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December is here and the Holiday Season is upon us. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that the weather here was beautiful and we had a ton of people in town. Several of the local restaurants had traditional Thanksgiving meal specials and I decided to eat out this year rather than making the mess at home. I stopped by Latitude 31 and found it impossible to get a table without a reservation. The owner, Mike, said that he had over 150 reservations for their turkey dinners. I had seen that Max's Cafe this year didn't require reservations so we stopped by there at just the right time and got a table. The meal and service were very good. Then, back home to lounge and watch some football. Nice afternoon.

The weather is cooling off now and we can expect tourism to decrease a bit through the next couple months. Rocky Point is such a wonderful and diverse place and I really like the couple months in the winter when things slow down. It has a different feel and nothing is ever crowded during this time of year. I also really appreciate the lack of traffic jams and congestion in stores that are so common at this time of year in the States. It does get chilly here but, of course, nothing like my childhood Minnesota does. It's always easy to tell when someone visits from the very cold areas because they walk around in a bathing suit and go swimming in the ocean - while the rest of us have jackets on. One more benefit of the cooler weather is that it will soon be whale watching season. If you've never been on the sea near these giant, amazing creatures, it is definitely something that you should plan to do soon.

Christmas in Mexico is a very festive time and there is always something going on with local residents. In Mexico, there is none of the "politically correct" pandering going on and Feliz Navidad is the only Christmas greeting that makes sense. I live near a Catholic Church and there are posadas, live music, religious processions, raffles, lots of food and hot drinks, and extra services all month. The parking areas are always full. Being a very religious country, Mexico still follows a lot more Christmas traditions than most places in the USA do. And, the Christmas season doesn't end and the tree doesn't come down until January 7th at the earliest. I have done some stories about Christmas and Mexican traditions in previous newsletters so I didn't think that it was necessary to repeat myself this year. You can look through previous November and December newsletters if you're interested.

Our new website is finally functional. Of course, we are still updating some of the listing information and working out some final details but it is up and it is working correctly. You should now be able to use it on either a PC or a mobile device with the same ease. You should also notice a difference in how fast it works compared to our previous version. The Live Camera is still a challenge and one of the biggest issues that we are trying to resolve is getting a fast enough internet connection to enable smooth operation and a crisp, clear picture. I haven't given up and we will get it worked out. For now, it is the same as it has been in the past but check back once in awhile because you should see a drastic improvement one of these days.

Enjoy your month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I've been here full time for 8 years and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist
Broker/Director of Sales and Marketing
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PART XVIII  Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco

       By Joe Houchin

In part XVII of our series about the Home Port and its impact on the future of Puerto Peñasco, we looked at how closely our little slice of paradise by the sea fits into the most popular preferences of cruise passengers around the globe. For example,  surveys of over 23 million cruisers last year revealed that 75% of passenger expenditures were made in four categories: 1.) watches and jewelry; 2.) shore excursions; 3.) clothing; and 4.) food and beverages, in that order.
Detailed statistics the cruise lines have been gathering from passengers for nearly a century serve as an  invaluable tool especially for a new destination in its preparation to host cruise passengers, in our case, before and after they cruise. As a home port, we get them twice, and for several days, unlike any of the other ports of call in Mexico where they will spend just hours visiting. Properly used, those statistical details can literally launch a business for anyone interested in formally serving the cruise market.

As a tourist destination already, our beachside village is accustomed to serving visitors from all parts of the U.S., Canada and abroad. We are experienced in serving driver traffic from nearby states. In the beginning, until the airlines receive landing rights and choose the airports from which they want to bring passengers to our international airport, driver traffic will be our main cruise market source. Sort of like "more of the same old, same old" except on steroids. Therein lies the value of knowing as much as we can about the specific cruise market and where we need to ramp up service, supplies and transportation once they arrive and get their autos parked for the week.
Taking care of basic marketing and publicity needs is so much more defined when we know who is coming, when they are coming and when they will be returning to our port. There exists abundant and detailed data about how to prepare for such an influx of visitors and the in depth statistics of what they will want and need, what they will participate in during the average day and a half before the depart and about the same time after they return from their cruise.  You can get a better idea of how these statistics from the cruise lines can help you launch a market specific business by reviewing past articles in our article series from Part I on.


So what's been going on with the construction of the home port during the last month? If you've traveled the Cholla Bay road enroute to Wrecked at the Reef, Mare Blu Restaurant or to historic JJ's Cantina, you've seen the concrete plant area on the right where they pour those one and ten ton cubes and stack them so neatly in gigantic rows while they wait to be loaded onto the 18 wheelers for placement in the sides of the pier to stabilize the smaller rocks that were poured to build the jetty up above the high tide level.
According to Wendy Winzer, our cooperative contact and Project Administrator for pier construction, the weather has allowed them to continue smoothly this month. They have also completed placing the twelve floating buoy lights in the water along the pier and its future pathway.  They have kept the six existing lights on the jetty for added caution.

"We are at the 720 meter mark and cannot estimate when we will reach the turning point where the jetty will begin its journey to the southwest for the final 411 meters, but the other construction company who won the bid to build the cruise ship docking platform will begin building the pilots for structure any time now-it's pretty exciting," Wendy explained.
"We've set up a schedule to blast the smaller rocks from the quarry on a monthly basis now to keep a steady supply rolling down the jetty," she added.
Wendy also reminded us that December is a month when many of the personnel take holiday vacations and as such, work on the home port will be light until the first of the year. And, Happy Holidays to you, Wendy!

Sonoran Resorts Owners Prepare and Serve Homemade Thanksgiving to Hundreds at the Spa and Sun!



    By: Joe Houchin


For the 5th consecutive year Tony Ballesteros and his growing group of volunteer " Pilgrims" prepared and served  a Thanksgiving feast to over 150 workers at the Sonoran Spa condominium resort on Sandy Beach here in our little slice of paradise by the sea. Local owner and photographer, Tony Ballesteros, began this Thanksgiving gesture five years ago to thank the workers and families for their hard work and positive attitudes keeping the beach front condominium resort sparkling clean and smooth running throughout the year.


Tony flew solo the first year with a couple of turkeys and his (should be) patented homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and fresh bread with pumpkin pie for dessert. He delivered most of the dinners and many more were served in his condo that year. It was quickly obvious that he not only needed a larger area to serve the anticipated growth of thankful Spa employees, but he would also need some help, which he recruited with surprising ease. He had invited many of his friends, fellow owners at the Spa, to stop by and share Thanksgiving dinner with him. Several of them asked if they could help next year even as they enjoyed their dinner.




Thus, a small gesture of appreciation for the workers Tony had met over the years at his retirement abode has grown larger and more elaborate each year becoming a veritable banquet of Thanksgiving joy and sharing for hundreds of locals, families and friends.


The group of volunteers now number into the dozens, many of whom spend Thanksgiving week in Puerto Peñasco with their primary purpose to serve as a Pilgrim for this event. Tony " officially" christened the volunteers as "Pilgrims" about three years ago and the resort itself gladly turned over the sparkling reception area to provide seating for over a hundred guests. This year some even had a short wait until seats became available. And all had a great time complimenting the chef and head Pilgrim, Tony, on the special flavor of his Turkeys (this year numbering 11-10 and one backup, each over 20 pounds) and the succulence of that secret stuffing recipe he labors over for two days prior to Thanksgiving. Tony also soaks his turkeys in an original recipe brine that contributes to the overall deliciousness. Pilgrims volunteer to bring down turkeys of 20 pounds and above and Tony along with other volunteers shop locally for all the other ingredients, including 50 pounds of white potatoes which are hand cut, boiled and mashed by Pilgrims on the morning of the event to insure they are fresh and worthy of the hot homemade gravy.


In five years the Sonoran Spa Pilgrims' Thanksgiving has become a bonafide tradition which is anticipated by employees and residents alike.  This year's count was over 150 plus many dinners that were taken to family members who couldn't make the event.


Meanwhile, at the Sonoran Sun Resort Condominiums, a similar Thanksgiving tradition takes place. Eight years ago, as a gesture of appreciation for the employees who worked on Thanksgiving Day, owners, Janet and Brad Mooneyham cooked up a couple of Turkeys for everyone. It, too, has grown every year in popularity and size .  Now many owners volunteer to bring turkeys, side dishes and desserts and help prepare and serve them to the employees and their families in a buffet format, which this year was attended by well over a hundred locals and volunteer owners. At the Sun, they also invite the children of the employees. A few years ago they hung a Turkey piñata for the kids that has become a tradition. This year the group of volunteer owners brought stuffed animals for the kids, and donated funds to pay for a mariachi group to sing and play for everyone. They also rented a jumping castle this year that went over big for the youngsters.




This year they consumed an arsenal of eight turkeys and four hams along with all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings and desserts.  It has become a tradition that is equally anticipated by the owners, employees and their families each year.


Sharing a purely North American festivity like Thanksgiving has created a cultural tie that enhances social understanding between the people of the two countries most of us love the most, and promotes new and lasting friendships among us all.




There's no better example of the generosity of our Sonoran Resorts owners. You are all much appreciated!

Sonoran Sales Group 5th Annual Holiday Food Drive for Charity Continues through December

Please Help with a Donation if You Can
Rocky Point Rally was a Huge Success




If a picture says 1000 words, then click the link below for about 100,000 words about this year's Rocky Point Rally. Lots of bikes. Lots of people. Lots of fun.  


 Rocky Point 360 Photos 

Tour Groups from China a Possibility in 2016


                    By Jose Antonio Perez   JoinUs Magazine 


The first groups of tourists from China could arrive in Puerto Penasco as soon as 2016, following the first successful visit of Chinese travel agents to the area, remarked Hector Vazquez del Mercado, President of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).


The OCV president stated the group, made up of 24 people among them 12 tour operators, took away a good impression of Puerto Penasco and were satisfied with what it has to offer to visitors. 


He detailed the travel agency representatives with presence in Los Angeles, Ca, China, and Taiwan, were able to visit the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, Bird Island (Isla San Jorge), the emblematic area of the malecon, and various accommodation options available in Puerto Penasco. 


Vasques del Mercado stressed this was a first step to break into Asian markets, which the office hopes will translate into tours in 2016, and for which they will begin designing attractive tour packages. 


He noted it was well worth the unprecedented effort of bringing representatives to Puerto Penasco from the most important market in the world, which is what China represents today. He is confident this will have a multiplying effect for Puerto Penasco in the creation of new tourism niches. 

Potpourri - Short Shorts of All Sorts!

Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.

Puerto Penasco Highway 8 Overpass is Complete and Open  
Our new overpass on Highway 8, just outside of Puerto Penasco is finished and in use. Our Mayor Ernesto "Kiko" Munro headed a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 11th to inaugurate the overpass located on the Sonoita - Puerto Penasco - Coasta Highway interchange.  The overpass was constructed to reduce the number of accidents that have taken place at this intersection. Also in attendance were Alejandro Aguirre representing the Mayor of Sonoyta, Heriberto Serrano, the Commission of Public Works, Perla Garcia Alcantara, the Municipal Trustee, Elizabeth Jimenez Borboa, and the President of the College of Architects, Plinio Rivera, among other guests and council officials.

Phoenix CBS Runs Great Story about Rocky Point Home Port 


Call it a Rocky Point revival. 

The sleepy beach town south of the border, a decades-long favorite of Arizona families for the holidays, spring break or just because it was not San Diego, is rapidly heading towards a huge transformation...   Link to Story: 

2016 Tide Calendars Now Available

If you spend any time at all in Rocky Point, you will definitely appreciate having a current tide calendar. You can tell when it's just the right time to find the tidepools or dig for some clams, or when the tide is high enough to launch your boat in Cholla Bay.

Tide calendars are now available at the Rocky Point Times office (011-52-638-383-6325 / (480) 463-6255) or at the local CEDO Office (011-52-638-382-0113) in Las Conchas. I always pick up a couple for myself and a couple more to give as gifts. I'm not sure if either of the afore mentioned places will mail calendars to the USA but it may be worth a phone call to find out.

International Superstar Alejandra Guzman to Perform on December 19th at the Penasco Expocenter (new convention center).


Alejandra Gabriela Guzmán Pinal is a Mexican singer-songwriter, actress, and musician. During her 26 years of artistic career, with more than 10 million albums sold, 16 released albums and 30 singles in radio's Top 10 hits, Alejandra Guzmán has earned the title of La Reina del Rock (The Queen of Rock). She is the daughter of two Latin entertainment legends: Movie icon Silvia Pinal and Rock and Roll legend Enrique Guzmán, from whom she inherits her talent and passion for arts, music, dance and constant spiritual growth. 


Throughout her career, she has performed with legendary acts like James Brown (1997, Hard Rock Live Cancun) opened for Rolling Stones (2006, Monterrey, Mexico), acted as spokesperson of the campaign, "Your Rock is to Vote" promoting the right to vote among young people (2006) and participated in publicity campaigns for internationally renowned brands such as Miller Light, Jeep, Kraft and MAC Cosmetics 



CEDO Celebrates 35th Anniversary

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) is celebrating 35 years of service. Several events and a celebration were held including weekend beach clean-ups, an environmental contest, a fundraising dinner and dance, and more.


CEDO, which promotes activities encompassing coastal and marine life conservation, research, and environmental education is currently working with communities on various projects with the goal of empowering families throughout the region whose livelihood comes from fishing.


CEDO, which is sustained independently through funds stemming from donations and activities and employs nearly 25 people, is currently carrying out programs and regional projects in the Upper Gulf of California and the Rio Colorado Delta. CEDO also provides scientific materials to the communities within which it works.


Linda "La Muneca" Soto Set to Fight Karen "La Michoacana" Gaspar and more Great Bouts on December 12th
This should be a great time and I expect some very exciting fights. I will be there, front row. Hope to see some of you too. It will be held at the Sports Complex on Benito Juarez (where the baseball stadium is located).

On a side note, Henry Lopez Valdez is an old friend of mine and he is now in charge of the City of Puerto Penasco Sports programs and promotions. He tells me that we are in for some great surprises in the near future with sporting events. No spoilers here but expect to see some really fun stuff. I will be sure to include current information and schedules in future newsletters as they become available. 
A Message from John Fowler, Founder of Puerto Penasco Santa Claus Club




A short history of the Santa Claus Club: We began in 1983 with a party on Christmas Day for 40 children in Cholla Bay. Over the next 31 years the party has grown to a record breaking year in 2013. In 2014 we shattered more records that have been kept with 60,040 pounds of food, 603 bicycles, 42,100 pounds of clothes, 1,501 family food boxes and 8,560 children given toys and school supplies.


The party was held on Christmas Day thru 2006 and then in 2007 we changed to a year round format. We now go into the barrios on a weekly basis delivering door to door directly to the people that need our help the most. This gives us a better understanding of the day to day needs of the people we are trying to help.  


Our target group live in make-shift houses mostly constructed of old wood and cardboard. These people have no electricity, no running water, no sewage and most of them have dirt floors in their houses. With the economy in the shape it is, they need our help now more than ever. To help you keep up with the work we are doing in the barrios, we have opened a web site with pictures of the children, past years total of donations and quarterly updates of donations for 2015.


With 2015 being the banner year that it was, I would like to thank everyone that was involved in this years project. It took a combined effort of shuttle people getting the clothes, toys, bicycles and food from Phoenix to Rocky Point, everyone that made personal donations and everyone that contributed dues. This organization is a group effort that turns your support into reality. You all made 2015 a year to remember and the benchmark that we will be shooting for in years to come.


Besides the items we keep inventory on, we passed out hundreds of blankets, towels & sheets, thousands of pairs of shoes, wheel chairs, walkers, canes & crutches and medical supplies to the Red Cross and Free Clinic.


We are working to provide the same quality and quantity of services as in 2015. Our third quarter totals for 2015 are 45,200 pounds of food, 410 bicycles, 31,460 pounds of clothes, 1130 family food boxes and 7783 children with toys. If you need to get in touch with us you can thru our web site:, e-mail, by phone 602-840-1528 or by mail John Fowler, P.O. Box 5, Lukeville, AZ. 85341.  


If you have donations in Rocky Point drop them off at the Baja Hotel in Penasco or JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay and I will get them to the people in the barrios.







Bringing Your Pet Across the Border


Since Peñasco is such an easy drive over the border, many visitors love to bring their FLFFMs (four-legged furry family members) with them.   Many of these regulations fall under "Import and Export of Live Animals", but the rules always seem to be open to interpretation.  You might or might not have any of your documentation checked, but please avoid delays and possibly horrible situations by being prepared before you go.  If you decide to travel further into Mexico, the chances of having your paperwork checked will increase.  Also, any time there is a whisper of swine flu, mad cow disease, or bird flu, be prepared for more thorough inspections.


This info is compiled from APHIS (Animal and Planth Health Inspection Service, a department within the USDA), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and SENASICA (Mexico's National Service for Health, Agriculture, and Safety). Of course, always check to see if there are any changes in regulations as they seem to change frequently.


Dogs and cats are the only pets allowed to travel in and out of Mexico.  Although you may love your pet iguanas, birds, bunnies, hamsters, turtles, etc., please leave them at home for vacation.  This also means you can't acquire any of these other animals and bring them back to the US.


Bringing pet food over the border is a bit of a gray area.  From what I've read, Mexico doesn't want the import of any pet food of "ruminant origin" (eg: beef or lamb). Technically you're only allowed to bring "a day's ration", and I've even heard that people have had their pet food confiscated at the border.  If you're staying more than the weekend, please consider buying American branded pet food at Sam's club and donate what you don't use to local dog shelters. They'll be thrilled to have it!  Don't forget that most pets aren't great with abrupt switches in their food, so mix the new food with their regular brand for a few days to help them get used to it. Although the tap water in Peñasco is treated, it still may upset your pet's stomach and you might want to bring bottled water. Also keep in mind that salt water can also upset their tummies.     


There's a limit of two FLFFMs per person, and a total of three without incurring any import charges. (This also might or might not be enforced.) If you need to bring four or more pets, contact SENASICA for an import certificate (~$125 USD).  


To cross the international border, either southbound or northbound, you should have a signed Health Certificate printed on your Veterinarian's letterhead which includes:

  • Proof that your FLFFM is current on her rabies and distemper vaccines, including vaccine lot numbers, administered not less than 30 days prior. (Mexico now recognizes the 3-year vaccine given in the US/Canada. If your pet received her last rabies shot in Mexico, it will be the standard 1-year vaccine.)  To return to the US, the same 30 day minimum applies.  If she just got vaccinated, she might be quarantined.  

  • Certification that your FLFFM was considered healthy within 10 days of travel  (As a resident of AZ/CA/NM/TX, your health certificate is valid for 6 months.)

  • Your name and address, your vet's name and license number


  • You can have more than one pet on the Health Certificate

  • It must be computer printed or typed (any hand-written entries will void the whole Health Certificate) on letterhead and can't have any abbreviations.  ("Dates: "January" is accepted while "Jan" is not.  States: Must be the entire word and not the two-letter abbreviation.  Ages: "Months" or "Year" is accepted while "yrs" and "mos" are not.")

  • Please print out this form and have it copied onto your vet's letterhead.

  • If your FLFFM looks like she is in poor health, you might be prevented from entering either country until further tests are done.

  • tip: Photocopy your pet's photo and your drivers' license to the reverse of the health certificate

  • tip: Indicate the last dose of flea/tick and heartworm medication given and whether or not your pet has been sterilized

  • Your FLFFM might receive a physical inspection at the border guard's discretion

  • Assistance dogs will need to follow the same rules from SENASICA and the CDC

  • Puppies/kittens less than 3 months can't receive the rabies vaccine, so they're exempt.  However, without all the necessary shots you could really be taking a risk bringing her to Mexico.  According to the USDA, If you adopt a puppy/kitten while in Mexico, she might be quarantined until one month after receiving the rabies vaccine. (However, Nancy Phelan of the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point has never had this experience in all of her trips transporting puppies across the border)

Remember that Mexico doesn't have much of a budget for animal control. Therefore, there are always stray dogs (not too many cats) roaming the streets.  These animals will often have worms and ticks (which can cause ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), so you'll want to keep your dog on a leash at all times.  In addition, sometimes poisoned food is purposefully left out to eliminate strays.  If your dog does run away, be sure she has an easy to read ID tag with your cell phone number so she's not assumed to be a stray.  Make multiple copies of everything and always keep one set on you in case you're asked or need help to find her. Be vigilant with topical meds which KILL ticks and fleas (not only repel them) and chewable meds for heartworm which can be carried by mosquitos.


Two local vet clinics Nancy recommends are:

  • Dr. Chochoy Veterinaria Clínica, Benito Juárez Boulevard & Melchor Ocampo Avenue, Rocky Point  (638) 383-2338  and

  • Servicios Medicos Veterinarios, Sonora Blvd & Galeana, Rocky Point, (638) 383-3344.

Both are also skilled in pet orthopedics for broken legs, etc.  


Last but not least, please be a responsible pet owner.  No one wants a surprise between their toes while walking through the sand. Bring LOTS of pet waste bags to clean up after your FLFFM, and be prepared with extra water and shade when visiting the beach.





Denise Ackerly, Sonoran Sun East 801



Inflation Falls to Record Low Despite Peso's Tumble


By most traditional economic gauges, little is going right today for Mexico. Growth is sluggish, oil exports are falling and credit markets have started to dry up.


Yet beneath the surface, a surprising and little-understood transformation is ushering in one of the country's most important developments in years: the peso's age-old link with inflation has been broken. No longer does a plunge in its value trigger an automatic surge in consumer prices. In fact, the most recent data suggest that it causes almost no inflation at all.


It may seem like an obscure, wonky topic - "pass-through" is the term used by analysts - but it's hard to underestimate the significance in an emerging-market nation like Mexico that's trying to climb into the ranks of the world's developed economies.


First, it protects the purchasing power of consumers in a country where about half the population lives below the poverty line. What's more, it gives central bankers the kind of policy flexibility they never had before.


Without having to worry about inflation, they can avoid the classic trap that afflicts so many developing nations: having to raise interest rates and choke off economic growth every time financial turmoil causes a selloff in the currency.


It's a transformation that Mexico's top officials began touting over a year ago. Economists and investors, though, were skeptical. As Credit Suisse Group AG's Alonso Cervera says, "we had to see it to believe it."


Now they have. Over the past 12 months, as the peso plunged 17 percent against the dollar, Mexico's annual inflation rate fell to a record-low 2.3 percent from 4.2 percent. Bank of America Corp. says the currency's impact today is almost imperceptible, with each 1 percent decline in its value fueling less than 0.05 percent of inflation.


Two decades ago - when consumer prices soared over 20 percent in just four months after the government devalued the exchange rate - the peso-to-inflation ratio was 10 times higher, the bank estimates.


"They slayed the inflation dragon," said Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s Alberto Ramos.  

Vaquita Ambassadors Focus on Endangered Species


The Society for Conservation Biology recently named Monica Michelle and Guillermo Munro Colosio (Memuco) as ambassadors for the protection of the marine vaquita.

A background in environmental activism and awareness campaigns about the region's ecosystem, along with the promotion of art as a means to preserve the endangered species, earned both Michelle and Memuco the appointment by the Society for Conservation Biology as ambassadors of the vaquita. The marine vaquita is an endemic species to the Gulf of California and is at high risk of extinction as it is believed there are fewer than 100 vaquita today.


This association, which carries out activities aimed at protecting endangered species, had earlier launched a call for individuals interested in supporting their efforts who lived near the vaquita's habitat.


After analysis, it was determined that Monica Michelle, originally of San Luis Rio Colorado and presently a binational environmental activist, would represent the struggle to protect the marine vaquita along with Memuco of Puerto Peñasco. In addition to promoting the protection of this species throughout the world, Memuco has transformed his work into art through expressions in paintings, murals, and informative briefs, among other media.


After learning the news, Monica Michelle expressed her commitment to the appointment as a vaquita ambassador, a role which she will fulfill responsibly. Monica is a bicultural/binational community based activist. An important factor stems from her studies in business administration, marketing, and more than 15 years working in the area of non-profit community development. She has lived in the Sonoran desert between the U.S. and Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Italian. Fundamentally, she believes empowering communities can be a catalyst for true sustainable community and economic development.


For his part, Guillermo Munro Colosio (Memuco) remarked, "Well, it's an honor to be named an ambassador for the vaquita. It pleases me tremendously that they've taken us into account. I don't think it's anything to celebrate, rather to the contrary to do more, to raise awareness so that everyone both here and around the world know what is happening."


He continued, "Monica Michelle and myself will be doing various activities such as radio, videos, animation, and informational pamphlets; everything surrounding this incredibly beautiful and timid species."


For the artist, this appointment forces them to work on promoting and educating both students and adults as to the situation of the vaquita, because it is in such grave risk of extinction. "And that's where the issue of unlawful fishing for totoaba also comes in. Given the marine vaquita is originally from the area that saw me grow up, I feel very committed to her and its preservation or, in this case, rescue."


It is worth noting in addition to being named a Vaquita Ambassador by the Society for Conservation Biology Memuco was also recognized in October by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and Save the Whales as an "Environmental Hero" (Héroe del Medio Ambiente), being the first to receive this award.


Link to Story: 

Dates Announced for Circus Mexicus 2016


¿Qué es Circus Mexicus? If you've been to any concert by RCPM you've undoubtedly heard it talked about. Every June, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers pack their ponchos and sandals and head down together to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico to celebrate life through rock-n-roll with their biggest beachfront festival weekend of the year! Whether you've followed Roger and P.H. since the days of The Refreshments, or you just recently discovered RCPM, Circus Mexicus is an experience for fans of all ages, veterans or newcomers alike.


It began in 2000 when the recently formed Peacemakers simply visited Rocky Point looking for a place to play.  The Baja Cantina granted them electricity and a bar tab and the 40 or so in attendance witnessed show number 1.  Fast forward 16 years, numerous venues, countless explanations with border guards, swine flus, sunburns and hangovers later, Circus Mexicus continues it's annual fiesta each June.  Peacemakers from 32 States and 7 countries called it home last year.  Some call it RCPM's "annual convention" others call it their "summer vacation kick off."  Regardless, everybody agrees it's a weekend when clocks rotate counterclockwise, music fills the air and people from all walks of life join as one.


Here's what you can expect below, check back often for updates.




THURSDAY June 9, 2016

For those early birds needing a head start on their attitude adjustment, Thursday can be a relaxing day to discover Puerto Penasco before the crowds arrive.  Consider a tequila tasting including Mexican Moonshine Tequilas among others at Banditos or Capone's.  Head over to Old Port or the Malecon to watch the sun set over the Sea of Cortez.  Visit Latitude 31 for a view of the harbor or Sr. Amigos for drinks on the waterfront.  Wrecked at The Reef and Boo Bar are always busy showing whatever sports you're missing from back home. See what the local fisherman brought in that day or leave the cooking to somebody else at one of the many seaside restaurants. 

The music kicks off at sunset at our favorite third world cantina in Cholla Bay, JJ's Cantina.  Four bands will rock the outdoor patio stage with serene water, anchored boats and star filled skies serving as the backdrop.  Cold beer, warm tacos and plenty of tequila set the tone for what's to come the entire weekend.  Admission is included with any pre-purchased Circus Mexicus ticket. 

FRIDAY June 10,2016

For some, the day is yours to do whatever you want. Go shopping in Old Port or the Cholla Bay Mall.  Go snorkeling or para-sailing. Rent a wave runner or an ATV.  Swim, lay out on the beach, or take a boat trip to Bird Island. Golf at nearby courses including 2 Jack Nicklaus Signature designs or read on your beach front patio. 

Most are able to leave their cars parked at their condo and walk over to Banditos when the fun starts around 4:00 with an acoustic set inside.   Doors at the Mexican Moonshine Main Stage open at 6:00, the first of three bands will plug in at 7:00 followed by RCPM, fireworks, surprise guests and who knows what else?  Details can be found at the Line Up tab.

Have you ever seen RCPM from backstage?  This is your opportunity buy purchasing VIP Backstage Passes while supplies last, which not only include admission to both the Friday and Saturday shows, but will get you access to the Peacemaker Lounge and stage deck views just a few feet away and level with all of the bands behind and side stage.  Admission to all other shows throughout the weekend are included.

Still haven't had enough?  An after hour show on the outdoor stage at Banditos will start immediately after RCPM.

SATURDAY June 11, 2o16

Roger Clyne's annual Rock and Beach Soccer Tournament on the beach in front of the Princesa Resort starts at 8:00...AM that is!  The Princesa is located on the center of Sandy Beach just east of the Sonoran Spa Resort. Over 150 players vie for bragging rights for a year with winners taking home a one of a kind shot glass trophy.   Even more come out to support them, take a warm swim in the Sea of Cortez or master their favorite beach games of inactivity.  Proceeds benefit The Penasco Youth Sports Foundation.  Allow a few minutes for a quick afternoon siesta, water and a well earned shower. 

Then prepare to rock your socks off again!  Night two of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers is back on the Mexican Moonshine Main Stage including more great bands, fireworks and different RCPM set list from Friday night.

Past Circus Mexicus guests have included  Cracker, Sand Rubies, The Pistoleros, Johnny Hickman, The Black Moods, Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Strolling Bones, Sons of Bill, The Railbenders, Dead Rock West, Shurman, Brian Blush, Angie Stevens, Andy Hersey, Massy Ferguson, Eddie Spaghetti of The Supersuckers, The Jons, The Toluenes, Jim Dalton, Todd Snider, Tramps and Thieves, Elvis Before Noon, Jason Boots and Random Karma. Who knows who'll show up this year?

The rock will continue to roll into the wee hours with another after hours show at Banditos immediately after RCPM's set.

SUNDAY June 12, 2016

JJ's Cantina plays host to the Mananathon, a day long jam session geared to those who can delay the trip back to reality until Monday.  Bands from the entire weekend will get together on stage all afternoon playing whatever they want and taking turns sitting in with one another.  It's a chance for fans to hang with the bands including RCPM, perhaps find your misplaced keys, get an autograph or maybe find a caravan for the way home.  Plan on showing up just before 11am and get Ceasar to serve you up a pain relieving  Bloody Mary.  Then relax while looking over Cholla Bay where  Roger has penned many of his classics over the years doing exactly the same thing.  


Banditos will cap off the weekend with performances as the sun sets on another Circus Mexicus.

Emergency? 911 Will be the Number to Call

Police, Fire, Red Cross, and other numbers will migrate to the new number in 2016

The number for a new national emergency phone line will be 911, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) announced this week.

One single number for all emergency calls was announced last November by President Enrique Peña Nieto as one of a series of measures in response to the Iguala-Ayotzinapa events of September 26 and 27. At the time it was to be 911.


But last April the federal Chamber of Deputies approved legislation to make 066 the official number.


Now 911 is back, and existing emergency numbers will be required to migrate to it. Those include 060 for local police, 061 for state and Federal District judicial police, 065 for the Red Cross, 066 for the national system for citizen emergencies, 068 for fire emergencies and 080 for security and emergency calls.


The new number, for both fixed line and mobile telephones, is to begin operating early next year.


It will be managed by the executive secretariat of the National Public Security System.


Telecommunications service providers will be required to provide free access to the emergency number.

Americans: Pay Your Taxes -- Or Lose Your Passport

WSJ  Laura Saunders

Congress is poised to enact a law denying or revoking passports for U.S. citizens who haven't paid their taxes.

Under a new law expected to take effect in January, the State Department will block Americans with "seriously delinquent" tax debt from receiving new passports and will be allowed to rescind existing passports of people who fall into that category. The list of affected taxpayers will be compiled by the Internal Revenue Service using a threshold of $50,000 of unpaid federal taxes, including penalties and interest, which would be adjusted for inflation.

The rule has been passed in similar versions by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is part of a highway-funding bill, H.R. 22, that is now before a conference committee. Congress is expected to pass it in early December.


In most cases, the passport provision would apply if a taxpayer is subject to a lien, which advises creditors of a debt to the IRS, or a levy, which gives the IRS the authority to seize assets. It wouldn't apply if a taxpayer is in the process of resolving tax debt with the IRS, such as by paying it on an installment plan, or if the taxpayer is contesting the collection either administratively or in court, said David Kautter, a partner at the accounting firm RSM in Washington.


However, the State Department could issue a passport in an emergency or for "humanitarian reasons." Neither the State Department or Treasury Department would comment while the legislation is pending.


If enacted in current form, the law would take effect on Jan. 1 and would apply to existing tax debts. According to estimates by the Joint Committee on Taxation, the measure is expected to raise $398 million over 10 years.


"If this bill becomes law, it will be imperative for Americans traveling abroad or living abroad to pay attention to IRS notices-assuming they receive them," said Mr. Kautter.


It's unclear how many people would be affected. The provision's most vocal critics are advocates for the some 7 million U.S. citizens living overseas, who need their passports for many purposes, including for work visas or residency permits, and who may not be receiving mail from the IRS.


"Americans abroad need their passports for many routine activities of daily life, such as banking, registering in a hotel, or registering a child for school, and mistakes could be disastrous," said Charles Bruce, an American lawyer with Bonnard Lawson in Lausanne, Switzerland, who advises American Citizens Abroad, an expatriate group.


Mr. Bruce noted that a report issued in September by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, or Tigta, a watchdog agency, found that the IRS sent 855,000 notices to U.S. citizens abroad in 2014. According to the report, "IRS data systems aren't designed to accommodate the different styles of international addresses, which can cause notices to be undeliverable."


The Tigta report said that "current IRS processes for addressing international mail issues are ineffective or nonexistent." In response, the IRS said that Tigta's recommendations wouldn't overcome the agency's "budgetary, statutory, and operational constraints."


Link to Story:

Mexicans Coming Back for Family, Economics



1 million returned from U.S. to Mexico over five-year period


After historic high numbers of northward migration, more Mexicans appear to be returning home than arriving in the United States, spurred on by family values and declining economic expectations, says a new analysis by the Pew Research Center.

Between 2009 and 2014, the Mexican population in the U.S. declined by 140,000 as 1 million left their wealthy northern neighbor to go back to their country of origin, according to the Mexican National Survey of Demographic Dynamics (ENADID).


This reversal comes after what has been one of the greatest waves of migration in recent history, with an estimated 16 million Mexicans moving to the U.S. in the past half century.


Between 1995 and 2000 alone, 2.27 million Mexicans migrated to the U.S., spurred on by the promise of a better life.


One clue to the recent change in the trend is in current perceptions: today one-third of Mexicans believe their standard of living would be no higher north of the border, compared to less than one-quarter who thought so in 2007. And less than half (48%) believe life would be better in the U.S.


The Mexican population there peaked in 2007 at 12.8 million, falling to 11.7 million last year as new arrivals dropped sharply.


The ENADID survey also indicated that family ties had played a large part in the rising numbers of Mexicans moving back south of the border: six in 10 of those who said they had lived in the U.S. five years ago but were back in Mexico as of last year cited reunification with loved ones as the main reason. Just 14% said they had been deported.

However, the American Dream still appears to hold some sway over the Mexican imagination, as 35% of respondents in Mexico said they would move to the U.S. if they had a chance, and one-fifth of adults said they would do so illegally, according to data from the Pew Research Center.


This remains largely unchanged from figures in 2009, which found that one-third of adults would move, 18% of them without authorization.


The fall in net migration from Mexico to the U.S. is also reflected in the dwindling number of Mexicans who say people with whom they are close are living north of the border. Forty-two per cent of respondents in 2007 said they regularly kept in touch with friends or family north of the border, but today the figure is 35%.


The Pew Research report acknowledges that measuring migration between the two countries difficult because there are no official counts of Mexican immigrants who enter and leave the U.S. each year. So it used a national household survey and two national censuses in Mexico and migration estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau to come up with the figures.

Latin America's Economic Power Rankings are Shifting, and Mexico is Emerging as a Winner



The Mexican economy isn't surging, but it's surviving - and that's a success in a year of tough economic times for the region.


Low commodity prices, plunging currencies and a stock market sell off across emerging markets have hit Latin America particularly hard this year.

But Mexico's economy is growing, unemployment is falling and its debt was upgraded earlier this year.


That's exactly the opposite situation in Brazil, which had been the region's biggest success story until recently. Brazil's economic size, performance and potential surpassed all others in the region. But now its economy is in recession, its debt has been downgraded to junk status and the future outlook appears dim.


"Every problem and every headwind that you think of with Brazil, the reverse is happening in Mexico," says Neil Shearing, chief emerging market economist at Capital Economics.


Shearing and other experts project Mexico's economy will grow about 2.5% this year, ranking among the top performers. Some project Mexico to be the best performer next year.


By contrast, Brazil's economy is expected to shrink 3.3% this year, according to Bank of America (BAC)'s forecast. Experts say its recession will likely extend into next year.


Stocks are doing a little better in Mexico. Its stock market index, IPC, is barely positive so far this year. But Brazil's Bovespa is down nearly 8% over the same time.


Just as Brazil's worst problems - such as the Petrobras scandal - are self-inflicted, some of Mexico's economic resiliency are self-made too, economists argue.

Brazil is still Latin America's biggest economy, and Mexico is the second largest. But that gap is steadily narrowing and Mexico has many things going in its favor at the moment to make it Latin America's best economy.


Jobs vs. job-related protests


Mexico is hiring. Its unemployment rate is 4.3% and has been moving downward this year. More importantly, the job market's success points partially towards reforms made a few years ago.


Mexico's President, Enrique Peña Nieto, helped pass a wide-sweeping bill through Mexico's Congress (when he was president-elect) in 2012 that reformed minimum wage, women's worker rights and labor union transparency.


Pena Nieto has also passed major reforms to open some of the country's oil fields to foreign investment and break up Mexican business monopolies.


"They changed the constitution, they pushed forward," Vladimir Werning, head of Latin America research for J.P. Morgan, said of Mexico on Tuesday at the Council of the Americas.


Meanwhile, Brazil's recession-ridden job market is losing jobs: unemployment is 7.5% and experts say it's possible unemployment could reach double digit digits by next year.


Jobless Brazilians are protesting in the streets, demanding a better economy and calling for president Dilma Rousseff's impeachment.


Friend of America vs. Friend of China


Mexico's economy is closely aligned with the U.S. economy - they're major trade partners. And Brazil has dramatically increased its trade ties with China over the past decade.


As China's economy slows down, it's weighed on Brazil's growth potential. Likewise, as the U.S. economy continues its economic recovery from the Great Recession, Mexico benefits too, says Axel Christensen, BlackRock's chief investment strategist for Latin America.


Mexico has a growing manufacturing sector, particularly in autos, and it ships lots cars to the United States. Brazil's economic growth reflects the infrastructure-fueled growth in the Chinese economy. Brazil ships commodities like oil, iron ore and sugar to China to support its economic growth.


Link to Story: 

Warm Up the Winter with Pozole

When Francisco Hernandez de Córdoba, having set sail from Cuba in 1517, met a Maya in a canoe off the island of Cozumel, he was given gourds of water and balls of ground maize. This Mayan keyem, more commonly called by the Nahuatl name posolli, was the sustenance food carried by travelers in pre-Hispanic Mexico.


Culinary anthropologist Sophie Coe writes that it was most often mixed with water to form a gruel, and was so venerated by the Chamula people that they placed bits of it in the mouths of the dead so that, just as in life, they could rest and be refreshed with posolli when they got tired. The Lacandon also had a high regard for posolli, offering it to the gods and saying, "If there are no women (to grind the corn), there is no posolli; if there is no posolli, there are no gods; if there are no gods, there is no sun."


While modern Mexicans might not put it exactly that way, there is a great nationwide appreciation for pozole, the thick soup-stew descended from that ancient food. The chief similarity is that the basis of the dish is nixtamalized corn that is cooked until softened. (The word posolli came from the Nahuatl potzonti, meaning to boil or bubble.)


Nixtamalization, the process by which dried corn is soaked with cal (builders' lime, calcium hydroxide) has been used by all Native American cultures that depended on corn as the basic carbohydrate. The soaking of the kernels with an alkaline substance such as lime, wood ash or natural soda releases the store of niacin in the corn and is necessary for softening it to make masa for tortillas and a whole range of other foods, including pozole. Each region of Mexico has its own version of pozole, but the soaking of the corn is essential to all of them.


The large-kernelled, white corn used for pozole, called cacahuazintle, can nowadays be found ready to cook, having gone through nixtamalization, in the refrigerated section of supermarkets all over Mexico and north of the border. However, carrying out the process of nixtamalization at home is uncomplicated, as well as being a hands-on lesson in food chemistry, perfect for kids who are budding chefs. (Authentic Mexican home cooking is somewhat labor intensive, which is why it is a family affair.)


Whether you start from scratch by processing dried corn, or buy the vacuum packed bags of nixtamal in the supermarket, or even substitute canned hominy, do make a large enough batch of pozole to feed friends or have leftovers. It is the perfect winter one-dish meal, with the "comfort food" qualities of the corn stew and the warming effect of the chile. Perfect for entertaining, pozole can be made ahead and reheated, and requires no side dishes except the condiments that are set out for people to add individually.


Setting out a big, earthenware pot of steaming pozole, surrounded by plates of the traditional condiments of lime wedges, cilantro, dried oregano, shredded lettuce or cabbage, chopped onion, sliced radishes, crumbled dried chiles and crisp fried tortillas, is an act that almost shouts "party" and would be ideal for January's Super Bowl get-togethers, which are becoming increasingly popular here in Mexico. Soup bowls and spoons are the only tableware necessary for this wonderfully informal dish, which in Mexico is served in rounded clay bowls called pozoleros.


Although more commonly made with pork, pozole is also good with chicken. At many pozolerías (pozole restaurants) huge pots of both kinds simmer on the burners and customers can choose which they prefer. Pozolerías usually open in the evening and serve until late at night. The warmth and aroma of these places is enticing in the cool, crisp winter climate of Mexico's high central plateau, although people in the warm coastal areas are some of the country's biggest consumers of pozole.

Posole Rojo Recipe

  • Prep time: 30 minutes 
  • Cook time: 3 hours
  • Yield: Serves 12, plus plenty for leftovers.


  • 4 ounces guajillo, ancho, or a combination of both, chili pods
  • Salt
  • 1 large (108 ounce, 6 lb 12 oz, 3 kg) can white hominy, drained and rinsed
  • 3 lbs pork shoulder (preferably with bone), cut into 1 to 1 1/2 inch cubes (can also use pork shanks), make sure to use a cut well marbled with fat
  • 8 cloves garlic, 4 cloves roughly chopped, and 4 whole cloves
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 2 Tbsp of dry oregano (Mexican oregano if available)

Garnishes (can prep while pozole is cooking):

  • Half a small cabbage, thinly sliced
  • One bunch cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 white onion, chopped
  • 2 avocados, chopped
  • 4 limes, quartered
  • A bunch of red radishes, sliced thin
  • A couple dozen tostada shells*

*Tostadas are crispy fried corn tortillas. They are sold packaged and can often be found in the same section of your grocery store as fresh tortillas, or can be found at Mexican markets. You can make your own by frying stale corn tortillas (or tortillas that have dried out a bit in a warm oven), in hot vegetable oil until stiff.


1 Fill a large 10-12 quart stockpot with 5 quarts of water. Set on heat to bring to a boil while you proceed with the next steps.


2 Remove and discard the stems, seeds, and large veins from the chili pods. Heat a cast iron pan on medium high and lightly roast the chili pods for a couple minutes, until they begin to soften. Do not let them burn. While the chilies are heating, bring a medium pot with 3 cups of water to a boil. Once the chiles have softened, submerge them in the pot with the 3 cups of hot water, cover the pot and remove from heat. Let the chiles soak in the hot water for 15 to 20 minutes.


3 Heat a tablespoon or two of olive oil (enough to coat the bottom of the pan) in a large sauté pan on medium high heat. Pat the pork pieces dry with paper towels. Sprinkle them generously with salt. Working in batches, taking care not to crowd the pan or stir the meat much, brown the meat on all sides. Right at the end of browning the meat, add 4 cloves of roughly chopped garlic to the pan with the meat, let cook with the meat for about a minute.


4 Once the meat has browned, transfer it to the large stockpot of boiling water. Scrape up any browned bits at the bottom of the pan, and any garlic, and add those to the pot as well. Add the rinsed hominy. Add bay leaves, cumin, and oregano. When you put the oregano in, smoosh together with your hands so that the oregano breaks up more as it goes in. Add a tablespoons of salt. Bring to a simmer, reduce the heat and cook for 15 minutes.


5 Prepare the red sauce by puréeing in a blender the chilies, 2 1/2 cups or so of their soaking liquid, a teaspoon of salt, and 4 cloves of garlic. (To prevent the blender from creating too much pressure, it's probably best to start with the chiles and garlic and only a cup of the liquid in the blender, and then adding the rest of the liquid.) Strain the red sauce through a sieve, discarding the tough bits of the sauce.


6 Add the red chili sauce to the pot with the pork and hominy. Add another couple teaspoons of of salt. Return to a simmer, lower the heat to just high enough to maintain a simmer, partially covered. Cook for 2-3 hours until the pork is completely tender. Skim away excess fat. Taste for seasoning and add more salt to taste (you will likely need more than you expect, perhaps a tablespoon or more.) The resulting soup should be rather brothy, as you will be adding a lot garnishes. Add more water if necessary.


7 When getting ready to serve the pozole, you can prep the garnishes (slice the cabbage, chop the cilantro, etc.) To serve, arrange the garnishes in bowls on the table and serve the pozole soup into bowls. Let your guests pick and choose which garnishes they would like on their pozole. Serve with tostada shells (or tortilla chips if you can't find tostada shells).



A Few Select Mexican Proverbs


Here are a few Mexican Proverbs... and some quirky idiosyncrasies: Ten selected Mexican proverbs for you to ponder.


No hay que echarse alacranes al seno

Don't take scorpions under your wing


Avoid drawing towards you people that are likely to betray your confidence and hurt you.


"¡Agua!, cielos", dijo un pato cuando volar ya no pudo

"Water!, Oh Heavens!", said a duck when it could no longer fly


This proverb can be woven into conversation, by way of exclamation, to highlight a situation where there seems to be no way out.
When a duck in the air realizes it´s no longer able to fly, its options are not many. The best it can hope for is water - to make a soft landing.


Todo lo conserva el alcohol, menos los empleos

Alcohol preserves all, except employment


A warning to those fond of drinking to beware of losing their jobs.


Todo árbol es madera, pero el ocote no es caoba

All trees are wood, but pine is not mahogany


This somewhat class-concious Mexican proverb is used to underline social differences: Even though it would seem that our shared human condition makes us all intrinsically equal...we are not that equal after all. We may all be made out of the same stuff, but a stuff that comes in different qualities.
Ocote -from the nahuatl ocotl for pine, is the most humble of woods and represents the commonplace, whereas mahogany is a fine and expensive wood - a symbol of quality.


Los bravos a la plaza, y los mansos al corral

The fierce to the bullring go, the tame to the cattle pen


This characterizes Mexican defiance: He who fails to face life fiercely is deemed dishonorable and is shamefully compared to a bull not worthy of the bullring.


Al cabo pa'l santo que's, con un repique le basta

For a saint such as he is, one peal of the church bell is enough


This is used to express one´s scorn for someone. No need to exert one´s self for that person, anything is good enough for him. Once again we meet Mexican society´s position that the respect due to a person is proportional to his social standing or his intrinsic worth...


Apenas oyen tronar, ya quieren calabacitas

As soon as they hear thunder they want zucchini


Mocks people who are foolishly impatient in their ambition and overanxious to reap personal benefit.


Voltear cañones, es de falsos o de rajones

To turn cannons on one's own is the way of the false and the cowardly


This proverb condemns the turncoat.


Cuando hay para carne, es vigilia

When there's money for meat, it's Friday in Lent

A humorous Mexican proverb depicting the flagrant bad luck of the downtrodden.

When something yearned for is finally obtained, the opportunity to benefit from it is already gone...


La rabia de la tamalera: que otra se le ponga enfrente

What makes the tamal-vendor fly into a rage? Another
tamal-vendor setting up shop in front of her.

We need our space.



Enjoy your month. See you Next Year!

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Sonoran Sun Resort

Sonoran Sea Resort

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2BR Premium Patio

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Beautiful two bedroom condo with huge extended patio for entertaining. Owner will carry with 40% down. Great Views!

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Sonoran Spa E704
2BR East Building

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This beautiful Ocean Front condo has the lowest price of any 2 bedroom condo at any of the Sonoran Resorts. Owner priced it to sell and it won't last long. Nicely furnished and turn-key ready to go. Put it in the rental pool for income or just keep it for yourself and your family. Either way, you can't go wrong with this beauty. The unobstructed beach front views are spectacular and you can look right out and see the new Home Port in the distance. Imagine watching the lights of cruise ships from your terrace as they come and go.  You really need to come and see this one before it's gone.
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Sonoran Sea E802
2BR East Building

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This is a great price on a fantastic condo at the Sea. The views from this condo are nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy the Sunsets and the future cruise ships from the comfort of your private oceanfront terrace. Nicely furnished and ready to go. Come and see this one today before it's too late.

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Sonoran Sun W212
1 Bedroom West Building

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Brand new listing and priced lower than any other one bedroom at the Sonoran Sun Resort. This condo has been totally remodeled and is in perfect condition. It provides excellent rental income and would be a fantastic investment - or just keep it all for your own personal use. Either way, you can't go wrong on this one. Call or stop by and talk with one of our Sales Representatives today! You'll be glad you did.

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Sonoran Spa W207
2BR West Building

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Very Nice 2 Bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa Resort. This is one of the few remaining great deals at the Spa. Oceanfront views, palm trees, Old Port lights at night. Come and take a look at this one. Owner may consider financing with large down payment.

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Sonoran Sun W906
2BR 25% Share


Owning a 25% share of this condo can be the solution that you have been looking for. Enjoy ownership and 13 weeks for a fraction of the price of buying a full ownership unit. This condo is very nicely furnished, turnkey ready to go and has some of the best views on Sandy Beach. West side location allows views of old port lights at night as well. The price is right so come and buy this one before someone beats you to it.

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Sonoran Sky 705 
1BR Premium Condo

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Great price on a 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Sky Resort. This one is unfurnished and waiting for your creative design. Seller financing is available with 25% down. Great Buy!

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Sonoran Sea E1001
2 BR Top Floor



Newly remodeled top floor condo with stunning views all the way down the beach in both directions. This is one of the best views on Sandy Beach. Priced right to sell quickly, this condo could be yours. Fully furnished and ready for you to move in or add it to the rental pool. Condos like this one don't come on the market very often so you need to hurry before it's gone.

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Sonoran Sea W904
2 BR West Building

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This is a model perfect condo with absolutely stunning beachfront views at the Sonoran Sea Resort. This condo is in perfect condition and has the best of everything. If you are looking for a truly luxurious, turn-key beauty, this is it.  Great price. Great views. Ready to go. You can't lose on this one. Take a look!

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Sonoran Sky 709
3 Bedroom Premium Condo

Luxury 3 Bedroom at the exclusive Sonoran Sky Resort. This is an immaculate condo and a great rental income property.  The views from the terrace are nothing short of breathtaking. Take advantage of this fantastic price and make this condo yours. Great price - great condo.

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  Sonoran Spa N308
1 Bedroom North Building


  Newly upgraded 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Spa. Great potential as a rental or you can keep it all for yourself. This is a great price for a one bedroom with great financing available.  Just 20% down and you're in. Come take a look for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun E509
3 Bedroom Premium

This 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Premium condo must be seen to be appreciated. Great price and ready to move in and enjoy This one is a Must See beauty with ocean front views beyond belief. Just 20% down and your in.

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Sonoran Sun E204
2 Bedroom East Building

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Beautifully furnished oceanfront condo. This condo has never been a rental and it is in perfect condition. Priced to sell - this one won't last long.
You need to see this one to appreciate it. 

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Sonoran Sky 1010
4 BR Premium End Unit

This is one of those condos that absolutely has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Premium end unit with wraparound terrace and views forever. You can see all the way from Old Port to the new Home Port from the comfort of your luxurious 4 bedroom condo. Impeccably furnished and ready to go. Be sure to come and see this one as soon as you can. It won't last long.

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Sonoran Spa W310  

3BR West End Unit


This spacious 3 bedroom end unit condo at the Sonoran Spa is a great buy. Lots of room and fantastic beachfront views. Very nicely furnished and ready to move right in. Rental income is an option or keep it all for yourself.  Be the proud owner of this beachfront beauty. Call or stop by one of our sales offices today for more details.

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