal bathroom cabinet, 150 children given school supplies, 100 backpacks, toys, balls, 5 gallon bucket of baseballs, 10 packs of diapers, 10 packs of baby wipes and 4 suitcases.




October 15. One Club Open Golf Tournament in Cholla Bay. Check at JJ's for early Tee Time. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club. For more info: email or call 602-840-1528.


October 22. Over the Line Softball Tournament on Sandy Beach. First game at 9am. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club. For more info: email or call 602-840-1528.


October 28. Cornhole Tournament at the Baja Hotel in Puerto Penasco.  Start at 6pm. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club. For more info: email or call 602-840-1528.


October 29. Cornhole Tournament and Raffle at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay. Start at 9am. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club. For more info: email or call 602-840-1528.


October 30. Cornhole Tournament at the Baja Hotel in Puerto Penasco. Start at 10am. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club. For more info: email or call 602-840-1528.


November 24. Garage Sale at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay. Starts at 2pm. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club.


November 25. Garage Sale at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay. Starts at 8am to 2pm. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club.


November 26. Auction at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay. Starts at 1pm till finished. Benefit for the Santa Claus Club.   

Thanks John! Keep up the good work.
Potpourri - Short Shorts of All Sorts!
Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.
Always Watch for Sand on the Highways

While growing up in Minnesota, I was very familiar with snow drifts on the highways. We were always vigilant in winter time during or after high winds as drifts could pop up unexpectedly and cause very dangerous conditions. At the time, I had no idea that I would be living almost 2000 miles away in the desert watching for the very same thing - although this time with sand.

The City does a great job getting the sand drifts cleaned up as quickly as possible but it's always a good idea to keep a close watch on the highways around Puerto Penasco if it is or has been windy when you are traveling. The highway from Rocky Point to Sonoyta is usually not too bad as there is more vegetation growing on the sides of the roads and sand doesn't move as freely, but be extra careful when traveling the coastal highway. That road gets more drifts and usually takes longer to clear as well.



Police Department Looking for English/Spanish Bilingual Volunteers - Still Looking...     
 As part of the City's efforts to make reporting a crime more comfortable and productive, the Mayor is asking for full-time residents of Puerto Penasco who are  bilingual in Spanish/English to volunteer some time every week acting as a translator and liaison for the police department.

While some of the officers and officials working at the police station do speak English, there are many times when those particular people are not available. There is also the feeling that working with someone who is not directly affiliated with the government may make the experience more comfortable with a visitor who is not accustomed to how things work here.

The goal is to have at least a few days per week when there is a bilingual volunteer available to help with whatever is needed. The Mayor's office will help with an orientation, some training about how the process works, and an introduction to the officials in charge of the various applicable departments.

If you have the skills needed and are willing to help, please contact me (Jim Ringquist) directly. I can then get you in touch with the right people. This could be a great experience and an opportunity to help visitors and to get to know
your way around the police station.  



City Announces Spay and Neuter Campaign


The City administration of Puerto Peñasco, presided over by Mayor Kiko Munro, via the Office on Social Development together with the Municipal Health Office held a spay and neuter clinic on Saturday, August 27th at the Obrera neighborhood Community Center.


Municipal Health Director Socorro Ruiz Villarreal explained these types of municipal campaigns seek to prevent greater populations of stray cats and dogs, which can lead to larger health problems.


She stressed the spay and neuter clinic is an indication that Mayor Kiko Munro aims to improve the quality of life of the city's residents by reducing health risks in different areas of Puerto Peñasco.


She indicated the campaigns will continue and called on the community to remain alert to upcoming pet clinics.  



Registration Open for Municipal Art & Culture Programs


Registration is now open for those wishing to participate in programs of the Municipal Office on Art and Culture, as well as for students interested in the Fine Arts Initiation School of the National Fine Arts Institute (EIAA).


Municipal Art and Culture Director Nina Mier Nogales stated the new cycle of courses will begin September 5th, and invites anyone interested to visit the Office on Art and Culture in order to register.


Together with the Director of the local Casa de la Cultura, Beatriz Salido Macías, Mier Nogales detailed the various programs open to the community include: Municipal Music School, Municipal Polynesian Dance School, Municipal Classical Dance School, and the Fine Arts Initiation School. The majority of programs are open to participants of all ages, with the exception of the Fine Arts program which is open to children 9 - 13 looking to study dance, theater, music, and visual arts.


For more information, visit the offices of the Municipal Casa de la Cultura (across from City Hall next to the Municipal Library), 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. or contact: 388 6375


First International Salsa Festival Attempts to Break Guiness World Record

The Malecon was jam packed with dancers and spectators last Saturday as the first Annual Salsa Festival kicked off by trying to set the world record for the most Salsa being danced at the same time. The word is that over 2000 dancers participated in the dancing and several thousand more enjoyed themselves by watching and cheering them on. As of now, I have not heard whether they broke the record or not but, record or not, everyone had a great time.


Kiko Munro fulfills street lamp goal along Blvd. Fremont


Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. August 16, 2016.The commitment to light Blvd. Fremont has been achieved following conclusion of work to install energy saving LED street lamps along this important route, stretching from Blvd. Benito Juárez to Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez.


Mayor Kiko Munro announced, "Street lamps along Blvd. Fremont are in operation. Paving the boulevard, which we plan to begin before the end of 2016, is next."


Municipal Public Projects Coordinator, Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, detailed the project along Blvd. Fremont was made possible through an investment of 4,299,447.76 pesos, procured by the mayor.


He explained the project consisted of installing octagonal tapered iron posts, 100 watt LED lamps, meter and panel foundations, as well as curbs.


September is "Will Month" in Mexico


September is Will Month and in Mexico there is a program called, not surprisingly, the September Will Month in which people are encouraged to have a will and to prepare one if they don't. In Mexico if you do not have a will for your heirs to acquire the rights to your property, both Real Estate and personal, it can be difficult and/or time consuming for heirs to claim their inheritance. To encourage everyone to be protected, the government created this program in which they dramatically reduce the price of preparing a will. The cost is usually between $50-$150 US and this applies to all of Mexico. Quite often, the special pricing is extended to October, but September is the official month for this program. 


Since September is upon us, you have just enough time to give some thought to if you would like to have a will in Mexico, provided that you already own personal or real property in this country.


According to  Gerardo González, an attorney and senior partner at Mexlaw, a Playa del Carmen based law firm, it is important to have a will in Mexico, even if you do not reside here full time and even if you already have a will in another country. Here are his answers to a couple common questions:


If I have a will in the USA or Canada, will it protect me in Mexico?


"You could probate the will that you already have in the US or Canada. We have several agreements with these countries that allow Mexican authorities to recognize the legal documents of those 2 countries. If you probate your will in Canada or the USA, you could send the proved document to the Mexican court, they will get the instructions for the next steps to be taken. The better idea is to create a Mexican will for a specific property to use specifically for inheritance to your heirs. 


As for Real Estate, normally foreigners buy through a bank trust or a Mexican corporation. In the bank trust there is already a part in the deed that you appoint your heirs. Basically you tell the bank in case you die who should receive the rights to the property. If something happens to you there's a process to follow for your beneficiaries to acquire those rights with this property. I always recommend to have the same person as a beneficiary on the deed of your bank trust and your will. Sometimes a person has a will elsewhere, but comes to Mexico and appoints someone else rights to the property on the bank trust. To avoid any legal disputes, you should have the same beneficiary on your bank trust as your beneficiary back home in the USA or Canada."


What happens if there are different names on the will and the bank trust?


"This would be a litigation dispute and you would need to take those documents and compare them to see who is going to have the rights. To avoid that, I recommend using the same names in order to avoid litigation. If they have a property here in Mexico and not back home in the US or Canada since they sold everything, it would be better to have a Mexican will to avoid going to the courts of both countries."


Not fun to think about but it's best to be prepared, so plan ahead and take advantage of September Will Month. There are several attorneys and Notarios in town who will be happy to help you prepare and record your last will and testament. Let me know if you need a recommendation.

Independence Day in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

In Mexico, September 16th is celebrated as the date of Mexico's Independence from Spain. Late in the eighteenth century, the middle and upper classes in Mexico began to question the structure of their society. Influenced by the revolutions in the United States and France, they too decided they wanted freedom of speech, a representative government, and a restriction of the over bearing power of the Catholic Church. They determined that the only way to reform their society would be to gain independence from the Spanish, whom they felt had oppressed them for over 300 years. (Cinco de Mayo or May 5th, is when Mexico won a battle against the French in the city of Puebla, Mexico in 1862.)

In late hours of September 15, 1810, Padre Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest in the town of Dolores, Guanajuato, led his people in rebellion against the Spanish. He rang the church bells, calling the Indians and Mestizos (those of mixed Spanish and Indian blood) to mass. He exhorted them to rebel against the Spaniards with cries of, "¡Viva México!" "¡Viva la independencia! ("Long live Mexico! Long live our independence!"), which is the now-famous "Grito de Dolores," or cry of Dolores. Hidalgo then ordered the arrest of the town's Spaniard population. With clubs, slings, axes, knives, machetes and intense hatred, the Indians took up his challenge.

The people's army marched to Mexico City, fighting all the way. When they finally reached the capital, they hesitated, and many soldiers deserted. Before the year was over, Father Hidalgo was captured and executed. His army fought on, however, and his "Grito de Dolores" became the battle cry of the war. The bloody fighting raged on until 1821, when Mexico finally succeeded in winning its independence from Spain.

Every year, on September 15th, the Zócalo, or main square in Mexico City is decorated with flags, flowers and lights of green, white, and red. People sell confetti, whistles, horns, paper-machie helmets, and toys in the colors of green, white and red. Street vendors sell all their favorite foods. At 11:00 p.m. the crowd becomes silent, as the president of Mexico steps out on the palace balcony, and rings the historic bell that Father Hidalgo rang to call the people. Then the president gives the Grito de Dolores. He shouts "¡Viva Mexico!" and "¡Viva la independencia!" and the crowd roars the words back at him. Fiestas celebrating independence take place that night and the next day-throughout Mexico. The air is filled with confetti and streamers. The 16th is a fiesta day-full of music, bullfights, rodeos, parades, more fireworks and plenty of dancing, food and drink. 

In Puerto Peñasco, preparations begin as early as late August with decorations going up in many parts of the city, traditional banners hung along main streets,colors of the flag adorning City Hall, and a number of parks festively decorated. Of course there are also Mexican flag vendors on almost every corner selling all sizes of flags and colorful pinwheels.

On the evening of September 15th, the traditional celebration will take place outside City Hall. There, one can stroll through dozens of food stands offering Mexican food and drink delights and then enjoy a reenacted "torch" march along Blvd. Benito Juárez as a recreation of the Insurgents Movement of 1810. The insurgents trail winds its way to the balcony of City Hall, where below the crowd of people gather to hear the traditional "Grito de Dolores", after which there is an impressive fireworks display and "Castle Burning." 

Puerto Peñasco is an ideal spot to celebrate Mexican Independence Day given the variety of activities it offers. Take advantage of the warmth of the city's beaches, area attractions, and all of the traditional fiestas!
Could Puerto Penasco Desalination be the Answer to Arizona's Future Water Problems (and Our Own)?

A new aqueduct capable of supplying nearly one thousand 500 million cubic meters per year is under evaluation by authorities in Sonora and Arizona, with support from academic and scientific institutions Mexico and the United States.


In the study "Desalination and water security in the border region between the US and Mexico: assessing the social, environmental and political," the researchers analyze the effects of scarcity, economic and climate in the desalinated water produced.


The project consists of a pipeline of 270 kilometers from Puerto Penasco, Sonora, to the Imperial Dam, located north of Yuma, Arizona, near the intersections with the states of California and Nevada.


 "Although water desalination is still the most expensive option on the table, its appeal continues to grow, especially since costs have decreased by around 50% in the last decade," said lead author Margaret Wilder, professor Development Center and Geography at the University of Arizona.


The governments of both countries expect a variety of factors increase water shortages throughout the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. Because of this scenario, states like Arizona, California and Nevada are considering plans to partner with Mexico build desalination plants near the bi-national border.


According to Wilder, she and her colleagues felt the need to develop the study because, while the promoters desalination agencies often have this option as inevitable, desalination requires a critical examination beyond a simple cost-benefit analysis.


However, he added, the political, social, economic and environmental implications require an extra evaluation.


The team conducted a case study of proposed desalination plant in the Mexican Gulf of California in Puerto Penasco, Sonora. Wilder and colleagues investigated the proposed water plant interviewing officials and operators, making a documentary research, and by conducting workshops with state and local actors.


Improving efficiency, water reuse and other long-term sustainable alternatives should it be used before resorting to desalination he said.


In addition, although the US and Mexico have a recent history of friendly sharing of water, it requires sustained cooperation between countries and guaranteed water supply to be long term, he said.


Here is the introduction and link to the study:  


Desalination and water security in the US-Mexico
border region: assessing the social, environmental
and political impacts
Margaret O. Wilder, Ismael Aguilar-Barajas, Nicolás Pineda-Pablos, Robert
G. Varady, Sharon B. Megdal, Jamie McEvoy, Robert Merideth, Adriana A.
Zúñiga-Terán & Christopher A. Scott
To cite this article: Margaret O. Wilder, Ismael Aguilar-Barajas, Nicolás Pineda-Pablos,
Robert G. Varady, Sharon B. Megdal, Jamie McEvoy, Robert Merideth, Adriana A. Zúñiga-
Terán & Christopher A. Scott (2016): Desalination and water security in the US-Mexico border
region: assessing the social, environmental and political impacts, Water International, DOI:

Mayor Kiko Munro Continues to Promote Investment in Puerto Peñasco

Mayor Kiko Munro and part of his team visited Arizona to strengthen cooperative ties with other cities while promoting investment in Puerto Peñasco.
The mayor took part in the meeting of the Arizona-Sonora Mega Region Council, which consists of officials from diverse sister cities in Sonora and Arizona and seeks to increase participation while strengthening trans-border economic development initiatives.
One of the most important agreements reached at the gathering was the signing of a document addressed to R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, requesting the travel zone for Mexicans with a visa be extended throughout Arizona, as currently an additional permit must be issued for travel beyond 75 miles.
Teresa Bravo, Pima County Coordinator of Economic Development and International Projects, presented successes from the Exchange Program of Political Representatives with Puerto Peñasco.  She detailed how the Sister Regions symbolically exchanged Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro and Pima District 4 Supervisor Ray Carroll, which led to a number of agreements regarding business, education, and culture.
Progress on Project with Mayo Clinic
As part of the visit to Arizona, Mayor Kiko Munro met with representatives at the Mayo Clinic. During the visit, coordinated by Dr. Javier Magrina, the mayor toured the facility while representatives reiterated interest in helping to support the project for a new hospital in Puerto Peñasco.
The mayor detailed there has been work on a joint project to determine what services Puerto Peñasco may offer in order to create a new medical tourism market, particularly in taking advantage of the exchange rate for visitors.
He stated the goal is to offer quality medical care with cutting edge technology and highly trained personnel in a friendly environment, highlighting the city and its beautiful beaches.
What The Mayans Knew About Pesticides

   by Dr. Shelly Persad via RP Times

Pesticides are the only toxic substances released intentionally into our environment to kill living things, such as weeds, insects, fungus, and rodents that may reduce crop yield.

But they're used almost everywhere, including in our homes, parks, schools, buildings, forests, and roads, and can be found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

Despite what government agencies and corporations tell you, pesticides are not safe. They are proven to be linked to 29 diseases, ranging from short-term impacts such as headaches, skin and eye irritation, nerve damage, dizziness, fatigue and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, birth defects in offspring and endocrine disruption.

Unfortunately, the US Environmental Protection Agency allows cancer-causing chemicals to be used despite their public health hazard because of their economic, social, and environmental benefits (i.e. profit). Based on data from the EPA, more than 70 active ingredients known to cause cancer are allowed for use.

Does this make you wonder how people managed to grow enough food to survive before this relatively modern poison was invented?

Let's look at one ancient civilization - the Mayans.

They were well-diversed in knowledge of herbal medicine, not only for natural healing, but also for pest control.

For example, the neem tree (Azadirachta Indica) can grow as tall as 20 meters and its leaves can treat a host of diseases, such as cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, just to name a few. It also boasts antibacterial qualities, which means it can help with skin issues and even help rid the body of toxins and impurities.

Its uses in crop cultivation are every bit as impressive; it has been proven to fight one of the most dangerous threats to the cultivation of produce, the white fly.

Neem is believed to be 90% effective in pest control. It does not cause instant death like chemical pesticides; instead, it repels insects and serves as an anti-feedant, essentially causing the insects to prefer starving to death over eating the plant that has been treated with neem. If they eat it anyway, the neem will have a contraceptive effect, thereby interrupting their life cycle by ensuring they do not lay eggs. Plants that have been treated with neem are safe for beneficial insects like butterflies and bees, and insects must actually have fed on the plant tissues in order to be affected. Unlike chemical pesticides, it does not harm birds, mammals or earthworms. Neem is also biodegradable, which means it will break down quickly and easily.

Neem's insecticide action can replace the use of pesticides and chemicals, ensuring that the produce is not toxic for humans to eat. However, neem comes from the environment, not a corporation. Therefore, it will never be the pesticide of choice because no one person can profit from the use of neem.

With this knowledge, why would anyone in their right mind want to buy produce that was doused in chemicals known to cause cancer, when they could choose options that were grown with natural pesticides?

In the US, an organic label doesn't necessarily mean free of pesticides. Buying directly from an organic farmer is the best route to go.
U.S.- Mexico Air Transport Agreement: A New Chapter for Travel & Trade Has Arrived

 US Department of State Official Blog

This Sunday, August 21, we welcome an exciting, new chapter in commercial aviation between the United States and Mexico -- a chapter that will help drive economic growth on both sides of the border. Entry into force of our new Air Transport Agreement is an important milestone that realizes a key goal of the ongoing U.S.-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue. The new agreement removes limits on the number of airlines serving any U.S.-Mexico city pairs and expands opportunities for travel and trade between the United States and Mexico.


This new agreement lifts restrictions on market access. As a result, U.S. and Mexican airlines are already taking steps to offer more flights and serve new routes. This will lead to more choices for travelers and businesses on both sides of the border. Communities in both countries stand to see economic gains in the tourism sector and beyond as they welcome greater numbers of visitors arriving on more flights. The agreement will also enable U.S. and Mexican cargo carriers to connect to the global marketplace more efficiently and cost-effectively.


This success is the result of hard work and collaboration between the U.S. and Mexican governments. As the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Affairs in the State Department's Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, I am proud of our dedicated team of negotiators who worked hand in hand with experts from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Commerce, and their Mexican counterparts, to fashion a pro-growth, pro-competition agreement that further strengthens the dynamic commercial and economic relationship between the United States and Mexico. Last December, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and his Mexican counterpart, Secretary of Communications and Transport Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, signed the Air Transport Agreement at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C., joined by Assistant Secretary of State Charles Rivkin and other officials. Then, as President Obama and Mexican President Peña Nieto met on July 22 and highlighted the economic benefits of the agreement, our governments exchanged diplomatic notes that set August 21, 2016 as the date for its entry into force.  


Last year, the United States and Mexico engaged in an estimated $583.6 billion of trade in goods and services, making Mexico one of our largest trading partners. Travel and transportation services are among the leading U.S. service exports to Mexico. The potential for growth becomes greater with the entry into force our new aviation agreement. President Obama stated during the joint press conference following his meeting with President Peña Nieto, "We're going to keep working to boost trade and grow our economies and create more opportunity for our people." Our new U.S.-Mexico Air Transport Agreement is one vital way we're doing that, and I can't wait to see the positive impact and broad economic benefits that this achievement will bring for years to come.


About the Author: Thomas Engle serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Affairs in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs.


Link to Article: 

Index Ranks Mexico as 2nd Happiest Country

     Happiness Map: Green means you're Happy and Red means you're not

You won't find many countries happier than Mexico. In fact, there's just one and that's Costa Rica, according to the Happy Planet Index.

Mexico has been ranked No. 2 in the world by the index, described by its creator as a measurement of sustainable well-being.


It was well-being, along with life expectancy, where Mexico scored high. Data gathered by the research firm Gallup measured how satisfied citizens felt with life overall, on a scale of one to 10, and gave Mexico 7.3 for well-being, 11th out of 140 countries.

Life expectancy of 76.4 years put Mexico in 39th place in that category.


Another factor was "inequality of outcomes," which takes into account inequality within a country in terms of how long people live and how happy they feel based on the distribution of life expectancy and well-being data.


Mexico didn't fare so well here, coming in 60th out of the 140 countries measured.


A fourth factor was ecological footprint, measuring the average impact each resident places on the environment. Mexico placed 77th.

The study, conducted by the think tank New Economics Foundation, points out that well-being in Mexico is higher than in the United States, despite having an economy that is five times smaller, and an ecological footprint that is one-third that of its neighbor.


The index cites the 2012 introduction of universal health coverage and the 2014 soft drink tax as two examples of "what's working well in Mexico." It also mentions the growing political attention being given to environmental sustainability, which has been seen in legislating long-term climate targets and steps to conserve forests and protect biodiversity.


But the index points out that economic inequality is "a massive problem," saying the top 20% of the population earns more than 13 times as much as the bottom 20%. That and high poverty rates among indigenous peoples and human rights violations represent "significant challenges."


It also mentions the multi-party agreement called the Pact for Mexico, signed in December 2012, as having been an important step for the country's future.


Other Happy Planet Index rankings put the U.S. in 108th place and Canada 85th.


Colombia, Vanuatu and Vietnam placed third, fourth and fifth while Togo, Luxembourg and Chad were at the bottom of the list.


The New Economics Foundation describes itself as the United Kingdom's leading think tank promoting social, economic and environmental justice, and says its goal is to transform the economy so it "works for people and the planet."  

With Mexican Independance Day in Mind: Menudo for the Morning After! 

Can Menudo Really Cure a Hangover? 

Not only is menudo delicious, it can really help with a hangover.
Apparently, Menudo, a spicy Mexican soup that is often times made from tripe (cow stomach) and not to be confused with Pozole is supposed to cure even your deadliest hangovers. It is said to stimulate the senses, rejuvenate the insides, and clear the head. Most alcohol scholars, however, claim that the combination of spices in the soup simply distract your mind and body from the hangover.
Cultural significance
Menudo is traditionally a family food prepared by the entire family, and even serves as an occasion for social interaction. In popular Mexican culture, Menudo is the most popular remedy for hangover.

Since menudo is time and labor-intensive to prepare as the tripe takes hours to cook (or else it is extremely tough) plus it requires many ingredients and is often accompanied by side dishes (such as salsa) the dish is often prepared communally and eaten at a feast. Documents from the Works Progress Administration indicate that in the 1930s, among migrant workers in Arizona, menudo parties were held regularly to celebrate births, Christmas, and other occasions
Traditional Menudo is time intensive, taking four to seven hours to make. The meat should first be rinsed clean. Menudo usually has tripe, honeycomb and "librillo" beef meat along with the beef feet and tendons. The feet and tendons are boiled first at low to medium heat for about three hours. Skimming off the top layer of floating foam about every 15 minutes for the first hour helps the flavor. After the first three hours, the tripe should be added along with salt, an onion cut in half, and one or two heads of garlic. Red menudo has the addition of Guajillo chili paste. The menudo is allowed to continue boiling for an additional three hours while covered. Once it is almost done, the hominy is added.
Regional variations
There are a number of regional variations on menudo. In northern Mexico, typically hominy is added. In northwest states such as Sinaloa and Sonora usually only the blanco, or white, Menudo variation is seen; menudo blanco is the same dish, with the difference that red pepper is not added, thus giving the broth a clear or white color.

Adding patas (beef or pigs feet) to the stew is popular, but not universal. In some areas of central Mexico, "menudo" refers to a stew of sheep stomach, "pancitas". In South-Western Mexico (in and around the Distrito Federal, Morelos, and Guerrero) it is called "panza" or "panza guisada". The red variation is usually seen in Chihuahua, the northern states adjoining Texas. It is also usual to use only yellow hominy in menudo in the Texas region. A similar stew made with more easily cooked meat is pozole.

This recipe will hold you in good stead after any long night of partying. It takes about five hours to prepare, but you can do it a day in advance, so that it's ready when it's needed! Mexicans swear by this as the most effective cure for "la cruda" (a hangover) of all time! It's delicious, whether you feel great or not-so-great! while this is not strictly a traditional recipe, it is much easier and quicker to prepare. Serves six to eight.

2 lb stew beef 
4 cups water
8 cloves garlic, cut in half
1 large white onion, sliced
1 tbsp salt
2 pounds tripe
5 cups canned hominy
2 pods chile Guajillo, crumbled 
1 small white onion, finely chopped 
1 bunch fresh cilantro, with stems removed and chopped
4 limes quartered

In large Dutch oven, place stew meat, garlic, onion and salt. Add tripe and water, cover and simmer over low heat for approximately three hours. Add hominy. Taste and add more salt, if necessary. Continue simmering for another hour. Serve in bowls with the chile, onion, cilantro and lime on the side as condiments. 

Enjoy, but don't save any for me. I never really warmed up to all the ingredients in Menudo so I typically stick with Pozole.
24 Crazy Superstitions that Only Mexicans Will Understand 

Not even sure where to start with this one. But, if you don't believe it, ask one of your Mexican friends...

1. If you ever dare stare at a dog while it poops you will get a pimple on your eye.
2. Beware of Tuesday the 13th not Friday the 13th.
3. Don't drop the tortilla or you'll have the in-laws pay you an unpleasant visit.
4. Don't ever go to the river at night or the Llorona will get you.
5. If you smile at a baby you better touch it or you'll make the baby sick.
6. A child must receive a token gift (bolo) when they are baptized or they will fart a lot.
7. If a groom sees the bride or the dress before the wedding they are doomed.
8. If you're a pregnant woman and there's an eclipse, best have a safety pin near your belly.
9. If you cut a baby's fingernails before their first birthday, the child will have impaired eyesight.
10. Go outside with your luggage on New Year's and you'll basically travel the world.
11. Don't let anyone sweep your feet or you'll forever be single.
12. If your ear is buzzing, oooh, somebody is talking smack about you.
13. You better lock up all your farm animals at night or El Chupacabras will slaughter them.
14. Make sure you tell someone about your nightmares or they will come true.
15. If you scratch your itchy palm, money won't come your way.
16. Never have a pair of scissors pointing in your direction or at others, it will lead you down a road of disaster.
17. Don't place your bag on the floor or you'll run out of money.
18. Stepping on a grave will summon the spirit and it will haunt you.
19. When dogs howl it usually means a death is near.
20. If an owl visits you at home that means there is someone trying to do you harm.
21. If you step with your left foot first when you get out of bed, you'll have a very unlucky day.
22. If you misbehave the Cucuy will come after you at night.
23. Don't have the foot of your bed point toward the door or you'll welcome in death.
24. Don't point at a rainbow or you'll get a pimple on your nose.

Let me know if you would like links to any of the earlier ones. (There are over 5 years worth now)

Sonoran Sky Resort

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Just for the fun of it


Sonoran Sea E708
3BR East Building

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Sonoran Sea W310 
1 Bedroom West Building


Luxury one bedroom condo at the Sonoran Sea at a great price. This is the only one bedroom listing in the popular West building and it won't last long. Beautifully upgraded and furnished very nicely. It has not been used as a rental and it is in great condition. Priced to sell too!   Sold fully furnished and ready to go. Don't let this one pass you by. Call today.

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Sonoran Sun W512     

1 BD West Building     



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New Listing 


Assumable 5.9% Long Term Loan    


Super nice one bedroom condo with stunning oceanfront views. Furnished very nicely and shows like a model. Very good rental income. This is one of the very few condos available with an assumable developer loan at 5.9% with approx 199 months remaining. $60,000 gets you in the door. Call for more details!   

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Sonoran Spa W507

2 Bedroom West Building  

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Sonoran Spa E305
2 Bedroom 1/4 Share

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WiFi Cafe and Convenience Store
Sonoran Sea Resort


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Sonoran Sea W210
1 Bedroom West Building

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This is a brand new listing and it really must be seen to be appreciated. Great 2nd floor location makes this condo a great rental. Beachfront views and palm trees. Priced to sell quickly. Come see it today.

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Sonoran Sea W804
2 Bedroom West Building


This is a great price for a 2 bedroom at the Sonoran Sea and the condo has everything! Beautifully furnished and would make a great rental. Won't last long. Ocean Front luxury at a great price. Call for details or to schedule a tour. You need to act fast on this special deal.

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Sonoran Sea E806
2 Bedroom

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Sonoran Spa W806
2 Bed 2 Bath Top Floor

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Here is a condo that won't be around for long. This penthouse level 2 bedroom is fully furnished and ready for you to enjoy. The views are spectacular and you can see the lights of the Old Port at night from the comfort of your terrace. This one is ready to go so come check it out. This can be a private getaway for you and your family, or you can place it into the rental pool and realize a nice income while you're not using it. Contact one of our sales staff today to set up a time to view this great condo. Priced right to sell quickly so don't wait too long. Lots of great things are going on in Rocky Point and now is the time to get into this beauty before prices go up. 

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Sonoran Spa N203
1 Bedroom North Building

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Check out this beautiful, fully furnished, one bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa Resort. Convenient 2nd floor location allows for easy access to beach, pools, Jacuzzis, store, restaurant, etc. Currently rented on a one  year lease but could be a great vacation rental as well. The price is right and you need to see this condo. 

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Sonoran Sea W107
2BR Ground floor

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Here is a popular ground floor condo priced to sell. These units don't come up for sale often. Beautifully furnished and great rental history are just the beginnings. Walk right out your door and to the pool and beach. Embrace the fabulous unobstructed beachfront views of the Sea of Cortez. This one is already getting alot of attention so act quickly and don't miss out on this fantastic bargain.

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Sonoran Sky 701
4BR Premium End Unit

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Sonoran Sea W601
3 BR Premium End Unit

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Sonoran Sun E703   
2 BR East Building  

Just 25% gets you in the door! Great price on this beautiful  2 bedroom at the Sun. Views all the way down the beach and to the new Home Port. In the future, you can watch the cruise ships coming and going from your own private beachfront paradise.  This condo is priced to sell and it is very nicely furnished and ready to go. Brand new stainless appliances. Come see it today.


Sonoran Spa E802
2 BR Top Floor


This unit is very nicely furnished and has some of the best views in town. Completely upgraded kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Did I mention the views? This is a super nice turn-key condo and you can't go wrong with the great price. Come and see it soon.

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Sonoran Spa W609
2BR Premium Patio

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Beautiful two bedroom condo with huge extended patio for entertaining. Owner will carry with 40% down. Great Views!

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Sonoran Sea E802
2BR East Building

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Sonoran Sun W212
1 Bedroom West Building

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Brand new listing and priced lower than any other one bedroom at the Sonoran Sun Resort. This condo has been totally remodeled and is in perfect condition. It provides excellent rental income and would be a fantastic investment - or just keep it all for your own personal use. Either way, you can't go wrong on this one. Call or stop by and talk with one of our Sales Representatives today! You'll be glad you did.

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Sonoran Sky 1502
3BR Penthouse

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The best of the best. Super luxurious 3 bedroom, 3 bath penthouse at the Sonoran Sky Resort. Priced to sell on the private penthouse floor. This is one of those condos that you just need to see to believe. You really can't put a price on the views from this condo.
Photos coming soon...

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Sonoran Spa E504
2BR East Building

  Non-Rental Condo!   

This condo is very nicely furnished, turnkey ready to go and has some of the best views on Sandy Beach. One day soon, you'll watch the ships roll in from your very own private terrace. This condo is a non-rental and it shows. Nicely furnished and just waiting for you. Give us a call or stop by the on-site sales office today! 

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Sonoran Sun E101  
3BR Ground Floor

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This is one of the few condos that really must be seen to be appreciated. It is a ground floor, end unit with more privacy than you would expect in a resort. Right on the beach and near everything, yet far enough from the pool and pool bar to give make it quiet and peaceful. These condos rarely come up for sale so please come and check it out right away. Beautifully furnished and turn-key ready to go. This condo has never been used as a rental and was always meticulously cared for by the owners.

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Sonoran Spa W603
2 BR West Building - 1/4 Share

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This is a great condo with absolutely stunning beachfront views at the Sonoran Spa Resort. How often will you use a condo in Rocky Point? Maybe owning a 25% interest is the answer for you. If you are looking for a truly turn-key beauty, this is it.  Great price. Great views. Ready to go. You can't lose on this one. Take a look!

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Sonoran Spa N807
1 BR Top Floor


Top floor one bedroom condo available at the Sonoran Spa Resort is priced to sell. Great views and nicely furnished. This condo is ready to go and it can be yours. Contact one of our Agents for more information.

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  Sonoran Spa N502
1 Bedroom North Building


  Super nice1 bedroom at the Sonoran Spa and the best priced condo in all of the Sonoran Resorts. Great potential as a rental or you can keep it all for yourself. Prices are going up and this condo won't be around for long. Come and take a look. You won't be disappointed.

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Sonoran Sun E509
3 Bedroom Premium

This 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Premium condo must be seen to be appreciated. Great price and ready to move in and enjoy This one is a Must See beauty with ocean front views beyond belief. Just 20% down and your in.

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Sonoran Sun E204
2 Bedroom East Building

 Link To Listing 

Beautifully furnished oceanfront condo. This condo has never been a rental and it is in perfect condition. Priced to sell - this one won't last long.
You need to see this one to appreciate it. 

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Sonoran Sky 1010
4 BR Premium End Unit

This is one of those condos that absolutely has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Premium end unit with wraparound terrace and views forever. You can see all the way from Old Port to the new Home Port from the comfort of your luxurious 4 bedroom condo. Impeccably furnished and ready to go. Be sure to come and see this one as soon as you can. It won't last long.

Call Today: 602-476-7511 

Sonoran Spa W310  

3BR West End Unit


This spacious 3 bedroom end unit condo at the Sonoran Spa is a great buy. Lots of room and fantastic beachfront views. Very nicely furnished and ready to move right in. Rental income is an option or keep it all for yourself.  Be the proud owner of this beachfront beauty. Call or stop by one of our sales offices today for more details.

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