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Pangueros of the Sea of Cortez Part I
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September is here and it's still HOT, but there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. Next month has some of the very best weather all year in Rocky Point. Looks like we're going to make it through another Summer. The kids are back in school and things have mellowed out a little here - for now. We expect a very busy Labor Day weekend and it looks like Sandy Beach is close to being sold out for rentals. It will be hot but with the breeze off the ocean the the ability to jump into one of our pools or into the ocean once in awhile to cool off, I don't expect to hear many complaints.

Rentals have been way up this year compared to last year and years before. I read in the local news somewhere that we are now back at pre-recession rental occupancy for the year and it looks like they will continue to rise. That's great news if you are an owner of one of our ocean front condos and have that condo(s) in the rental pool. Sales have remained strong, and the increased rental income certainly doesn't hurt. Prices have pretty much leveled off for the Summer but I do expect them to start creeping up again once the nice weather arrives and more of our lower priced units are sold. With the exchange rates the way that they are, there really is no better time to visit and to buy.

Construction activity continues around town and the Home Port project is still moving right along. The new overpass bridge on the way into town is nearing completion and they have started working on Blvd. Josefa de Dominguez (left at the Y by the gas station as you enter town). That is another cross-town road so paving it in hydraulic concrete is a great improvement. Most tourists don't use the road so you probably won't even notice it but, for those in town, it has been needed for awhile.

September 16th is when our new Mayor Ernesto "Kiko" Munro will take office and we'll have to wait and see what our new Mayor and his administration have in store for us. I know that he is an intelligent and ambitious guy so I have no doubt that things will continue to improve as we move closer and closer to the day when we become a Home Port for one of the cruise lines. Projections are for Spring 2017 and the way time flies around here, that time will be here before you know it. I can hardly wait and I hope to be on the very first cruise.
Enjoy your month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I'm here full time and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
 Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Home Port Progress Continues   


The construction process on the Puerto Penasaco Home Port continues and work is ongoing 7 days a week, weather permitting. At this time, they are at a point where there really isn't a lot of new information to share so, this month, I am going to take a break from our regular monthly series and I will share a recent article put out by and the Arizona Daily Star. The first part is shared here to get your attention and you can click the link at the end to read the entire story.  


Rocky Point pins economic hopes on new port for cruise ships

August 22, 2015 6:01 pm


PUERTO PEÑASCO, Sonora - Hopes are high that a new mayor and the construction of a cruise ship home port will speed up the economic recovery of "Arizona's beach," where the Great Recession crippled a once-booming real estate market and tourist destination.


The town, also known as Rocky Point, is already seeing an increase in tourism, officials said, with about 2 million people visiting in 2014 and a projected increase of about 20 percent for 2015.


While the beaches may be getting more crowded, the most visible sign of progress is a large crane and heavy construction equipment at the western end of Sandy Beach.


Workers spend their day dumping rocks and adding enormous concrete blocks to the breakwater that eventually will allow the construction of an almost mile-long dock for cruise ships.


Although there are several ports where cruise ships can stop while visiting Mexico, Puerto Peñasco will be the country's first home port, not only a stop but a point of origination.


The port's proximity to the United States and a growing tourism market in Mexico make it a perfect location, officials said.


"The potential market for the Puerto Peñasco home port is estimated to be about 1.9 million cruisers," said Diana Nieves, marketing manager at the port administration. "The cruise industry is growing 7.2 percent per year and the Sea of Cortés is one of only two routes that have yet to be serviced by the industry."

The other route is Cuba, she said.


So far cruise liners have been receptive and open to the possibility of another home port and a new route, but they are taking a wait-and-see attitude before making commitments, Nieves said.


Right now her job is to keep the city alive in the minds of the big cruise companies and educate travel agents, the biggest source for cruise bookings, about what the area has to offer.


"Outside of Arizona or the Southwest, Puerto Peñasco isn't as well-known as say Cancun, Conzumel or Los Cabos," she said. "Even with some travel agents, you have to say, 'OK, here's Los Cabos, here's San Diego, here's Puerto Peñasco.'"


If everything goes as expected, the city will...


You Can Help Adopt-a-Classroom Help Local Schools Help Thousands of Kids!



Some of our favorite subjects are those that tell the stories about how the poor and needy neighborhoods and families are helped by kind and caring American residents and visitors to Rocky Point. There are hundreds who regularly support local non-profit organizations, many founded by American residents of our little slice of paradise by the sea who have been trusted for decades to distribute all types of donations to those in real need here. The generosity of virtually all these donors is matched only by their compassion to help others.


Among the stellar examples of local charities is Adopt-a-Classroom which has helped make school supplies available year around through local K-12 schools for tens of thousands of students over the last 15 years.  As we've covered in previous stories, the founders, Mark and Barb Olszewski, have devoted their lives to providing charitable services to all aspects of society here in Puerto Peñasco.


Adopt-a-Classroom just happens to be their longest running endeavor, which has included many special projects such as, most recently, sponsoring children whose families cannot afford  even the basic expenses of books, tests, and uniforms necessary to attend school for a year. Last year Barb discovered a student in this situation and ended up with enough funds to sponsor a total of 12. This year she raised the funds to sponsor 18 more students from impoverished families.


These special projects are a result of the unbridled passion of the Olszewskis to find a way to help with any needs of the schools and school children. They never, however, sway from the primary goal of collecting school supplies to fulfill their distribution system developed directly with the school administrators and teachers over the years.


"We've worked for many years with the schools to come up with a proven system that has identified the most needed school supplies and make them available throughout the year," Barb explains.


 "The schools count on us to stock their storerooms with notebooks, pencils, erasers-a valued commodity-and many other simple supply needs like rulers, art paper, glue, stuff that goes on sale for pennies in the states, and is easy to bring down.


"And we make it even easier for anyone kind enough to bring us a box or two on any of these items. If they call us before or even after they get here, we'll come by and pick up their donations," she explains.


This year is the first in a long while that Barb's school supply collection goals have not been met as yet. She tells us she still needs about 2-3,000 spiral notebooks along with a couple thousand of the other small supplies. She hastens to say that many sales are still going on in the larger big box stores. She also wants to emphasize that even if you are not planning to come down any time soon, you can call them on their U.S. number and she will notify the host of Adopt-a-Classroom followers and frequent  visitors to find someone who can take the items down for you.


Mark and Barb have made it a simple, uncomplicated effort to help the schools help kids become a productive part of society as they mature. From the U.S. just call 
(602) 324-9529 to tell Barb you want to help, or you can email her at If you get down to Rocky Point with supplies or other form of donations, just call her home or cell phone locally at: Home: 638-383-4963 or

Cell: 638-114-2406.


Your donations are always appreciated, and especially this year to help meet their goals, plus, you will enjoy chatting with either one of these two knowledgeable, dedicated 20 year residents of  "Arizona's beach."



Everything You'll Need For Beach and Sea Is Inside The Dive Shop and Activity Center at Sonoran Sea Resort



Water and beach activities are a major part of any visit to Rocky Point so it makes sense that a full service luxury beachfront condominium  resort like the Sonoran Sea should have a full service quality Activity Center and Dive Shop which is open to the public and owned and operated by Daniel Guemes Castorena and his wife, Ericka Reyna Castro, both PADI certified divers and much more.


Daniel is a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor which means he is qualified to teach the teachers all the way to the Master Diver level. Erika herself is a PADI certified Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor.  In other words, if you're looking for PADI certification at any level, you cannot do better than the Dive Shop at Sonoran Sea Resort.




Choose a single or go as a couple in a double seater and take in a sunset or sunrise from off shore. It's beautiful, romantic, and spiritual, all in one. You can rent them right in the lobby of the Sonoran Sea Resort from Ericka Reyna in the Dive Shop and they will be delivered to you on the beach. Single kayaks are U.S. $15 per hour. Doubles are $20 per hour. Half day rentals are the best deal at $25 for a single and $35 for a double kayak. You can also rent them for 24 hours for just $35 and $45 respectively for single or double kayaks.


Going Down?


While at Ericka's Dive Shop in the Sonoran Sea lobby, check on snorkel and scuba lessons and tours. She is PADI qualified and can set you up for either.  If you are PADI qualified you can rent everything you need to go down into the Sea that Jacques Cousteau himself called "The Aquarium of the World".


If you're like most, snorkeling might be more your cup of sea. There's plenty to keep you amazed as you float on the  surface peering down through the calm, clear water at any number of fish and plant life. Above the surface, gaze at the variety of shore birds flying by so close you'll think they know you, with the occasional pelican  floating by within an arm's length. You'll have the confidence of knowing that Ericka or Daniel are right beside you pointing out and explaining the more interesting sights. They will take you to their favorite spots aboard their really cool sailboat, Xiutla, and you'll get to know Captain Israel Camacho Ruelas who has navigated the Sea of Cortez for 20 years with 10 of those as a captain. Snorkeling tours include water, snacks, snorkeling gear, guide and boat ride for $50 USD locally (3 hours).


You can also take the Xiutla for diving and snorkeling tours all the way to Bird Island, an exciting all day tour where you can get up close and personal with, among many other marine species, very friendly sea lions, blue and brown footed boobies by the thousands, and the occasional whale shark, on which the experienced divers will want to hitch a thrill ride. You'll also like the fact that the minimum for this all day affair is only four people and includes two  meals, snacks, soda, water, coffee and tea. (If you like spicy snacks, get Israel to whip you up some of his chili peanuts!) For certified divers the cost is only $120 each; for snorkelers it's just $100, and for the Discovery level scuba beginners, it is $160 and counts toward your PADI certification.


As the official Activity Center for all the Sonoran Resorts as well as  being open to the public, Daniel and Ericka offer just about everything you would want to play on the beach and in the sea. And you can rent what you want by the hour, the half day or the whole day at very reasonable prices.  For beach and resort activities they have tennis racquets/balls, volleyballs, beach towels, noodles and more for $5.00 USD. You can rent life jackets, masks and snorkel equipment, fins, boogie and skim boards for $10.00 and $15.00 USD for the whole day!


You can even book a jet ski, a sailboat ride, a bucking banana boat ride, a sunset cruise, a fishing trip, go  horseback riding, parasailing and ultra light flying, all with the most reputable operators and for the same price you'll pay booking them direct - without having to drive around looking to find out their schedules.


If you are staying at the Sonoran Sea while visiting, you can call the Dive Shop and Activity Center by simply dialing 2100. If you're anywhere else, call the shop at 638-382-8251 Ext. 2100. Normal business hours are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. You can also send an email to and visit their facebook page at


 Read Entire Story: 

Street Names Near Docks Renamed in Honor of Local Fishermen

     Press Release: Translation by Shandra Keeseker


In recognition of Puerto Peñasco's fishing sector, City Council has unanimously approved to rename streets surrounding the dock area in honor of former fishermen and founders of the City.


The proposal, presented by Municipal Fishing Affairs Director Mario Hoyos Tovar, addresses 4th, 6th, and 7th streets in the dock area, which will now be renamed in honor of local fisherman.

As of Friday, July 31st, 4th Street will be named for Federico Hoyos Souza, known as "Lico Hoyos," while 6th Street will become José María Hernández in honor of "Pepe Hérnandez", and 7th Street will be named for José Alberto Navarro Franco, known by family and friends as "Pasitos."

Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta expressed, "These names are another form of acknowledgment on behalf of the local administration for the fishing sector and of the men who gave their lives for this community. Today we recognize this fact with these streets that will carry their names."


The mayor remarked upon the different forms of support the fishing sector has received during his administration, which have included: recent authorization to dredge the wharf area through an investment of 28 million pesos, obtaining "la bajada" under city domain from the Palacio Soto family to ensure this space can continue to be used as a boat launching area, and modernizing of the dock area through repaving of roads with the use of hydraulic concrete.

Potpourri - Short Shorts of All Sorts!

Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention in our blog. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Guaranteed to make you 46% smarter and 11% more likely to lead the conversation in a social gathering. Read on...
Funds Raised From Sonoran Resorts 4th Annual Las Vegas Night for Charity ($5,000 USD!) Are Going To Fill The Needs of Casa Hogar Home for the Aged! 
As of this writing, Sonoran Resorts management have met with the board of Casa Hogar who are making their wish list of what is needed in terms of supplies, equipment, tools and repairs to make life better for the elderly patients as well as the dedicated staff of caregivers at this cherished facility. This is just an update for all the generous folks who participated in the Las Vegas Night festivities and had a lot of fun while raising all this money for the good of our community. The full story, with photos, will chronicle the use of these funds when we get the list from the board. Once again, Sonoran Resorts sends their gratitude and appreciation to the many participants and volunteers who make Las Vegas Night for Charity one of the most anticipated annual events in Puerto Peñasco!
Rocky Point's Own Mermaid's Market Having Their End of Summer Market and Party on Saturday September 5th at the Sonoran Spa  10AM  til  3PM!

Mermaid's Markets have become a "Don't miss!" event in Rocky Point since Russ and Naomi Black introduced the concept of an authentic Artisan's Street Market three years ago, and this "End of Summer" party is one you'll want to attend. In addition to over a dozen local artists and craftspersons exhibiting their unique and creative  wares, there'll be two special performances beginning at noon:

Destiny Dance Academy is bringing the elegance, poise and precision of their versatile international award winning ballet and modern dance teams to mesmerize attendees with their grace and skill.

Next, fasten your seat belts, rock your favorite dance shoes and tap your feet to one of the most loveable rock 'n' roll ensembles in two countries
(that we know of, anyhow!) when The Black Moods make a special acoustic appearance at the Market.

Enjoy a Labor Day Weekend libation as you graze and gaze at the great creations by the true artisans on exhibit. You will surely find a gift for those you love back home from the wide selection displayed at the Mermaid's Market! Be there or be square, dude!
The Beach Bum Bar and Restaurant in the Malecon has some great entertainment scheduled for Saturday and Sunday to keep you entertained while enjoying their deliciously creative menu, which includes...their coconut fried onion rings-a can't miss event all by themselves!

Saturday from 4pm to 7pm:  The Zubia Brothers, famous for jamming with RCPM every year at Circus Mexicus will be performing their incredible guitar duos, along with Josh Kennedy from the Black Moods, who'll be dashing from the Sonoran Spa to the Malecon that day!

Later on Saturday, if you're an UFC fight fan, you can watch the Johnson vs. Dodson massacre on the Beach Bum's massive 122" projection screen TV. It don't get any better or bigger than that!

Sunday from 4pm to 7pm: Elvis Before Noon, Circus Mexicus regulars, will rock the house down.
The Boo Bar You can't go to the Malecon without stopping up at the Boo Bar and say "Hi" to José! He'll have live music there, too, all weekend.
Mexican Tycoon Carlos Slim's Telcel Erases Mobile Borders Between the U.S. and Mexico

In the never-ending mobile phone wars among telecom giants, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's Telcel was forced by competitors to "eliminate" the Mexico-U.S. border and allow mobile users to call from Mexico to the U.S. and vice versa for just a small charge.


Telcel, Mexico's dominant wireless telephone company, is a unit of Slim-controlled América Móvil. It said July 16 that under the plan "Telcel Sin Frontera" (Telcel Without Border), mobile users can call and text to the U.S. without paying long distance charges, and when they travel to the U.S. they will be able to use their minutes, messages and MBs just as they would in Mexico, with no roaming charges.


Telcel charges a monthly service fee of 50 Mexican pesos (around US$3) for the "Telcel Sin Frontera" plan which subscribers can activate in Mexico or the U.S.


"We are eliminating the border between Mexico and the U.S. In terms of communications, it will be one region," Daniel Hajj, America Móvil's CEO and Slim's son-in-law said.


Telcel expects millions to use the new plan. The U.S. is home to the largest population of Mexican descent and Mexican immigrants in the world after Mexico.  


América Móvil's announcement was made one day after T-Mobile introduced "Mobile Without Borders," a new plan that allows subscribers to call and text not only to and from Mexico, but also to and from Canada. "Mobile Without Borders" became available on July 15.


"AT&T Viva Mexico" also offers AT&T's subscribers no long distance or roaming charges for calls between the U.S. and Mexico for additional $5 per month.  

Green Angels (Ángeles Verdes)



If you're driving in Mexico and you encounter problems on the road, be it mechanical issues or any other type of troubles, the Green Angels are just a phone call away. They can assist you with car repairs, provide first aid and offer you information about road conditions or tourist attractions. They are also a good resource for any traveler in Mexico if you need information about what to do in an emergency situation or if you have been the victim of a crime.


The phone operators are bilingual and can point you to the best action to take or other resources that may be helpful to you.


What are the Green Angels?


The Ángeles Verdes

(Green Angels) is a fleet of tourist assistance units with bilingual crew who are trained in mechanics and first aid. They patrol all federal and toll highways in Mexico and offer free assistance in the case of a breakdown, accident, or medical emergency. They are knowledgeable about road conditions, and can provide tourist information. The Green Angels are funded by Mexico's Secretary of Tourism. They have over 300 vehicles that patrol an average of 60 000 km of Mexican highways every day and over 22 million kilometers each year, providing assistance to motorists.

How the Green Angels Can Help You?


The Green Angels offer the following services:

  • Guidance and information about destinations, state and regional tourist attractions and services
  • Mechanical assistance and emergency radio support
  • Assistance in the case of accidents
  • Assistance to the general public in the case of disasters

The Green Angels are trained in auto mechanics and they carry tools and spare parts so they can perform emergency or temporary repairs, such as changing tires, dealing with an overheated engine or replacing a gas pump. They can help you arrange to have your car towed if more extensive repairs are required.


Trained in CPR, the Green Angels can administer first aid in the event of an accident or medical emergency.


How to contact the Green Angels:


You can contact the Green Angels by dialing 078 from any phone in Mexico. The operator will transfer your call to the dispatch service and they will communicate via radio with a unit in your area. If you don't have access to a phone, just pull over and put your car's hood up. When the Green Angels pass on their regular rounds, they will stop to offer you assistance.


The 078 phone number is a 24-hour hot line that you can call for telephone assistance at any time. The Angeles Verdes service, however, runs from 8 am to 6 pm every day of the year. Keep in mind that the Ángeles Verdes service is only offered on major highways and toll roads, so if you choose to travel on the free roads (carreteras libres), you're on your own, though you can still contact the 078 hotline for information.

Paying for the Green Angels Service


Any service provided by the Green Angels is free of charge. You will need to pay for any parts, gas or oil they may use to get your car up and running, though. If you appreciate the assistance they give you, do offer a tip. They may or may not accept it, but it's a nice gesture to offer.

Yum! El Jefe Hot Dogs and 'The Mummy'

    Richard Scott via Rocky Point Times 


A Sonoran style hotdog is a thing of beauty. Fast food at its finest! Some may turn their nose up at this so called 'junk food'. But long before the current bacon fad, enterprising food cart owners in Hermosillo had welcomed natures' one perfect food onto a bun, where it belonged.


Interestingly, there are probably more Sonoran hotdog stands in Tucson and South Phoenix than in all of Sonora. But that's how cross pollination goes. The outcome can be hard to anticipate - like the story of how hotdogs were first introduced to Mexico.


Weather this story is completely true remains a mystery. Supposedly, a Gringo entrepreneur saw an opportunity to introduce the then unknown snack to the un-tapped market of depression era Mexico City. His well-trained, immaculately dressed staff stood ready to serve the crowd as they came out of the stadium after a bull fight. The shiny, new cart attracted attention as planned, the owner hovering nearby waiting to see the response.


Market research being in it's infancy in those days, no thought was given to the fact that serving something called 'Perros Calientes', hot dogs in Spanish, might be taken literally. The indignant and furious crowd tore the cart apart and chased the innocent servers for blocks. Being just far enough away not to be noticed, Mexicos' first hotdog entrepreneur was able to pull his hat down over his eyes and casually walk back to his hotel to re-write the business plan.


Something new is a risk. That's what I was thinking as I ordered "la Mumia", the Mummy, at El Jefe Sonoran Style Hotdogs. The friendly man with the booming voice behind the grill, El Jefe himself, tells me "Try it, It's different".


El Jefe is a night time place, busy with families out for a treat, or late nighters grabbing a snack on the way home. You can get hamburgers, they're good. But the dogs are just right - Fries on the side, sweet smelling grilled onions and peppers if you want them, soft, puffy buns, and of course the dog, wrapped tight in shiny, oily bacon. A row of silver bowls offers condiments like relish, chopped tomatoes, nacho cheese sauce, even mushrooms. If you don't order a Coke with this, you are crazy. All these things I knew about. But what was 'La Mumia'?


I took the basket from El Jefes' hand, studying it in the light of a heat lamp. I knew I had to try it to know what I really had. A shot of salsa, and over to my table to take the first bite.


Sometimes the simple things make the biggest difference. Here was my beloved Sonoran Dog, but wrapped in a tortilla. With cheese inside. AND MORE BACON!


Yeah, it was as great as it sounds. Who knows, maybe in twenty years, no one will think twice about throwing some Mumias on the grill to celebrate the fourth?


El Jefe is located on Blvd Kino, just a block off of Benito Juarez by the railroad crossing.


Open from 7:00pm to 1:00am. Approximately!


Dollars and Pesos accepted


Link to Story: 

The Ebb and Flow of Mexico's Peso


Visitors and foreign residents alike may have noticed that in the last year they have been getting quite a few more pesos for their US dollars. Mexicans have definitely noticed that they have to pay considerably more for their dollars, although that doesn't appear to have discouraged too many from traveling abroad.


At the end of July, the peso fell to about 16.50 to the dollar, its lowest ever level, and so financial authorities decided to increase the amount of dollars that the central bank sells every day from US$52 million to US$200 million, at least until the end of September, by which time the U.S. Federal Reserve might have started raising interest rates and the dust settled from what could be a bit of a storm for developing markets, as investors prefer to put their money in dollars.


A bit like with hurricanes in times of Internet and satellites, no one should be taken by surprise by the storm. The rise of the dollar has been going on now for at least two years. The U.S. currency has been getting more mileage out of "expectations of Fed rate hikes" than probably is warranted. The question is how much more mileage it will get when rates actually start going up. Market logic says that most of the damage will be done by the time that happens, but like most economic forecasts, market logic isn't always to be trusted.


People considering a move to Mexico or planning a vacation here might want to know whether they can rely on the peso staying at 16 or so to the dollar, and for how long. This has always been a tricky question, and is even more difficult when there are no "fundamental" reasons for the peso to be so devalued: the trade deficit is very small; the balance of payments is no problem; the public debt is also quite manageable-and most of it is denominated in pesos.


Most economists expect the peso will stay above 15 to the dollar, but not above 16, for the next year or so. Those estimates of course are based on a number of fundamental considerations.


In past episodes of peso slides against the dollar, the currency has bounced back from its worst falls, but never really returns for long to the level it was at before the decline started. It fell to 15 during the 2008-2009 crisis and then went back to 11.50 at one point, but has not since then returned to less than 10 to the dollar, where it was before that period.


Several things are worth taking note of in the present case.


The peso's losses have been mostly against the US dollar. Since most other currencies have also been weakening against it-for example the Canadian dollar, the euro, and the Brazilian real-the peso has been stable or even gained against them.


In the 20 years since Mexico allowed the peso to trade freely in markets (even though the central bank intervenes in times of trouble, it doesn't set the exchange rate) the losses in the currency haven't caused a lot of inflation in Mexico. Fashionable hi-tech goods like iPhones and tablet computers have already risen in price to reflect the peso's depreciation, although it hasn't spilled over to prices not linked to the dollar-local food and rents, for example.


Some importers appear to be absorbing, at least so far, the additional costs related to the exchange rate, and official annual inflation is under 3%.

First Phase of Work on Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Gets Underway


     JoinUs Newspaper

In providing continuity to the urban transformation of Puerto Penasco, work has begun on the first phase to modernize Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez through an investment of 40 million Pesos, reported Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta.

The Mayor explained that funds, which had been authorized at the Federal level, were finally freed up. With this, hydraulic concrete will be poured along the important route and will also include renewal of infrastructure and installation of public lighting, curbs, and sidewalks.

He indicated work will proceed on demolishing and removing the older asphalt in order to construct Blvd. Ortiz de Dominguez in the same way as Samuel Ocana and Benito Juarez were recently done.

He detailed during this first phase to modernize the Blvd, the new pavement will cover a distance of one kilometer, from Rio Suchiate South, possibly up to Calle Alejandro Sobarza Loaiza.

The mayor was confident the current work to modernize this first phase of the Blvd. would be completed and functional prior to September 15th, which is when the current municipal administration ends.

The City leader similarly emphasized work has begun on paving Avenida Rocaportense with hydraulic concrete from Calle Miguel Hidalgo up to Calle Lazaro Cardenas.

This work, he added, into which 50 million Pesos will be invested, has already begun and the modernization work will close out an important roadway in the Eastern  part of the City.
Mayor Elect Welcomes Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently visited Puerto Peñasco, where they had the opportunity to meet with Mayor Elect Ernesto "Kiko" Munro and learn of his goal to strengthen ties with Arizona in promoting business, tourism, and real estate development across the municipality during his term (which begins Sept. 16th).


Accompanied by numerous members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber, which includes more than 1100 members and extends to other parts of Southern Arizona, TCHH President Lea Marquez Peterson was visibly pleased with the visit to Puerto Peñasco, which also included a tour to construction on the HomePort as well as the facilities of the Mar de Cortés International Airport.


On Thursday, August 13th, Mayor Elect Kiko Munro led a session with members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, along with additional guests that included Scottsdale Mayor W.J. Lane, Prescott Mayor and frequent Puerto Peñasco resident Marlin Kuykendall, State Employment Institute Director Juan Edmundo López Durand, Sebastián Galván Duque in attendance as representative of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, and numerous other investors and business leaders. Additional presentations at the meeting came from representatives from the HomePort, Convention and Visitors Bureau of Puerto Peñasco (OCV), the Mar de Cortés International Airport, board members from the Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce (CANACO), and the President of the local AMPI chapter (Mexican Association of Professional Realtors), among others.


During the meeting, Kiko detailed his plans for the future along with strategic projects for economic and social development in five key areas: a comprehensive City Project, Relaunch of the Tourism Real Estate Market, Infrastructure with a focus on Productivity, Administrative Reform, and Active Citizens' Participation.


While the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was in town, President Lea Marquez Peterson also had the opportunity to meet with local Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) President Guillermo Muñoz Fierro who together signed an agreement between the two organizations that will allow for an Exchange between members of the two Chambers of Commerce. This agreement also aims to provide an exchange of business experiences, such as special promotional programs and cooperation with procedural work.


Link to Article: 

Mars Wants Mexicans to Eat More Chocolate


Per-capita consumption is just 600 grams; in Switzerland it's nine kilos

The maker of chocolate brands such as Milky Way and Snickers wants Mexicans to eat more chocolate.

Mars Mexico, which is currently building a new chocolate factory in Guanajuato, its second in Mexico, believes annual per-capita chocolate consumption could double from its current level of just 600 grams.


To put that in perspective, the world's largest market for chocolate is Switzerland, each of whose citizens eats a whopping nine kilograms every year, 15 times more than Mexicans.


European countries dominate the list of the top 10; the United States comes in ninth at just over four kilos per person per year. To consume that much chocolate would mean eating about four 43-gram chocolate bars every four days.


In Mexico, one of Mars' strategies will be to sell more of its products through tienditas, Mexico's small convenience stores, where its penetration is currently just 40%. And most of those products will be the company's biggest seller - small chocolate bars of just 100 calories.


The company's general manager in Mexico, Barry O'Sullivan, told El Universal that it forecasts sales growth of 10-12% per year over the next five years, in a market valued at about 13 billion pesos. Mars' share of that market is 22%.


Its growth projections also see its workforce more than doubling to 5,000.


What will not see an increase is the amount of sugar that goes into a chocolate bar. O'Sullivan said Mars is the only chocolate maker to have decided to work towards reducing sugar content. However, any changes to the company's formulas won't take place for another two years.


As the company executive said, consumers enjoy the flavor of the products and they're not about to tamper with that.


Mars currently has four factories in Mexico, making chocolate, candy, chewing gum and pet food. It is investing US $160 million in its new facility in San José Iturbide, in Guanajuato, whose principal product will be Snickers bars for the domestic market and South America.


O'Sullivan said a spin-off benefit of the new factory will be the domestic purchase of more ingredients, and Mars is now in the process of developing new, local suppliers.


It also plans to open a training center for cocoa producers to encourage growers to share information and improve output. Many are getting yields of 600 kilos per hectare, yet they should be getting closer to 1,200, O'Sullivan said.

Mexicans are Social, Internet Study Finds

Country is in the top 10 for most social network users

Mexicans are among the world's most social people when measured in terms of the number of citizens who connect to the Internet's social networks.

A study by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) found that Mexico is among the top 10 countries in the world for social network users, along with Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia.


Of the region's Internet users, fully 78% participated in social networks in 2013, a much higher percentage than that of North America, where it was 65%, and way ahead of Western Europe with just 55%. This despite the fact that Internet penetration is much higher in those two regions than it is in Latin America.


The most popular network in the Latin America-Caribbean region was Facebook with 145 million unique visitors, followed by ShareThis with 93 million, Linked In with 38 million and Taringa and Twitter with 29 million each.


The region's Internet users also spent more time on their networks, an average of 17 minutes per visit. The average user was connected to the Internet for 21.7 hours a month, slightly less than the global average of 22.8 hours.


In that respect, the U.S. and Europe were ahead of everyone else with 35.9 and 25.1 hours spent online every month, respectively.


As well as the social networks, electronic commerce and news sites were among the most popular in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the bottom of the scale were electronic banking and government sites, which enjoyed just 3.3% and 1.7% of total traffic, respectively.

Closing Gap Between Two Distant Nations

Wallyball and other events break down the border wall


In Ciudad Juárez, Chihuaua, and El Paso, Texas, the international boundary remains unchanged but the barriers it represents were broken down somewhat in a cross-border, 10-kilometer run two weeks ago.

However, it is not the only event on the Mexico-U.S. border that is designed to strengthen ties between citizens on either side of the line.


In Naco, Sonora, and Naco, Arizona, a wallyball tournament is an April tradition. The game is like volleyball, only there's a wall instead of a net. And both teams play on home turf, pointed out the mayor of Naco, Sonora, in an interview last year with Reuters.


"For us, it represents the celebration of the union of two countries," said José Lorenzo Villegas.


The wall does present some challenges to players: it's too high to spike the ball and needs lobs of 15 meters or more.


Other communities have taken up the game, along with soccer and other events.


Mexican and U.S. musicians gather in May every year to perform on both sides of the border wall at Tijuana and San Diego. El Fandango Fronterizo features only one musical genre, son jarocho from the state of Veracruz.


Fusion reported in May that as a result it is quickly becoming a form of protest music in the U.S.


The singing and dancing that takes place at the fandango is limited to just three hours. That's as long as U.S. Border Patrol agents will allow anyone to remain next to the border fence.


Some people have had grander visions for border events. San Diego and Tijuana made an unsuccessful proposal in 2013 to co-host the 2024 Olympics. 

Mexican Road Signs, English Translations


When Driving in Mexico, many of the road signs that you will encounter will have the caution spelled out accompanied by a picture showing the pictorial meaning of the sign - but not always. Here is the beginning of a long list of translations. How many times have you driven to Rocky Point and seen the "No Tira Basura" or "No Rebase Con Raya Continua" signs and wondered what they meant? Well, wonder no more... 


ACOTAMIENTO                                                          Soft Shoulders  


ALTO                                                                           Stop


AREA DE DESCANSO                                                Rest Area  


ASCENSO Y DESCENSO DE PEAJE A 250 m         Toll Booth Barrier Ahead in 250 m


CALLE SIN SALIDA                                                    Dead End


CAMELLON CENTRAL                                               Center Divider 


CAMINO CERRADO                                                    Road Closed


CAMINO SINUOSO                                                     Winding Road


CARRIL IZQUIERDO SOLO PARA REBASAR          Left lane Only for Passing


CASETA DE COBRO                                                  Toll Booth  


CEDA EL PASO AL PEATON                                     Give Way to Pedestrians


CICLOPISTA                                                                Bicycle Path


CON LLUVIA DISMINUYA SU VELOCIDAD               In Rain Reduce Your Speed


CON NEBLINA ENCIENDA SUS LUCES                    In Fog Turn on Lights




CONCEDA CAMBIO DE LUCES                                   Dim Your Lights Approaching Traffic


CONSERVE LIMPIO Puerto Penasco                        Keep Puerto Penasco Clean


CONSERVE SU DISTANCIA                                         Keep Your Distance  


CONSERVE SU DERECHA                                           Keep to Your Right  


CRUCE DE ESCOLARES                                              School Crossing   


CRUCE DE PEATONES                                                Pedestrian Crossing


CUANDO TOME NO MANEJE                                       When You Drink Don't Drive


CUIDADO CON EL TREN                                              Careful Rail Road Crossing


CURVA PELIGROSO                                                    Dangerous Curve


DESPACIO                                                                   Slow


This list is alphabetical and there are a lot more to go. To see the rest of the list, just click on this LINK.  

Mexican Fresh Fish Ceviche

One of the new "in" foods of the beginning of the 21st century is actually an old world dish from South America called Ceviche. It has been one of South America's best-kept secret for centuries, but Ceviche is becoming a popular appetizer and will be gaining popularity as the century progresses.


Ceviche's birthplace is disputed between Peru and Ecuador, and as both countries have an amazing variety of fish and shellfish, it could easily have come from the ancient Inca civilizations of Peru and Ecuador.  


Every Latin American country has given seviche/ceviche its own touch of individuality by adding its own particular garnishes. In Peru, it is served with slices of cold sweet potatoes or corn-on-the-cob. In Ecuador, it is accompanied by popcorn, nuts, or corn nuts. It is also served in a large crystal bowl with the guests helping themselves, either by spearing it with toothpicks or filling the pastry shells. In Mexico, ceviche is accompanied by slices of raw onions and served on toasted tortillas.


With Summer here and the temperature soaring, if the very thought of cooking makes you break out in a sweat, it's time for ceviche. This marinated fish salad is claimed by many Latin American countries, notably Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. But, for most in the USA, ceviche's heart belongs to Mexico.


In Rocky Point, the fish most often used is Lenguado (Flounder), but you can use almost any fresh fish filets for ceviche. You can also use shrimp, scallops, manta (stingray), octopus, or pretty much any seafood. But, the purists of ceviche say that it should really come from white, textured seafood. Certainly, while here in Rocky Point, it is very easy to come by super fresh seafood in many varieties with which to experiment. In the USA when other types are unavailable, many prefer to use Tilapia. 

Good Ceviche Starts with Fresh Fish

The key is the fish should be sparkling fresh. How to tell? First of all, fresh fish does not smell "fishy". Fresh fish should smell of nothing but the sea. If buying whole fish, look for bright, clear eyes and red gills. There should be no "milky" liquid on the fish. If possible, press your finger into the meat. If it's fresh, it should feel firm and the indentation left by your finger should disappear. Of course, these tests are not always possible but if you're buying at the fish market, here in town, be sure to check out what you're buying before you buy.  


After choosing your fish fish, you will need to filet it and rid it of as much of the skin as possible. Then, cut it into neat little pieces. With ceviche, the fish is not cooked in the conventional sense of the word, but the citric acid in the limes denatures the protein and "cooks" the fish without heat. You can tell it's done when the flesh has turned from a dull, grayish color to a whiter shade of pale and becomes opaque, no longer translucent.

What you add to your ceviche thereafter can vary quite a bit, but tomatoes, cilantro, chopped onion or scallions and some spice in the form of hot sauce, cilantro, and fresh chili are all obligatory. Some add a smidgen of tomato ketchup, which adds a sweet note, while others add oregano. Feel free to experiment.



  • 2 pounds white fish fillets, finely diced
  • 1 cup lime juice (about 8 large limes)
  • 1/2 cup seeded chopped tomato
  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled, seeded and finely diced
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 cup clam-tomato juice (recommended: Clamato)
  • 1 tablespoon bottled hot sauce
  • 1 serrano chile, optional
  • Grilled Tostadas, recipe follows, or 6 purchased tostadas
  • Mayonnaise, for spreading
  • 1 avocado, halved, pitted, peeled, and thinly sliced
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges
  • Grilled Tostadas:
  • 6 corn tortillas



Put the fish in a medium bowl. Pour the lime juice over the fish and mix gently to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator until the fish is white throughout, about 15 to 20 minutes.


Remove from the refrigerator and drain off the lime juice, gently squeezing the fish with your hands. Discard the lime juice. Add the tomato, cucumber, onion, and cilantro. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Add the clam-tomato juice and the hot sauce and chile, if using.


Spread the tostadas generously with mayonnaise and top with the ceviche. Arrange the avocado slices on top of the ceviche and serve immediately with the lime wedges alongside.


Grilled Tostadas:

Heat a grill or grill pan over medium heat.

Put the tortillas on the grill or grill pan, and let them dry out until they are crunchy. Purchased tostadas can be substituted.





Even Most Native Spanish Speakers Don't Know Many of These Words:
28 things that most Spanish speakers do not know even have names:

Actually, most of them don't have one word names in English either (at least not that I can think of).

1. Acerico:

Almohada pequeña. Y también la almohadilla que sirve para clavar alfileres o agujas = Small pillow. And the pad used to stick pins or needles.

2. Agrafe:

Pieza de metal para sujetar el cierre de botellas y frascos. Por ejemplo, el alambre y la chapa de las botellas de cava = A metal part to hold the closure of bottles and jars (not sure that I understand this one either).

3. Ampersand
El signo & = The & sign.

4. Ápice.
Acento o cualquiera de los signos que se colocan sobre las letras, como el punto de las íes. Eso sí, el acento de la eñe se llama virgulilla = Any accent or any of the signs that are placed on letters, such as the point of the i.

5. Carúncula
. La cresta de gallos y pavos = The crest of roosters and turkeys.

6. Crencha
. Raya del pelo y cada una de las partes en las que la crencha divide el cabello = Each of the parts that divide hair tresses.

7. Criptomnesia.
Fenómeno que consiste en creer que se te acaba de ocurrir algo que en realidad sólo lo estabas recordando, aunque no recuerdes que ya lo sabías. Por ejemplo, cuando plagias involuntariamente un tuit = Phenomenon that is to believe that you just thought of something that actually you were only remembering. You already knew it but did not remember that you knew it.

8. Diastema.
Espacio entre los dientes = Space between teeth.

9. Estepicursor.
El matojo rodante típico de las películas del oeste o de cuando cuentas un chiste en un bar = In typical western movies, when you have a joke in a bar about a rolling bush (tumbleweed?).

10. Filtrum.
Surco subnasal, es decir, la ranura situada debajo de la nariz y encima de los labios = Subnasal groove, ie: the groove under the nose and above the lips.

11. Fosfenos.
Las manchas luminosas que se ven al frotar los párpados = The bright patches seen when rubbing the eyelids.

12. Ginecomastia.
Pechas de Hombre =Man boobs.

13. Giste.
La espuma de la cerveza = The beer foam.

14. Guedeja.
Cabellera larga y también la melena del león = Long hair, or the lion's mane.

15. Herrete.
Cada una de las puntas de plástico o metal de los cordones = Each of the ends of plastic or metal cords.

16. Jeme.
Distancia que hay desde la punta del pulgar a la del índice, separando el uno del otro todo lo posible = Distance from the tip of the thumb to the index, separating them as far as possible.

17. Lemniscata.
Curva plana de forma semejante a un 8. Es el término correcto del símbolo de infinito = The infinity symbol ∞.

18. Lúnula.
El espacio blanquecino semilunar de la raíz de las uñas = The whitish space at the root of the fingernails.

19. Óbelo.
Signo de división = Division sign ÷.

20. Petricor.
El olor de la lluvia en sitios secos = The smell of rain on dry places.

21. Pie de Morton o pie griego.
Cuando el segundo dedo del pie es más largo que el gordo = When the second toe is longer than the big toe.

22. Recazo.
La parte del cuchillo opuesta al filo = The opposite side of the knife blade.

23. Sangradura.
La parte hundida del brazo opuesta al codo = The sunken part of the arm, opposite the elbow.

24. Telson.
La cola de los crustáceos = The tail of crustaceans.

25. Tenesmo.
Ganas frecuentes de ir al baño = Frequent urge to go to the bathroom.

26. Vagido.
Gemido o llanto del recién nacido = Groaning or crying of a newborn.

27. Virola.
Es una abrazadera de metal que se coloca en algunos instrumentos, incluyendo la anilla metálica que une el lápiz con la goma de borrar y la punta de un paraguas, por ejemplo. No confundir con "vitola" = It is a metal clamp placed on some instruments, for example, the metal ring that links the pencil with the eraser and the tip of an umbrella. Do not confuse with "band".

28. Vitola.

La anilla de los cigarros puros = The ring on cigars.



Enjoy your month. See you on October 1st!  

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3BR West End Unit


This spacious 3 bedroom end unit condo at the Sonoran Spa is a great buy. Lots of room and fantastic beachfront views. Very nicely furnished and ready to move right in. Rental income is an option or keep it all for yourself.  Be the proud owner of this beachfront beauty. Call or stop by one of our sales offices today for more details.

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We are Rocky Point's only exclusive and dedicated team who have always, and will always, sell Sonoran Resorts and ONLY 
Sonoran Resorts!
If you are looking for a team of  real professionals who specialize in Puerto Penasco's best family of "True Beachfront" resorts, you've found us, and we are here to serve you.

Whether Buying or Selling, no one can serve you better when it comes to the Sonoran Resorts. We have been here since the beginning, and we will be here for you when you need us.

We don't just sell the Sonoran Resorts, we ARE the Sonoran Resorts. We work directly with the Developers, the HOAs, and the Rental companies. We really can help you in ways that no one else can.






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Jim Ringquist
Sonoran Sales Group