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Time Lapse - Cholla Bay
Time Lapse - Cholla Bay

Americans Try Mexican Snacks
Americans Try Mexican Snacks

Mexican People try Taco Bell for the First Time
Mexican People try Taco Bell for the First Time

Welcome to August in Rocky Point. Can you say hot and humid? That is the order of the day, pretty much every day for the next couple months. July really wasn't too bad for the most part but recently it has become very hot (did I mention humid?). Temperature and humidity aside, it is still beautiful and our town has been super busy with tourism. Most of the resorts on Sandy Beach have been sold out every weekend and the beaches seem to be hopping, even during the week these days. Good way to stay cool and I'd say that's another great sign for our economic recovery and our bright future.

I want to thank everyone who attended our 4th Annual Las Vegas Night for Charity last month. We had a wonderful turnout and it seemed that everyone there really enjoyed themselves. Ramon did a fantastic job of providing the buffet and he kept the hors d'oeuvres coming all night long. He was also in charge of the bar service and the wait staff and I can absolutely say that everyone was attended to very promptly and professionally. There were so many prizes given out that almost everyone in attendance left with something. Once again, you helped to make it a big success and, remember, 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities. Please read the story below and check out our website blog and Facebook for lots of great photos.

Sales have remained strong again this year. In the past, we could expect sales to be strongest after March Spring Break and then drop off after the 4th of July only pick up again between Labor day and Thanksgiving. That was kind of the pattern for many years. The past couple years, and so far this year however, this has not been the case. We have stayed busy touring condos and writing offers pretty steadily all year long. Yet another great sign for Puerto Penasco.

Construction activity continues around town and the Home Port project is still moving right along. The new overpass bridge on the way into town is making super fast progress. I haven't had a chance to see it recently but there are a couple photos posted by RP Times at the end of this newsletter. I continue to see new businesses, bars, restaurants, and construction popping up all around town. There are a few new areas of road construction as well but there are no significant delays or detours on the main roads at this time (other than driving around the construction of the overpass before you get to town).
Enjoy your month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I'm here full time and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
 Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist
Broker/Director of Sales and Marketing
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PART XVI: Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco


Since our blog on the Home Port, Part XV, last month, the weather has controlled fully one third of the construction time. High winds causing sizeable waves out towards the end of the jetty have prevented the heavy equipment from  pouring the smaller rocks needed as a foundation for extending the jetty, which in turn prevented the cranes from packing the rocks with first the weight of the one ton cubes and then the ten ton cubes.


The result of such huge waves and subsequent undercurrents have pulled the unprotected rocks away from the jetty which brings the need for a heavy front loader to literally build a path along the side of the jetty and shovel the rocks back to the sides before the concrete cubes can be placed to anchor them down.  The winds have been strong enough to prevent even the large cranes from lifting cubes into the wind without threat of a disaster.




Our monthly walk with Wendy Winzer, Project Administrator this last week covered the entire length done so far,  680 meters out from the shore, and happened to be during one of those windy days. Be assured that what you see  and feel from the shore is just a breeze compared to what is going on out there. As the photos indicate, the waves were large enough to bury the huge ten ton cubes when they crashed against the jetty. When you see these huge concrete cubes being jostled about by the force of the sea, it is easy to understand how rocks and even the one ton cubes can be pulled away from the jetty during those days.


Bottom line here is that a halt in pouring rock due to this kind of weather means much more than just continuing when the winds die down. It means having to retrieve all the rock that was pulled away  from the jetty and repack it back along the sides, then support it while the giant cranes carefully place the cubes on top to hold the rocks in place until they are settled. They had to halt the onsite concrete plant operation because of not being able to place the cubes due to weather. However, they were able to resume making cubes again this week.




All was not lost during the adverse weather conditions. The crew took the time to perform heavy maintenance on the six giant cranes and position the front loaders to begin repacking rock when it is safe to do so.




When asked about the dock construction, Wendy said that the company contracted to build the cruise ship dock onto the finished pier is already in the process of constructing the large pilots that will hold the dock in place.  Once the pier has reached a length to where the dock can be attached, the dock builders will use a crane on a floating barge to install the pilots in the sea floor.


As we returned to the offices, Wendy pointed out, "we will be placing 12 new buoy lights in addition to those on the jetty and they will alert vessels to where the jetty is going to be in addition to where it is now.  You should be seeing those blinking in the distance within the next few weeks, wind permitting of course."


Sonoran Resorts 2015 Las Vegas Night for Charity: Another Beautiful Success!
As we've become accustomed,  the annual Sonoran Resorts Las Vegas Night for Charity, held on the 4th of July this year, brought fun for hundreds of partiers and funds to make the going a little easier for several local charities.


After four years, with so many repeat attendees, our event has taken on a jovial reunion atmosphere of old friends celebrating life, participating in authentic casino games, vying for a share of the hundreds of really nice prizes, meeting new friends while taking the opportunity to help the friendly Mexican citizenry of this little slice of paradise by the sea where thousands of expats love to call home and thousands more love to visit.


Air conditioned comfort inside the Los Volcanes ballroom of Sonoran Resorts beachfront Sky Resort Condominium was the perfect venue to spend a 4th
of July evening while outside the weather was sweltering.Award winning chef and restaurateur Ramón Ramos of Cocina de Ramón and more recently Mariachis and Tequila restaurant fame laid out a delicious buffet and made snacks available all evening.


The gaming tables sparkled with political and business leaders, celebrities and personalities from both sides of the border. Among those deserving  special mention was the venerable Arizona Republic columnist, Art Sloane who volunteered to deal at one of our Blackjack tables.




Charity events are nothing new to Art. For 14 years he brought five to seven bus tours annually to Puerto Peñasco, all for charity. In addition, he always asked the groups to bring schools supplies which he distributed to local schools with Barb and Mark Olszewski and helped them found the nonprofit Adopt-a-Classroom that today provides school supplies to thousands of students in 13 schools and the fire department. Art still sends down wheel chairs, crutches and walkers for charity. Those are just some of the reasons Art Sloane is honored in the Hall of Fame for Charity. 

Mentioned above, Mark and Barb Olszewski are two of the charitable personalities who have attended virtually every Las Vegas Night helping to  collect prizes, sell tickets and whatever else has needed to be done to make this night one of the most anticipated evenings of the year in our town. But both Mark and Barb are content to fly beneath the radar of recognition for all they've done to help the community for the last 20 years, so we'll suffice with mentioning them as among the notables in attendance on July 4th .... And also because Art Sloane was their house guest while he was in town!


The list is too long to single out everyone we should who were in attendance and having fun at Las Vegas Night. Most of them have been to most of the four events as well.


No one will disagree that among the dozens of volunteers who helped put Las Vegas Night together, we really, really need to throw a shout out to a couple from Tucson who have been nothing less than an integral part of the success of this event since day one of its concept. He is the guy you've seen every year in the white tuxedo shirt and  silk bow tie hosting, announcing, auctioneering, assuring that everyone was aware of every aspect of what was happening and going to happen throughout the evening, and before the event he was the one who trained the cadre of volunteer  dealers. That individual, to whom we are deeply grateful, is Randy Van Hulle, owner of Ace Casino Rentals of Tucson since 1987 with casino expertise developed from serving well over 3,000 corporate casino functions. Together with his wife, Linda, who always volunteers as a dealer, the couple love Puerto Peñasco and obviously love what they do as a career. Thank you Randy and Linda for making Las Vegas Night such a success!


Those of you who could not make it down for the 4th of July weekend this year, please mark your calendars for the first Saturday in July next year, July 2nd (still on  July 4th weekend) so you don't miss out on this phenomenal night of friends, fun and charity.


In next month's newsletter we will have all the details on the funds raised and to which charities they have been allocated. Stay tuned!


Rodolfo Valdez Offers Hobie Cat Fun and Adventure Daily From Sonoran Sea Resort Condominiums  


Until you've sailed, you might wonder about the free spirit that radiates from every sailor you ever met. But once you've been out there on the water, it becomes aqua clear that the fresh briny breeze coursing across the sea creates and fuels that special spirit in the sailor. This usually makes for a great sailing experience no matter the size of the craft.


Sailing with Rodolfo Valdez, a colorful character and a sailor's sailor, is  about the most fun you can have on Sandy Beach with your bathing suit on.  Rodolfo is a highly skilled wind jockey who has made a living off the breezes and gales and rolling waves across the Sea of Cortez for 45 years. He's a four-time free-style champion in his 16 foot Hobie Cat and has loved the sea since he was a small boy, almost as much as he loves Lorena, his wife of 34 years.


He learned about the winds before he was a teen growing up in Mazatlán.  He's learned their moods, their quirks, their tricks; he reads them like a book and rides them like a cowboy on a multi-gated thoroughbred.


Rodolfo gets a lot of rides on breezy days, but the sea is mostly tranquil, lapping at the beach in ripples instead of waves, and Rodolfo can maximize breeze power-in any direction-like no one else.  That's when the boomers and before get to have their fun in the  brine and sun on board Rodolfo's Hobie Cat that he treats like his castle. When he's not out with passengers, you'll find him on the beach daily from 9 AM to 3PM or a little after between the Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resort Condominiums always near his prized "velero" (sailboat).  Rodolfo takes his Hobie Cat to Mazatlán in November and returns to Sandy Beach in time for Spring Break in March.


He likes to sail with two passengers, but will take up to four on an informative ride that lasts a little over an hour for $50 dollars, total. Rodolfo's sense of humor and good English comfort the adults and keep the kids amused no matter what's going on as his sailboat skips across the normally smooth Sea of Cortez.  His friendly smile is contagious and soon everyone is in on the adventure.


If you happen to be going out when the dolphins are frolicking near the beach, which is many, if not most, days in the fall-and Rodolfo always seems to know when and where they are-just let him know and he'll make sure you have an up-close experience with one or more of the friendly creatures.


 So bring your camera-with this caution: if it is a point-and-shoot, just keep it in your pocket or waterproof bag until the opportunity for a great shot arises.  If you have a DSLR, bring a zip-lock bag to protect it from the sea spray between shots.


Rodolfo is puro Mexicano (pure Mexican) with a corazón (heart) about the size of Mazatlán-with only one exception: he doesn't subscribe to the stereotypical Mexican Mañana philosophy when it comes to respecting the limited time most visitors have to participate in the many adventures awaiting them on the beaches of our little slice of paradise by the sea.  He is always on time, rigged and ready to go when he tells you he will be, a trait most appreciated by his many repeat guests who sail with him every visit.  Because of his popularity, he appreciates the same respect for his time from the guests he so loves to entertain.


Read Entire Story: 

Utah District 5420 Rotarians Put Service Before Self During First Ever Conference in Puerto Peñasco



Utah District 5420  Rotary Club has had a love affair with our little slice of paradise by the sea since as early as 2009.  That was the year Rotarian leaders met up with leaders of the nonprofit, all volunteer Families Helping Families (FHF) who had been building homes each year in Rocky Point and donating them to deserving needy  families there.  The Rotarians were intrigued by the goodness of  FHF, the number of young people who gave up their holidays to help their parents accomplish this great service, and the terrific opportunity it presented for Rotary youth clubs to participate. They all realized the compatibility of their mutual goals.


By the following June a small group of 20 Rotarian youths had raised the funds to cover their expenses for the entire trip to Puerto Peñasco and contribute to the materials to build their home. That small group not only set a precedent for future growth, but showed the depth of their commitment to humanitarian efforts and proved that the words  "Service Before Self" emblazoned on their T-shirts were much, much more than just a slogan of the worldwide Rotary Clubs.


 Interest by both Rotarian youth clubs, Interact (Jr. High and High School age) and Rotaract (College age) was extraordinary and the second year the participants had more than doubled to 70 dedicated and committed youngsters. By the third year, the year we learned of the project and began covering this amazing feat, participation by the youth clubs had reached exponential proportions with 180 youngsters, many of whom had been here before, plus group leaders, chaperones and parents totaling 240 people.


Incredible as it sounds, this huge group worked seamlessly for four full days and built three complete homes starting  with nothing but the foundation and piles of concrete blocks, 2X4's, cement mixers and outstanding, experienced supervision by Families Helping Families volunteers.


What is so awe inspiring about this very special group of young people is their commitment to these projects, which are still going , is that their commitment goes far beyond the time and hard work of building three homes in four days. Each of the kids start much earlier each year raising their own money, about $1,000 each to pay all the expenses of their trip as well as the cost of each house they build! They sell oranges, mow lawns, hold garage sales and many other creative efforts to be a part of this annual journey. That is true commitment, dedication and action toward fellow human beings in need. It is also an inspiring attribute that says so much about our younger generation.




This year from June 8-13, for the first time in Utah Rotary District 5420 history, their annual conference was held not only outside Utah, but outside the U.S.  Puerto Peñasco was the appreciative beneficiary of a phenomenal amount of Rotary services, donations, and presentations of valuable and needed equipment and funds during the conference that brought over 750 attendees participating in more than 50 separate service projects resulting in major improvements to our community. Organization as well as commitment was key to the astronomical number of projects the Rotarians were able to complete in such a short visit. Of course, as indicated earlier, commitment to serving others is a way of life for Rotarians.


Rotary District 5420 completed $14,000 in renovations to their Rotary sponsored school in town that included remodeling and repairing the plumbing in bathrooms and painting the entire school inside and out. They modernized the entry gate, installed new playground equipment, fourteen air conditioners and built a storage room and a new perimeter fence.


In other parts of the community, Rotary youth groups, in conjunction with Families Helping Families, built three more homes and, by special request, added an expansion and handicapped capable bathroom to the local Piñata factory made up of former graduates of the La Montaña School for children with special needs. The request was made to FHF by Piñata factory volunteer director and retired La Montaña school professor, Melba Moreno Lerma through local charity catalyst and long time resident, Kory Bonini.  FHF responded  immediately and worked this special project into the youth's construction schedule.  This particular contribution by the two organizations clearly affected the morale, attitude and motivation of the 15 to 20 special needs workers and their parents  while also giving the factory needed space to increase production and create an in-house showcase for their Piñatas. Rotary assistance to the Piñata factory didn't stop with the construction benefits; the Rotarians took a portion of their limited time in town to learn how to make over 200 piñatas, many of which they purchased for gifts to bring back to Utah, donating the proceeds back to the Piñata factory. You can locate a piñata at Su Casain "Rodeo Drive" who sell them and give all proceeds to the Piñata Factory...


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Event Planning at Sonoran Sky Resort 



    By Richard Scott via RP Times 


Olympia Watson carries a notebook with 'All you need is love' printed on the cover. "This is my philosophy" she tells me. As Event Planner for the Sonoran Sky Resort, her love for creating just the right setting for an anniversary, a wedding, or any get-together is necessary for success. So is being really organized.


"Can you be playing when the guests walk in?" She asks the sax player while posing for a publicity photo. We stand next to the elegant leaded glass doors of the Los Volcanes Salon, inside the Sonoran Sky. "This is an intimate dinner party for Valentines' Day, just a few tables. But we can have receptions for 200 people here, plus a band."


The Girl from Ipanema plays as people take their seats. Candlelight and gold table cloths, champagne glasses and waiters in black and white. A pleasant murmur of conversation as a full moon rises outside the tall arched window.


"My work as planner is free for clients using Sonoran Sky Events" says Olympia. "We offer great packages for beach weddings right here at the resort". Chocolate covered strawberries complete the dinner, and the guests head to the elevators. Olympia leads the way. "Oly" someone asks, "what's next?" Pressing the ground floor button, she smiles over her shoulder "A surprise."


The swimming pools glow neon blue in the night as we pass them on our way to the beach. A strong ocean breeze, not there before dinner, tries to push us back into the lobby. This is not the surprise Oly had in mind.




Two helpers struggle to hold the orange paper balloon, as another flicks a lighter over and over, trying to light the candle that will make it fly. "Play something please." Touching the arm of the sax player as she goes, Olympia casually walks to where the guests gather. Quickly she gets one, and then a second balloon lit. Disaster averted.


A toast! Glasses raised to a wonderful time at a beautiful place. Everyone 'ooohh's as the glowing balloons slowly rise. Up above the lights of the Sonoran Sky Resort, the moon waits to meet them. As if it was planned.


You can reach Sonoran Sky Events at (011-521-638) 108-2107.  

Pinacate Info Center Opens in Old Port
  Pinacate-Puerto (3)

Information and souvenirs from the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve can now be found in the Old Port, following the opening of an information center geared at providing material about this privileged spot to both tourists and residents alike.


The information center (located across from the church and sharing a parking lot with Thrifty) is stocked with pamphlets about routes and sites of interest both at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and the Schuk Toak Visitors Center just north of town. In addition, the new office provides details regarding hours and tips for visitors.


The new spot in town also offers great shopping for Pinacate souvenirs, including coffee mugs, key chains and t-shirts, allowing visitors to take home an item from the Biosphere Reserve that was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013.


Horacio Ortega, Deputy Director of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, indicated they are continuing to equip the information center in order to provide more information for tourists while making the office more attractive.


The new Pinacate Information Center in the Old Port is located at the corner of 1ro de Junio just steps from the malecón (across from church) and is open daily from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.


In coming months the info center also hopes to begin offering tours to the Pinacate through associated tour companies.


Story on RP360:  

Friends in Deed of Green Valley Want to Help the Needy in Rocky Point. By Guest Blogger, Jack Hecker


We love Jack's contributions to our blog with his unique brand of subtle humor and his love of Rocky Point. We're very happy he accepted our invitation to write about one of his favorite subjects, and activities-helping the needy.

Take it away Jack!


Hi, this is Jack back from a blogging vacation.   I'm especially excited about the subject of my first blog of 2015 as a guest contributor to the Sonoran Resorts web site.


Here in Green Valley, Arizona we are blessed to have an entity called Friends In Deed (FID) that does some great things for those in need here. This is a charitable organization that provides equipment to the handicapped at no  charge.  It can include anything from wheel chairs, crutches, commodes, shower seats and even colostomy bags. They only request that when the equipment is no longer needed it is returned, except for the colostomy bags. They ask no questions other than name and address, etc.


You ask, how can they do this at no charge?  Well, that is the magnificent part of FID.  The whole operation is funded by donations and all the great people who work there volunteer their time.  I have two friends who give of their time rehabbing equipment.


On a personal note, back in the early 2000's  our family had the opportunity to avail ourselves of this service.  Our brother-in-law, Henry, had an uncle who became unable to fend for himself and came to live with him. Well, Russell became more and more unable to walk, even with a walker, and needed a wheel chair.  He was at the point of total depression and was mostly bedridden. We heard of Friends In Deed and took him there.  They treated Russell like a celebrity and fitted him into a fine chair.  That chair elevated Russell's attitude immediately!


In fact, on his 90th birthday we took him to the Pinnacle Peak  restaurant in Trail Dust Town in Tucson.  Having been there before and knowing how things work, I went to the White Elephant Thrift Store and acquired the most garish necktie you can imagine.  We got Russell dressed and put on his tie (which he loved).  When we arrived he wheeled up to the table and ordered his beer.

Soon a beautiful young lady came up and announced that ties were not allowed at Pinnacle Peak and proceeded to cut off the lower half and took a picture of the two of them.  He was totally thrilled with the whole experience which would never have happened without the help of FID.  In fact he made many trips including to the famous little town of Tombstone because of his ability to get around in that chair.  We are convinced it added a few years to his life.


So where is this leading?


My good friend Ross lives next door to a volunteer from FID.  One evening recently, during a beer barbequethon he asked Ross if he knew of any group that could use some surplus handicap equipment.  Ross thought of the good folks in Rocky Point who do so much for the community.  As it worked out, we were going to make a trip there the next week.




We arranged to have lunch with our friends Mark Olszewski and Francisco Bercovich who have been great supporters of the needy in town. While watching Mark scarf down shrimp tacos like they were M & Ms we asked if they could use the equipment and their response was instant and positive.  The only problem remaining is how to get it down there.  Neither Ross nor I have a truck or trailer that can handle it.


So here's where your help is needed.  We need someone with a truck or trailer that can hold approximately 30 walkers, 20 sets of crutches, two or three wheel chairs, some commodes, some shower seats and other extraneous stuff, or any part thereof.  They would be available here in Green Valley, AZ any weekday from 8:30 to 3:00 PM. We need to get it picked up prior to or by August 14th, if possible.

If you or anyone you know might be in a position to help us, please contact me at  We appreciate your help.



On a more personal note, I would like to dedicate this post to our friend Jim Ringquist, who just recently lost his brother Erik after a valiant fight against Kidney Disease.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jim and Erik, their families and all the people Erik touched during his way too short life.

Peso vs. Dollar - Why Now is a Great Time to Visit Mexico (and Buy Real Estate)

The Mexican Peso is at an historic low against the US Dollar these days. I can't explain exactly why it is where it is but in doing some very limited research, it seems that it has something to do with the very low price of oil (one of Mexico's biggest exports), the Greek bailout, the central bank keeping interest rates in the US low, and a myriad of other reasons that, quite frankly, I don't understand completely. One common factor that I found was that it was NOT because the Mexican economy is in decline (quite the contrary) and has nothing to do with Mexico being a bad or unsafe investment for Americans and Canadians.

Regardless of why the Peso is where it is against the Dollar, the simple fact is that you can buy more Pesos for your Dollar now than you could a year ago and prior. While prices do seem to go up in some areas (mostly tourist areas) to compensate for the change, a great many prices, especially the set prices in "regular" stores and services (not tourist items and services), have remained unchanged or have changed very little. This means that something that is sold at 15 Pesos used to cost you around $1.25, but it now costs you less than 97¢. That might not seem like much at that price, but start adding zeros to the end and you can see how much you can really save these days.

Normally condo rentals and beachfront hotel rentals are paid in Dollars and those that do accept Pesos usually have them priced in Dollars and converted - in fact, most who price in Dollars and accept Pesos or vice versa do not usually offer "fair" exchange rates. The smaller "off the beaten path" hotels will most likely have their prices in Pesos and it could make them super cheap, if you don't mind being "off the beaten path".

It is very common to see signs in stores around town showing exchange rates at from 12 to 14 Pesos for 1 Dollar these days. You pay with one Dollar and they credit it as 12 to 14 Pesos towards the service or merchandise. Those stores are making a double profit - the sale of their "stuff" and the profit by turning your Dollars into more Pesos than they credited you with. In those cases, it is almost always better to use Pesos.

The banks at this time will give you somewhere between 15 and 16, and the Casa de Cambio locations are usually between 14.5 and 15. With all the new tax regulations and anti-money laundering laws, it is no longer allowed to just walk into any bank and exchange Dollars for Pesos. You can use your Credit or Debit card at an ATM (sometimes your bank will charge a foreign transaction fee), or if you have an account, you can deposit Dollars and withdraw Pesos. If you don't have an account, you will need to use the Casas de Cambio. There are several of them around town and they are usually open 7 days a week for pretty long hours. Most of the rates that they pay are pretty similar so hunting around for the best one is probably not worth the gas you will use doing it.

Knowing when to use Pesos and when to use Dollars really isn't too difficult. It just takes some common sense and maybe a quick calculation in your head and the savings can really make it worthwhile.

How is this advantageous when buying Real Estate?

Buying Real Estate on Sandy Beach in Rocky Point is almost always done in Dollars. So, you ask, how can the exchange rate help me when the prices are listed in Dollars, and I am paying in Dollars? Good question. You actually won't save anything (other than maybe some savings for work being done or buying furnishings) on the price when you buy, but it can add up to some huge savings down the road when you sell. Let me explain:

In Mexico, even if a condo (or house, or land, etc) is purchased in Dollars, it will be recorded in Pesos. The Peso is the National currency of Mexico and anything recorded at the Public Registry will be recorded in Pesos. Think of trying to buy a house in Phoenix using Chinese Renminbi (actually, many Chinese have and are making purchases). You would have to convert the currency into US Dollars. That conversion would happen at the current conversion rate offered by the financial institution performing the transaction.  

Same goes for buying with Dollars in Mexico. The savings can come down the road when you sell. Since the current exchange rate is historically high, most believe that it will eventually settle back down to the more "normal" 10 to 12 Pesos per Dollar. Suppose that you buy a condo today for $200,000. That would be converted to Pesos at 15.5 or so, making your recorded purchase (base) $3,100,000 Pesos. Now consider that a couple years down the road, you decide to sell the condo. Let's say that the exchange rate at that time is 10 to 1. Your $3,100,000 Peso base is now worth $310,000 in Dollars. That means that you could sell your condo for $310,000 without showing any net gain. And, since the capital gains tax in Mexico is 35%, you would be saving $38,500 in taxes ($310,000 - $200,000 = $110,000 x 35% = $38,500). You can see how advantageous it can be to buy, even when priced in Dollars. Of course, this is an over simplified example but it really is how things work. But, don't forget that Uncle Sam in the USA might want a piece, even if you didn't owe anything in Mexico.

With tourism way up, the Home Port progressing, and all the new projects on the horizon, the prices continue to go up in our little city by the sea. It will be more likely than not that future Sellers will be seeing profits, and by buying when the Peso is so low against the Dollar, you very well may offset some of your future taxes. We have other strategies as well so, if this peaked your interest, feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

Finally, since we live in a society awash with lawyers and disclaimers, let me say that I don't know what the future will bring. I am not an attorney. I am not an accountant. And, I don't have a crystal ball. One thing that I do know is that in my personal life, I am trying to take full advantage of this situation. Hope you do to.
Amazon Site Launches in Mexico

Full online store expected to be catalyst for e-commerce in Mexico


Online retailer Amazon launched its new retail site in Mexico today, offering everything from consumer electronics to beauty products.


In a letter on the company's website, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says there are more products and categories than in any previous launch of a new site.


Consumers will find electrical hardware for wiring a house, diapers for the baby, camping gear and telephones: Amazon has Apple's iPhone 6 listed at a price that is lower than that on Apple's Mexico website.


The company is also offering its third-party sellers' platform called Marketplace, allowing vendors to list and sell their products through Amazon, which can look after their delivery as well.


The long-awaited launch - news surfaced at least a year ago that Amazon was building a distribution center in readiness for a full, online store - has other online retailers keen rather than concerned about a new competitor, and a serious one at that.


Companies such as MercadoLibre and Linio have high expectations for growth in the Mexican market and Amazon is expected to be a catalyst. Linio's general manager Bernardo Cordero sees it driving further growth of electronic commerce, which can only go up considering it currently represents just 1% of retail sales.


Cordero says the current challenge is to see that figure climb to 4% by the end of next year. That, he says, would be "an important victory" for it would indicate that online retailers are creating positive experiences for customers.


Online sales in 2014 were up 34% over the previous year, according to a study by AMIPCI, the Mexican Internet Association, but growth was stronger in 2013 when a 42% gain was recorded.


MercadoLibre's general manager is another optimist. After 15 years in which his firm worked to overcome technology, payment and delivery challenges, along with the lack of consumer confidence in online transactions, Ignacio Caride believes e-commerce is about to take off.


Those who are more likely to be adversely affected by Amazon's expansion - it has been selling electronic books in Mexico since 2013 - are the bricks-and-mortar retailers that have neither online presence nor a digital strategy.


Amazon's options for delivery times are one day, two to three days and three to five days (which is free on orders of 599 pesos or more).

John Fowler and the Santa Clause Club Goes Above and Beyond


I have written about John Fowler and his Santa Claus Club charity in the past but it is worth mentioning again. I was recently reading a new post on his Facebook page, and I looked at past posts. He reports each of the donations handed out and the numbers are very impressive indeed. He has been at it for a very long time so the cumulative amount of donations given to those in need is most certainly huge.



Here are his past few entries. If you want to take a look for yourself, here is the link to his page: John C Fowler III


July 16 at 11:29am 

SCHOOL SUPPLIES. If you want to help with school supplies this year, best prices to date. Walmart prices: spiral notebooks .17 no limit, Paper Mate pens 10 for .97 and pencils .47 per box. Next best is Fry's. Fry's prices: spiral notebooks .19 limit 10 , pens 10 for 1.00 and nothing on pencils. We plan on passing out school supplies to 3 to 4000 children this year.


July 15 at 7:16p 

We are back in the barrios again. This week we delivered 1160 pounds of clothes, 3 large totes of blankets, sheets & towels, 100 bras, 130 pairs of shoes, 50 food bags, 35 bicycles, toys, camping tents, games and sport balls. To the Casa Hogar: 3 packs of adult diapers. To the ;local clinics: 6 totes of medical supplies, 2 canes and 4 walkers.


June 23 at 6:38pm

Barrios report for June 13, 2015. This week was the Over the Line Softball Tournament a fund raiser for the Santa Claus Club. We did get out Friday and delivered 960 pounds of clothes, 120 pairs of shoes, 3 large totes of sheets, pillows, towels & curtains, toys, 3 bicycles, 2 totes of household items and 1 tote of personal hygiene products. To the local clinics: 2 totes of medical supplies. To the Casa Hogar: 6 packs of adult diapers. Next report will be after July 4th.


June 9

Barrios report for June 6, 2015. This week we delivered 1160 pounds of clothes, 90 pairs of shoes, 3 large totes of sheets, towels, blankets & curtains, 2 totes of household items, 18 bicycles, toys, sport balls, 40+ packs of diapers, baby formula, baby food, baby wipes and 32 food bags. To the free medical clinic: 1 tote of medical supplies.


June 3

Barrios report for May 30, 2015. This week we delivered 1120 pounds of clothes, 3 large totes of towels, sheets, pillows & curtains, 95 pairs of shoes, 14 bicycles, 34 food bags, toys, sport balls and games. To the Esperanza Community Center: 1 tote of material and sewing supplies for their sewing classes. To the local clinics: 6 totes of medical supplies and 2 pairs of crutches. WE ARE LOOKING FOR FOOTED CANES FOR THE CLINIC. IF YOU HAVE ONE SITTING AROUND BRING IT WITH YOU NEXT TRIP AND LEAVE AT THE BAJA HOTEL OR JJ'S CANTINA.


And the list goes on and on. If you would like to help, please contact John through JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay, his Facebook account, or from the information for the Santa Claus Club above. 

Wind Will Power GM Plants Next Year


General Motors plants in Mexico will begin running on wind power next year, achieving a renewable energy goal four years early.


It will mark the first time GM has used wind energy to power its manufacturing operations, and enable its Toluca complex to run mostly on renewable energy, the company said.


It has signed a purchase agreement with the Italian firm Enel Green Power, which is building a wind farm in Palo Alto, Aguascalientes. Seventy-five per cent of the 34 megawatts of electricity that GM is going to buy will power the 42,000-square-meter Toluca plant.


The remainder will serve GM plants in Silao, San Luis Potosí and Ramos Arizpe.


When the wind farm goes into operation GM will surpass its goal to be using 125 megawatts of renewable energy by 2020.


"Mexico is an ideal location for our first wind project," said Rob Threlkeld, GM's global manager of renewable energy. "Energy is fed to a national grid, making it easier to reduce or add energy capacity at a facility. There's also a good business case as prices for traditional power are about a third greater than the United States."

City Approves Allocation of Project to Modernize Public Lighting


 By Jose Antonio Perez via JoinUs Magazine  


The Puerto Penasco City Council unanimously approved the allocation report regarding national bids for a modernization project to replace more than 4500 city street lamps.  


During the sixty-ninth session of the council, all council members approved the ten year lease plan to replace 4,544 city lamps with LED and magnetic induction lights. This work is set to begin this month.


The City resolution was issued after a public national bidding process, which had been published in the official bulletin Compranet, as well as a State newspaper. From among five companies that expressed interest in participating, only one proposal was submitted.  


Therefore, being the only company who stepped forward, Optima Energia (OE) will be responsible for the plan to transform public lighting across Puerto Penasco.


With 27 years of experience in energy savings, company representative Juan Manuel Zapien detailed that the project implies no initial investment on the part of the municipal administration.  


He expressed the project entails a 10 year contract, worth approximately 99 million Pesos, which includes replacement of lights, maintenance and guarantee over this period.  


He stressed this plan will provide 56% in electricity savings, meaning it is a self-financing strategy as its cost will be supported by the Right to Public Lighting (DAP) as payment guarantee.  


Zapien Lopez noted the public lighting transformation program of Puerto Penasco is to start this month, with the goal of installing 4,544 lights by the end of the month.  


The OE representative detailed the  work includes lights with a useful life of 100,000 hours or 23 years and a 10 year guarantee. In addition, this represents savings of nearly half a million Pesos for the City in maintenance of street lights, as this will fall to the company.  


Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta emphasized benefits of this strategy, which he pursued for nearly three years as he could not find anyone who would invest in the municipality of Puerto Penasco through financing as it is considered to have a poor payment record.  


He stated following meticulous analysis, they were able to come up with a plan to renew public lighting that would not cost the City and would not face the mistakes committed by other municipalities.  


The mayor stressed it is a project that has been fastidiously taken apart, is in full adherence with the law, and has been shown to have positive results in the municipality of Cajeme right here in Sonora. Figueroa Zazueta expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the support of council members, from all parties, for implementing this plan to modernize public lighting that will also include employing of labor from Puerto Peansco.  


This, he underscored, is a very important step in the area of safety for the city as having adequate lighting in neighborhoods will undoubtedly help prevent criminal conduct.  

Mexico Could Quadruple Renewable Energy By 2030
A new report shows that Mexico could increase the use of renewable energy in its energy mix to 21% by 2030, and save billions in the process.

A new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), prepared in collaboration with the Mexican Energy Secretariat (SENER), finds that not only can Mexico increase its share of renewable energy in its energy mix from 4.4% in 2010 to 21% in 2030, but it can also generate up to 46% of its electricity by 2030 from renewable energy sources.


The report, Renewable Energy Prospects: Mexico, concludes that, if current policies are not enhanced, Mexico's energy mix will only see 10% of energy coming from renewable energy sources by 2030. However, with Mexico's "large and diverse renewable energy resource base," the country has the opportunity to greatly expand its share of renewable energy, "given the right mix of policies."


Maybe most importantly to the Latin American country, Mexico could also save $1.6 billion in total energy system costs if it were to reach a 21% renewable energy share by 2030, when taking into account factors like reduced health costs and pollution.


"Mexico represents one-fifth of all energy use in the Latin America and Caribbean region and is key to ensuring a successful regional transition to renewable energy," said Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of IRENA. "With the recent energy sector reform, Mexico is now on the path of rapid renewables growth, which can help secure a safer, healthier and more sustainable future."


"This report shows that Mexico could install significantly higher amounts of renewables - and that it can do so affordably," said Dolf Gielen, Director of IRENA's Innovation and Technology Centre. "The dramatic technology cost declines present a real opportunity for Mexico to scale up their renewable energy deployment and lead the region towards a clean energy future."  


Original Article: 

Adventures in overseas baseball: Viva Mexico!

I ran across this article by Jim McLennan about his first trip to Rocky Point and his discovery of our baseball team the Tiburones. Interesting to see his take on it: 


Baseball is not just an American game. As we found out, unexpectedly, in Rocky Point earlier this week.


You'll have noted my absence from the 'Pit earlier this week. Mrs. SnakePit and I headed to Rocky Point, partly for our anniversary, partly to scope out the location for the SnakePitette's intended wedding next year - she and her fiance accompanied us. This was intended to be two entirely baseball-free days, but it didn't quite work out that way, as on the way into town, we noticed the Estadio de Beisbol Francisco Leon Garcia. [Note: I have been unable to discover who Francisco Leon Garcia is, or why he deserved to have a park named after him] Turns out, since 2011, it has been home to the Tiburones de Puerto Peñasco - the Rocky Point Sharks.


They are part of the Liga Norte de México, a minor-league for the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, playing in summer, as opposed to the winter ball of its parental organization. Eight teams take part, including the Diablos de Hermosillo. whose home park was the setting for a spring-training game this year, between the D-backs and the Rockies. Each LNM team is affiliated with one or two of the LMB teams; in the case of the Tibruones, those are the Acereros de Monclova and the Vaqueros Laguna. Those team names translate as "Steelers" and "Cowboys" respectively, which must make water-cooler conversation confusing: "What about them Steelers, eh?" "No... The other Steelers..."  


The regular season runs from April through July, then into a post-season. The champions then took on the winners of another minor league, the Liga Norte de Sonora, but that went on hiatus this year for financial reason. The Diablos were part of it - indeed, were the reigning champions - and transferred over into the LNM for this season. The eight teams play a total of 88 games, the season divided into two halves: points are awarded for each position in the standings in each half, from eight for the winner, down to three for last-place, and the combined tally is used to determine seeding for the six-team playoffs.  

I guess what they save on upkeep is passed on to the consumer, as tickets for the games are dirt-cheap by US standards, even minor-league ones. They cost as little as 45 pesos - that's $2.79 at the current exchange rate - or if you want to splash out for the expensive seats, go up to the dizzying heights of 75 pesos, $4.66. We'd just missed out, as the Diablos had been in town over the weekend for a three-game set against the Tiburones. Unfortunately, it appears that there would be no live baseball for us, for Sunday was the last home game of the regular season, with the Tiburones finishing off the second half with a road set of three contests, back in Hermosillo.


Still, I figured I'd try to pick up a Tiburones shirt or something; getting a local sports team jersey has been a habit on holiday, from places as diverse as Montreal and Budapest. The tourist area around the fish market proved devoid of merch, but we were told there was a team shop at the park, so before dinner, headed out that way. We arrived to discover a heap of kit-bags outside, with the team preparing to hit the road to Hermonsillo, and that the store only operated on game days. But Mrs. SnakePit (who speaks fluent Spanish) was undeterred, and struck up a conversation with Armando Sanchez


Mrs. S is still a bit vague on his role, but when Armando learned of our quest, he suggested we take a shirt from the pile before us - so maybe equipment manager? While appreciated, that seemed a bit pillage-y, so we declined, and he instead said he had previous jerseys at his house; while he had to leave, if we came back in a bit, his wife would take us to get one. I wasn't sure if this was a polite way of getting us gringos out of the way, but what had we to lose? We went off on wedding-planning business for a bit, heading back just in time to see the team bus leave in a cloud of dust. But, wait! For in a car was Mrs. Sanchez and Sanchez Jr, who told Chris to follow her back to their house.


Link to Complete Story: 

How to Drive on Sand
 I addressed this subject in a previous newsletter but I ran across this article and decided that it was good enough to warrant bringing it up again. If you live in or visit Rocky Point, you probably have or will end up driving on the sand. Heck, even some of the roads in and around town can be loose sand, so it certainly doesn't hurt to know how to avoid getting stuck.This article is written about sand in Australia but it is very relevant to our sandy little city as well. 


Sand driving is a common form of offroading. Beaches, dune systems, deserts - they're all sandy. A country like Australia, with its expansive deserts and coastline distributed with beautiful sandy beaches, means sand driving is very common. I love driving on a sandy beach. Cruise along, elbow out window, watch the surf, explore the beach, pretend to know how to "read" the beach for fish producing areas, find a good spot and pull up for some fishing, relaxing, swimming and a few cold brews. It doesn't come without risk though. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to drive on sand.



You may have heard someone say "this model 4WD is crap, I once saw it sink straight down in sand." You may have seen one 4WD effortlessly pass a struggling 4WD in sand, with an explanation that 4WD "A" is better than 4WD "B". The reasoning in both scenarios is completely invalid. The observed differences can, with a high degree of certainty, be attributed to tire pressure. The one thing that dominates a vehicle's ability to drive in sand, to the extent that all other factors are largely insignificant, is tire pressure.


Any guide to sand driving will make this point clear. Even the crappy guides. Reduce tire pressures on sand! It makes so much difference. You will get further driving in sand in 2WD with correct tire pressure than you can in 4WD with pressure that is too high. Under most conditions, if it feels like you are plowing through the sand, then your tires are too hard. You should be sitting on top. There aren't many situations where you will churn through sand half bogged if your tires are at the correct pressure.


Don't reduce pressure just enough to make it through. Reduce so you are floating on top, comfortably driving through. It will improve fuel economy, reduce wear on your engine and minimize damage to the surface. Each time you force your way through sand at too high tire pressure you make it harder for the next guy by cutting up the track. It also works your motor terribly hard. You can smell a vehicle that hasn't aired down enough - the motor is cooking.


What is the best pressure for sand? The pressure that allows your vehicle to float on top of the sand. If you're not floating on top your pressure is too high. The actual figure depends on vehicle weight, loading, the tire and the sand. If you're not sure, keep airing down in increments until your 4WD floats on top. You will feel it because the car becomes so easy to drive. Typical pressures for soft sand would be 18 psi for a heavy vehicle, 15 psi for an average vehicle or 12 psi for a light vehicle. Keep airing down until it feels right, but don't reduce pressure to the extent that your rims could run on your tread. Keep an eye on how flat the tire appears.


You may hear arguments from people against reducing tyre pressure due to the risk of busting a tire bead. They've never had to air down, travel in sand with hard tires so have no reason to take the risk of busting a bead. I'm not sure what sand they are driving on, but some beaches you won't make two meters without airing down. If someone hasn't aired down before, or only marginally aired down, then they have never driven in soft sand. There is no alternative. It is true that reduced pressure increases the risk of busting the bead. The lower the pressure, the greater the risk. At around 15 psi it's pretty difficult to bust a bead. Usually it would only happen whilst showing off or hooning. Otherwise around 15 psi is safe if you take some care and don't drive too aggressively. Out of the thousands of km I have run at reduced pressure, I have busted the bead on one occasion. That was when running extreme low pressure, around 6 psi, and trying to out do a friend up a sand dune.


 Read Entire Article from Source: 

Frito Taco Casserole

Fritos corn chips launched a snack empire by transforming a typical Mexican street food, fritas (little fried things), into a mass-produced, mass-marketed snack staple. C. E. Doolin of San Antonio, Texas, purchased a recipe and equipment for making the chips by hand from Gustavo Olguin in 1932.  By 1950, having applied Henry Ford's assembly line methods to their production, Doolin was selling bags of Fritos nationwide.

If you eat Fritos straight from the bag, you're doing it right. The greasy corn chips satisfy to perfection when you're hankering for something salty.

But, as you probably know, they're good for more than just snacking: Most will recognize the classic Frito pie made in a casserole dish, but Fritos can be integrated into dishes way beyond that -- even into dessert territory. A simple Google search will yield a ton of creative ideas. Here is just one:




Serves 6-8


  • 1 1/4 pounds ground beef
  • 1 (16 oz.) can refried beans
  • 1 (4 oz.) can mild green chiles, diced
  • 2 cups cooked rice
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese, grated, or Mexican cheese blend
  • 2 cups Fritos (or corn chips of your choice), divided
  • 1 cup salsa
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 (1.25 oz.) package taco seasoning
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350º F.
  2. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, brown beef until cooked through and no longer pink.
  3. Drain fat, reserving 1 tablespoon, and sauté onions until softened and translucent. 6-8 minutes.
  4. Season with salt and pepper and add taco seasoning. Return beef to pan, then add salsa, chiles and water.
  5. Bring mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
  6. Remove from heat and stir in rice, cheddar cheese, and refried beans, and transfer mixture to a 9x13-inch baking dish.
  7. Top with 1 cup Fritos and bake for 30-35 minutes, or until cheese is melted and dish is warmed through.
  8. Remove from oven, top with remaining Fritos and serve hot.


Common Beginner Mistakes in Spanish


Tú vs. Usted

Distinguishing whether to use tú or Usted is often difficult for the beginning Spanish student. However, there are several rules of thumb that can help learners avoid serious mistakes. Most beginning Spanish students are aware that the tú form of address is used in informal situations and that Ud. (Usted) is used when addressing somebody formally. Determining which situations are formal or informal takes a bit of examination, however.

Much of the time, the informal tú form of address is used with day-to-day acquaintances, close friends, children, and people in your peer group. In these instances, using the formal Ud. would not only seem very out of place, but would also implicitly convey a more distant relationship to the person addressed. The informal tú is often used to show a closeness or familiarity with a person, for instance, in prayer when addressing God or when talking to close friends.

At the same time, knowing precisely when to use the formal address is important to avoid seeming too close or familiar with a person. As a rule of thumb, anytime you would address a person with a title such as "Mr.", "Sir", "Mrs." or "Professor", the Ud. form of address should be used. It is also polite to use this form of address when talking to people whom you do not know well, people much older than you, or people who have a higher status than you do, such as somebody occupying an official post. When meeting somebody new, if in doubt, it's generally best to use the Ud. form of address. It's usually best to appear overly polite, rather than ill-mannered, especially when meeting somebody for the first time where first impressions are important.


Most beginning Spanish students learn that this verb means "to like", because English-speakers use "to like" with the same frequency and in the same situations that Spanish speakers use gustar. But the usage of each of these verbs is quite different. A more accurate translation of gustar might be "to be pleasing to". This definition shows that some object, person, or other noun is pleasing to somebody or something. Hence, Me gusta comer pizza really means Eating pizza is pleasing to me. This really isn't very different from the meaning of the sentence I like to eat pizza, but better explains why the indirect object pronouns me, te, le, nos, os, and les are used in conjunction with this verb. These pronouns distinguish to what or to whom something is pleasing:
Les gusta comer pizza.They like to eat pizza.
Literally: Eating pizza is pleasing to them.
Nos gusta comer pizza.We like to eat pizza.
Literally: Eating pizza is pleasing to us.
Note that gustar can be used not only to indicate that one likes doing certain activities (like eating pizza) but also that one likes things or people. For example: Me gusta la pizza shows The pizza is pleasing to me, or as English-speakers would state it, I like the pizza. When multiple things or people "are pleasing" to a person, then the verb must be plural, too: Me gustan las pizzas or The pizzas are pleasing to me. The sooner you start to think about the verb gustar not being a directly translatable as "to like", the more quickly you will be on the path to really mastering this verb.

tener años

As is often the case in languages other than your own, some expressions cannot be translated directly, even though they convey the same meaning. One such example is the expression, tener años in Spanish. English speakers say: I am 24 years old. In Spanish, however, native speakers would say instead: Yo tengo 24 años, literally I have 24 years. This makes complete sense in Spanish, even though it would never be expressed that way in English.


If you were to make some of the common beginner mistakes discussed here, using ano when you mean año for instance, you might feel very embarrassed. However, blurting out ¡Estoy embarazado! would only be additional cause for embarrassment. As you might suspect, the apparent meaning of embarazado or embarazada in Spanish is not in any way semantically related to its English cognate. What most beginning Spanish students mistake to mean embarrassed in fact means pregnant in Spanish. Thus, a man who says ¡Estoy embarazado! is really saying he is pregnant.

To avoid such embarrassing situations, its best to know up front how to say, I am embarrassed. The expression you are wildly searching for after making an embarrassing mistake is tener vergüenza and it is used in much the same way as the expression tener años.If you do something embarrassing, you might quickly follow up by correctly saying: "¡Yo tengo vergüenza!" instead of the equally embarrassing misuse of ¡Estoy embarazado!

Masculine nouns ending in -a

"What?" you ask ... "but masculine nouns end in -o. If a noun ends in -a it's feminine. It's right here in the book, and besides, my teacher said so."

For the most part this holds true and makes predicting the gender of a new word relatively easy. However, there are a handful of words that violate this handy rule and it pays to know exactly which ones they are, in order to use these exceptions correctly.

One of the most commonly misused words is problema (problem). As you've probably guessed, it is in fact masculine: el problema. This flies in the face of what beginning students learn, but the masculine article is what shows that problema is in fact masculine. Other common words to watch out for tend to similarly end in -ma. Some common ones are: el programa (program), el sistema (system), el poema (poem), el idioma (language), el tema (subject), el clima (climate), and el telegrama (telegram).

There are other unpredictable nouns end that in -a that are masculine. The most common ones include: el mapa (map), el planeta (planet), el día (day) and el sofá (sofa). Furthermore, its possible to have words that end in -o that are in fact feminine such as la radio (radio) and la mano (hand).

Just about any rule you learn will have at least a few exceptions. Knowing is half the battle!


Enjoy your month. See you on September 1st!  

Let me know if you would like links to any of the earlier ones. (There are 4+ years worth now)

Sonoran Sky Resort

Sonoran Sun Resort

Sonoran Sea Resort

Sonoran Spa Resort

Current Progress of Overpass on Highway Outside of Rocky Point

Old Photos of Rocky Point

How many remember the Costa Brava fire?

That hill look familiar? How about the Hotel?

Malecon area with Competition Hill in the background

An early version of the boat launcher in Cholla Bay

Estuary and Malecon before the new port was built
WiFi Cafe and Convenience Store
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2BR East Building

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This is a great price on a fantastic condo at the Sea. The views from this condo are nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy the Sunsets and the future cruise ships from the comfort of your private oceanfront terrace. Nicely furnished and ready to go. Come and see this one today before it's too late.

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Sonoran Spa N502 
1 Bedroom - 1 Bath

Luxury one bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa at a bargain price. Recently reduced and it has gotten a lot of attention since then. It is the lowest priced one bedroom at any of the Sonoran Resorts and it won't last long. Sold fully furnished and ready to go. Don't let this one pass you by. Call today.

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Sonoran Sun W801
3 Bedroom End Unit
$489,900 Terms Available

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This is the perfect deal that you have been waiting for. Three Bedroom, Wrap Around Terrace, Great Terms, Great Rentals. You really need to take a look at this beautiful condo. The wrap around terrace gives you the most unbelievable views in town and the price/terms make it a great deal. This condo rents VERY well.

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Sonoran Spa W207
2BR West Building

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Very Nice 2 Bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa Resort. This is one of the few remaining great deals at the Spa. Oceanfront views, palm trees, Old Port lights at night. Come and take a look at this one. Owner may consider financing with large down payment.

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Sonoran Sun W906
2BR 25% Share


Owning a 25% share of this condo can be the solution that you have been looking for. Enjoy ownership and 13 weeks for a fraction of the price of buying a full ownership unit. This condo is very nicely furnished, turnkey ready to go and has some of the best views on Sandy Beach. West side location allows views of old port lights at night as well. The price is right so come and buy this one before someone beats you to it.

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Sonoran Sky 705 
1BR Premium Condo

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Great price on a 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Sky Resort. This one is unfurnished and waiting for your creative design. Seller financing is available with 25% down. Great Buy!

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Sonoran Sea E1001
2 BR Top Floor



Newly remodeled top floor condo with stunning views all the way down the beach in both directions. This is one of the best views on Sandy Beach. Priced right to sell quickly, this condo could be yours. Fully furnished and ready for you to move in or add it to the rental pool. Condos like this one don't come on the market very often so you need to hurry before it's gone.

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Sonoran Sea W904
2 BR West Building
$274,900 Great Terms

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This is a model perfect condo with absolutely stunning beachfront views at the Sonoran Sea Resort. This condo is in perfect condition and has the best of everything. If you are looking for a truly luxurious, turn-key beauty, this is it.  Great price. Great views. Ready to go. You can't lose on this one. Take a look!

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Sonoran Sky 709
3 Bedroom Premium Condo

Luxury 3 Bedroom at the exclusive Sonoran Sky Resort. This is an immaculate condo and a great rental income property.  The views from the terrace are nothing short of breathtaking. Take advantage of this fantastic price and make this condo yours. Seller will finance for up to 10 years at only 5% interest.

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  Sonoran Sun W212
1 Bedroom West Building


  Beautiful Oceanfront 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Sun. Newly remodeled in bright Mexican flair, this is a favorite for many renters. Does very well as a rental or you can keep it all for yourself. This is the lowest priced one bedroom at the Sun and it really is a beauty. Come take a look for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun E509
3 Bedroom Premium
Reduced Price and Financing!

This 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Premium condo must be seen to be appreciated. Great price and ready to move in and enjoy This one is a Must See beauty with ocean front views beyond belief. Just 20% down and your in.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun E204
2 Bedroom East Building

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Beautifully furnished oceanfront condo. This condo has never been a rental and it is in perfect condition. Priced to sell - this one won't last long.
You need to see this one to appreciate it. 

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Sonoran Sky 1010
4 BR Premium End Unit

This is one of those condos that absolutely has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Premium end unit with wraparound terrace and views forever. You can see all the way from Old Port to the new Home Port from the comfort of your luxurious 4 bedroom condo. Impeccably furnished and ready to go. Be sure to come and see this one as soon as you can. It won't last long.

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Sonoran Sea W403 

2BR West Building


If you are looking for a great 2 bedroom at the Sea, this is the perfect opportunity for you. This is a fantastic condo and here is your chance to buy it. Be the proud owner of this beachfront beauty. Call or stop by one of our sales offices today for more details.

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