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Drone Video of 2014 Rally - Old Port
Drone Video of 2014 Rally - Old Port

Outdoor Sonora - Rocky Point Rally 2014
Outdoor Sonora - Rocky Point Rally 2014

Hello November - Already. I just can't believe that it is almost Christmas again. Of course, the marketing starts earlier every year. It used to bother me when they put Christmas things out before Halloween. Now we're lucky if we don't see Christmas items by the 4th of July... In any case, this is a wonderful place to be at this time of year. October was a bit warmer than I remember for the past few years but it was nice. Now the weather is perfect, with cool, crisp mornings, warm sunshine and the water is still plenty warm for a dip in the ocean.

I want to apologize for how long it is taking to upgrade our website. Our old one still works but we can't update it while the transition is in process so some of the information is out of date. If you have a question about anything on it, just call or email me. The good news is that the new one is almost ready and it will be better than ever. One of the reasons we are upgrading is because of increased traffic to the site making it slow down. The new one shouldn't have that problem. The other reason is that our new one will be totally "mobile device" compatible. This is huge these days because about 50% of our "hits" come from mobile devices. Please hang in there with us because it will be great when it's finished. We are also working on our "Live Beach Cam". I know that there have been issues with it going down quite often. As part of this upgrade, we are addressing that issue as well.

Hurricane Patricia caused quite a scare in the area around Manzanilla and Puerto Vallarta. As I'm sure that you have heard, the hurricane missed a direct hit on both coastal cities and loss of life and damage was much lower than expected. Thanks to all of you who sent your concerns for us here in Puerto Penasco but we were never in any danger. The day the hurricane hit, we had a temperature of around 80 degrees, clear skies, and a light breeze. Patricia was a long ways from us and there was never any thought that it would affect Rocky Point. In fact, the location of Rocky Point would make it nearly impossible for a strong hurricane to hit us. We have the Baja California Peninsula protecting us and we are almost at the Northern most tip of the Sea of Cortez. The chances of a hurricane threading the needle all the way here are very low.

As always, October was a very busy tourism month here in paradise. We have been very busy with sales and showings as well. Weekends are always nearly sold out for rentals, and with Roger Clyne and all the other events, we have seen full resorts, busy restaurants, and lots of activity. The weather is perfect for anything outdoors right now, be that perusing the Malecon, watching a local soccer game, collecting shells on the beach, doing some fishing, or just reading a book on your terrace. I hope that you have a chance to visit us this month. You'll be glad that you did.

Enjoy your November, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I've been here full time for 8 years and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist
Broker/Director of Sales and Marketing
Sonoran Resorts   Spa - Sea - Sun - Sky

I hope that you enjoy my newsletter and continue to recommend it to your friends. Please feel free to give me thoughts, suggestions, or ideas for future newsletters. Puerto Peñasco is my home and I love to share the news and goings-on with you.

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PART XVII: Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco

   By Joe Houchin

Even as the strong and persistent summer winds were playing havoc with the home port construction schedules, worldwide cruise news was full of positive growth numbers and valuable statistics showing increases in almost every segment of cruise passenger activity from participation in shore excursions to individual spending at port departure points, ports of call and port disembarkation points. In addition, Carnival Cruise Lines completed construction on some major pier investments pretty close to home, well, Cozumel, same country but on the opposite side.
We have previously discussed in some depth what we should be learning from the detailed statistics the cruise industry has a history of following for decades. Statistics which they have collected religiously and used to create phenomenal, consistent growth in passenger traffic and astronomical passenger satisfaction figures. Even after more than a century the cruise lines still study-and learn from-their statistical information gathering. This information directs their every move, from immediate adjustments to future ship builds.
It seems like a no brainer,then, that we can gain valuable knowledge to help us prepare for our entry into this lucrative, affluent, even glamorous market.  For example, the fact that 75% of passenger expenditures were made in four categories: 1.) watches and jewelry; 2.) shore excursions; 3.) clothing; and 4.) food and beverages, in that order, should command the attention of business interests in any of those categories. Retail stores and gift shops should realize that the real money is in handling real jewelry and a variety of high quality watches just for starters.
Let's break down just one of those categories, saving the others for future reports. The latest stats shine brightly and specifically for local tour operators, practically designing their tour products for them. Shore excursions were the most popular category among the above mentioned four. Over half (53%) of all passengers purchased a tour and tour operators received an average of $44 per passenger directly from passengers and cruise lines. We also know that the excursions offered had better be well designed and highly service centric because shore excursions received the highest score of all visit attributes (8.3).

So we know exactly what they are expecting from a tour experience. We even have statistics that tell us which excursions rated highest: Those involving History and Culture. It's like they are playing right into our strongest suit here in Puerto Peñasco! And the clincher? These stats are from 23.6 million passenger shore visits during the survey period.

On the 15th of October we took a walk with Wendy Winzer, Home Port Project Administrator, to the end of the pier, which is now at 720 meters in length, and back.  Just another 220 meters to go before it makes the WSW turn for the final 411 meters.  The contracted docking company will begin anchoring  their independent dock at about 140 meters into the turn.
While we were walking Wendy explained that they are waiting until more small rock is blasted from the quarry which is supposed to be taking place before the end of October. In the meantime, they have renewed pouring the one and ten ton cubes anticipating the need immediately after the small rocks are poured. For the next week or so they are continuing to retrieve and re-position all the rocks and cubes that were displaced during the high winds of the last two months.
You would think that in her job, a walk to the end of the pier would be a rather routine activity, but Wendy exuded enthusiasm as she described the increased marine life and the exceptional skills of the front loader operators. "These guys are artists as they operate these huge front loaders". When they are done with the small rocks the jetty looks as smooth as a wall, then they assist the large cranes by balancing the great cubes in their loaders and place them in the exact position to weigh the rocks down until they settle.
"We have seen small sharks darting among the rocks and the divers seem to discover new species of fish on each dive that have taken up residence in spaces between the rocks and cubes", she was excited as she spoke. "Even the banana boat operators are dragging their passengers slowly up close to the jetty to give them a bird's eye view of the progress."

As we stood at the end of the pier, sure enough, there's a banana boat free floating about 30 meters east with a banana-load of kids. They weren't looking at the pier, though. They were enthralled with a large pod of dolphins dancing their way around the end of the pier not 20 meters in front of our position. This time Wendy wasn't the only one excited. Out there, over half a mile from shore the wildlife and marine life activity is astounding. Dozens of species of seabirds, large fish of unknown species, at least to this writer, swimming just inches below the surface of an obviously clearer sea this far out. The dolphins added to the color and art of the scene as they merged around the end of the jetty and headed toward the beach, feeding on the new residents who had found a home among the rocks. As their lunch dispersed the dolphins continued toward the point at competition hill.

"Sights like these make all the hard work seem like a pleasure to me," said Wendy as we headed back to her trailer/office. Oh, yes!
Your Las Vegas Night for Charity Dollars Benefit Casa Hogar Home for the Aged

     By Joe Houchin - Professional Writer (and 2nd from the right in the photo)

Generous and enthusiastic attendees of  the Sonoran Resorts Las Vegas Night for Charity 2015 helped raise nearly $5,000 US Dollars (Sonoran Resorts Corporate topped it off to an even $5,000) this year which was used to purchase needed supplies and equipment for the local Casa Hogar Home for the Aged. Since 1992 this small, serene mission-style walled environment has been called home by 30 elderly citizens on average who have been accepted into the warm and loving extended care facility because they have no other place to live out their twilight years.
Since its inception Casa Hogar has operated entirely from donated funds and supplies, and done so very efficiently. Especially over the last six or seven years. Much of the operational success can be attributed to the total devotion of the nuns assigned to the home by the Catholic diocese.
Las Vegas Night for Charity is the brainchild of Jim Ringquist, Sonoran Resorts Director of Sales and Marketing and has been a growing success since the very first event four years ago, allowing for many thousands of dollars in donations to various deserving charities in Puerto Peñasco each year. Shortly after this year's event, traditionally held over the July 4th weekend, Jim met with the staff, board and management of Casa Hogar to determine what their biggest and/or most timely needs were. Over the next two months he received their "wish list" and set out to fill it.

On Thursday October 1st, Jim and members of the Sonoran Resorts corporate staff along with local award-winning photographer Tony Ballesteros and Sonoran Resorts blog writer, Joe Houchin, gathered in a covered area at Casa Hogar shortly after the equipment and supplies were delivered and presented the complete wish list much to their appreciative amazement-as Tony's photos clearly depict.
Donations included such major items as a commercial refrigerator, mini-split air conditioners, a water heater, outside lighting kits and stacks of construction materials that were badly needed.
The current core of Casa Hogar is under the direction of Mother Superior Sister María Del Buen Consejo, a nun since the age of 16 who became a nurse and served hospital assignments for 25 years followed by another 17 years assigned to homes as a care giver. Her assignments have included such locales as Rome, Italy, the jungles of Ecuador and all around Mexico. She was assigned to Casa Hogar about four years ago along with two other Sisters: Sister María Gloria and Sister María Trinidad, all members of the prestigious 127 year old Order of María Imaculada.  The only other permanent staff includes two grounds and maintenance personnel and three others in the kitchen.
All additional manpower comes from volunteers, mostly students with a passion to serve, who are recruited from nearby schools. Casa Hogar has been blessed since around 2009 with the dedicated efforts of Rubén Rodríguez Rico who has served as Patron President along with his wife, Clarisa Flores de Rodríguez who serves as co-chair. Rubén has been motivated to continue his father's lifelong wish to build a home for the aged, which never happened before his passing seven years ago.
Rubén has devoted countless hours away from his large business, TIPS Party Planning and Supplies, which you've seen around Puerto Peñasco. His main store on Benito Juarez serves as the most complete party and holiday headquarters in the city.
Rubén has been responsible for securing funding, much of it from the municipality, to have the rooms renovated each year, as well as getting the city to pay the electric bills for the facility. He and Clarisa were instrumental in having meals prepared for the residents three days a week by Flavio's (Aquí Es Con Flavio), The Pointe and Cocina Express. Someone from Casa Hogar (or a volunteer) picks up the meals on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. He continues to seek more restaurants to donate prepared meals on an ongoing basis. Ongoing donations to ease the burden of constantly searching for funding to cover operation expenses, overhead and provide essentials  for patients are his main goals.

 Casa Hogar is located on Blvd. Josefa O. de Dominguez in Colonia Oriente next door to the new cathedral. You can call 638-383-2599 or 638-112-0846 for more informationand to arrange a donation.
The Sisters who run Casa Hogar are so appreciative of every small donation, which is obvious from the broad smiles visitors receive. Their religious devotion is a pleasure to witness as well. They are always in need of items like Ensure, soap, cleaning supplies, toiletries, sugar, bread, rice, beans and flour.
Fortunately, you, our loyal readers who attended this year's Las Vegas Night for Charity, helped fill their big wish list of major items! Your generosity is much appreciated by Mother Superior Sister María and her entire team.
Sonoran Sale Group Begins 5th Annual Holiday Food Drive for Charity Now



Yep, it's that time of year again. For the 5th consecutive  year, we will be collecting canned and non-perishable foods to be donated to the less fortunate here in Rocky Point. We will continue collections until the end of the year. If you are able to help, please do. If you can't make it, contact me and I will find a way to accept a donation (with which we will buy food). Whether a can or a case; one Dollar or a hundred, every bit helps.  


For the first couple years, we waited until December 1st to start collecting but I found by taking advantage of November's very strong tourism, we collected about twice as many donations. (Sorry, I know that I was just complaining about Christmas advertising coming too early, but I must make an exception for this one because it is for charity).


Please also help us to spread the word to your friends and family who love Puerto Penasco. Share on social media or come pick up a poster to hang in your place of business. I'm hoping for record collections this year. Thank you all in advance. 

Annual Rocky Point Rally from November 11-15 Celebrating Its 15th Year in Rocky Point



2015 Rocky Point Rally™

Nov. 11 - 15, 2015

11 Nov - Wednesday / miércoles

* preliminary calendar * subject to change *


11 Nov - Wednesday / miércoles

Sanborn's Mystery Over the Border Poker Run  ($10 US - Stops TBA)

4th & 5th cards available Thursday and Friday

5 pm  MATT FARRIS @ Puesta del Sol Restaurant - Playa Bonita Resort  Veterans Day Early Welcome


12 Nov - Thursday / jueves

Sanborn's Mystery Over the Border Poker Run  ($10 US - Stops TBA)

10 am - 5 pm  Registration @ Barclin's on Peñasco - Sonoyta Highway

  • Registration $20 includes official anniversary pin, patch, bandana, koozie, wristbands
  • Rocky Point Rally t-shirts and goodies!
  • Toy collection spot (for 2nd annual January Kings Day Toy Run)
  • Tickets for food and drink at registration area
  • 4th Poker Run stop (other spots can be filled in here)

Noon Boat cruises (Free cruise w/registration bracelet [drinks can be bought on board])




5 - 7 pm TATTOO CONTEST @ Southside Jillz on Calle 13. Cash prizes for both men and women

7 pm KICK-OFF PARTY @ Banditos on Sandy Beach with The Black Moods

10 pm Agua de Coco @ Southside Jillz on Calle 13

Fiesta en Calle 13


13 Nov - Friday / viernes

Sanborn's Mystery Over the Border Poker Run  ($10 US - Stops TBA) 

9:30 am Pinacate meet up @ Barclin's (registration area)   departs  10 a.m.  Desert Ride to the Pinacate Visitors Center


Rocky Point Rally 2013 -9 


10 am - 5 pm  Registration @ Barclin's on Peñasco - Sonoyta Highway

  • Registration $20 includes official anniversary pin, patch, bandana, koozie, wristbands
  • Rocky Point Rally t-shirts and goodies!
  • Toy collection spot (for 2nd annual January Kings Day Toy Run)
  • Tickets for food and drink at registration area
  • 4th Poker Run stop (other spots can be filled in here)

Noon and on ¡Fiesta in the Old Port!

Noon Boat cruises (Free cruise w/registration bracelet [drinks can be bought on board])

2:30 pm Charity Condo Poker Run $10 US -

meet up spot and stops TBA


pinacate-ride-2014 (6) 


3 pm - 5 pm MISS ROCKY POINT RALLY contest @ Southside Jillz on Calle 13


Poker Run final stop - turn-in cards / winners announced

7 pm The Black Moods @ BooBar in the Old Port

10 pm  Agua de Coco @ Southside Jillz

Fiesta en Calle 13

11:30 am Parade line-up @ Red Cross on Blvd. Fremont departs at NOON  Parade winds through town and ends in Malecón




Noon and on ¡Fiesta in the Old Port!

1 pm - 2 pm    Bike Show Registration in Old Port (on main plaza next to stage)

2 pm - 4 pm    BIKE SHOW on main plaza - Prizes in 8 categories, plus People's Choice, Judges Choice, & Best of Show

  • Best Trike
  • Best Chopper
  • Best Vintage
  • Best Sport
  • Best Bagger
  • Best Metric
  • Best Custom
  • Best Paint

MUSIC ON MALECÓN MAIN STAGE starting from around 3 p.m.


"Welcome to the Machine" - Agora Arts - between bands





Concert with Gilby Clarke - former Guns & Roses guitarist also feauting Metalux  - Gates open @ 6 pm The Links Golf Course @ Las Palomas  -

10 pm  Agua de Coco @ Southside Jillz on Calle 13  SALSA CONTEST @ MIDNIGHT

11 pm The Black Moods @ Banditos

Fiesta en Calle 13


15 Nov. - Sunday / domingo




Noon Boat cruises  (Free cruise w/registration bracelet [drinks can be bought on board])

Fiesta in Old Port

1 - 4  pm  Matt Farris @ Beach Bum on the Malecón

3 pm BBQ @ Southside Jillz on Calle 13


NOTE: November 16th is a holiday in Mexico, with celebrations for Revolution Day * Parade on Blvd. Juarez * We will have signs directing for best way out of town for folk staying till Monday *
Tourism to Peñasco Continues to Grow in 2015  
labor day 2013- 21


The Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) indicates 2015 has seen a 15% increase in tourism to Puerto Peñasco, both nationally and from abroad.


OCV President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado remarked according to occupation levels reported by area hotel and condo rental providers, by the end of September Puerto Peñasco's beaches had been visited by more than 1.6 million people.


Vázquez del Mercado indicated the summer season alone saw a 34% spike in the number of visitors to the area over that of 2014.


He noted these numbers represent an economic influx of more than 81 million dollars, spread across hotels and condo providers as well as restaurants, services, and other items.


Tourism to Puerto Peñasco is made up of 65% visitors from abroad (principally the US and Canada) and 35% from within Mexico.  

Potpourri - Short Shorts of All Sorts!

Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.
Puerto Penasco Overpass Project Scheduled to Complete Early 
The overpass project that you have undoubtedly seen if you've come to town over the past few months is almost completed. According to Terencio Gutierrez Valenzuela, Coordinator of Public Works, the project will be completed by the end of this month (November). "Presently, they are working on the asphalt and finishing the side rails" said Gutierrez Valenzuela, "they are expecting to finish the project ahead of schedule".

The overpass bridge project is being completed with an investment of 65 Million Pesos made by the Federal Government. This project will undoubtedly save lives as the intersection has been the site of fatal crashes in the past.

The project is just one more example of the ongoing efforts by all levels of Government to improve the infrastructure of Puerto Penasco in anticipation of the Home Port and the ever increasing levels of tourism.

Annual Black and White Ball November 20, 2015 

The Black & White Ball (Baile Blanco & Negro) Fundraiser Ball for local City of Puerto Penasco sponsored DIF Charity will be held at the new Convention Center on Friday, November 20th this year.  The annual ball is the fashion event of the year and is attended by all levels of local Government, business owners and fashion conscious folks. Formal dress is a must.

It is open to the public and is an opportunity to dress to the nines and enjoy a gala fundraiser. Enjoy live entertainment this year with a 20 piece dance band from Ciudad Obregon.  Tickets are available at DIF offices (Ave. Sinaloa).
In Pesos, prices are: 
Couples: 1400 pesos   Individuals:  700 pesos  Students: 350 pesos. In Dollars the are: $100 Dollars per couple.   
Doctor Gonzales Moves Office from Sandy Beach Location
Dr. Jesus Gonzalez has moved his practice, Sandy Beach Medical Center, from the location on Sandy Beach. He is now joining forces with Rocky Medical Center which is located just North of town on the East side of the highway. You can't miss the location with the large sign clearly visible from the road.

 Doctor Gonzalez will continue to service his current patients and is open to receive new ones as well. He and his staff are very fluent in English and the center will be open every day. The phone number (local Mexican number) is 638-388-7676.

As of now, the Sandy Beach location is vacant. Only time will tell if it will open as another medical facility. It is certainly convenient for all of the tourists staying in the Sandy Beach condos to have a facility so close by.

Rocky Point featured in US News & World Report Story

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, was an unknown fishing outpost until the 1920s when Arizonan John Stone opened a hotel and casino targeting Americans who wanted to escape prohibition. Today, this town is known as Puerto Peñasco in Mexico and Rocky Point north of the border. Surprisingly, it got its English name first, in 1826, from a retired Royal Navy admiral who was in the area scouting for precious metals. In the 1930s, the Mexican president renamed the town Puerto Punta Peñasco, later dropping the "Punta."

Perhaps the biggest appeal of Puerto Peñasco to American retirees is that this spot is only 62 miles from the U.S. border. That's just over three and a half hours by car from Phoenix, Arizona, or six hours from San Diego, California... Link to Story:



Santa Claus Club Fundraiser - Message from John Fowler

Thanksgiving Weekend Fund Raiser for the Santa Claus Club
Thursday Nov. 26, 2015-Garage Sale at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay 8am to 2pm.

Friday Nov. 27, 2015-Garage Sale at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay 8am to 2pm.

Saturday Nov. 28, 2015-Auction at JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay 1pm till finished.

All three events raise funds for the Santa Claus Club and the families in the barrios of Rocky Point. 100% of funds raised will be used to buy food, toys and repair bicycles for the needy families. If you would like to join the Santa Claus Club, our dues are only $20.00 a year. Send dues to John Fowler, P.O. Box 5, Lukeville, AZ. 85341. Our web site,, has been updated with the third quarter totals. If you have items to donate to either of the events or need more information, contact John at or drop off at JJ's Cantina. Thanks for your support.  
Google Maps Street View Car Working in Puerto Penasco

Google has been snooping around Puerto Penasco lately. There have been many sightings of the familiar Google Maps Car driving up and down the roads taking "street view" photos of our town. Puerto Penasco has been gaining in popularity and is being noticed by a wider range of people from the USA and around the World. One day soon, it will be possible to check out Google Earth or Google Maps and see the actual street views of the locations that you can see from above.

Mermaids Market, Saturday November 7th at Shrimp Park

The Mermaid's Market is a "Brick and Mortar" Artisan's Street Market held the first and third Saturdays (from mid-October thru April each year) in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico at the Shrimp Plaza in the center of town.

Juan Francisco, "El Gallo Estrada" Recognized by World Boxing Organization


Juan Francisco Estrada, fondly known by his fans as "Gallo Estrada", was recognized this week in Orlando, FL by the World Boxing Organization in recognition for his outstanding achievements.


During the 28th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Organization which took place in Orlando, Florida, the WBO president, Paco Valcarcel, presented him with a plaque and a ring in recognition of his great career.

"We make a special recognition to one of the great Mexican champions, Juan Francisco Estrada for being one of the best champions there is in the WBO. We are very proud of their five defenders and his brilliant career," admitted Paco Valcarcel.


Estrada happily and humbly accepted the honor while giving much credit to friends, family, fans, and his team. Says Estrada, (translated from Spanish) "I am very happy for this great stage of my life, and to recognize my work. And to my team, I am grateful to them because without them I am nothing. This is for them too! (Minus the ring, eh :)"


Gallo, the Puerto Penasco Home-Town Hero has had an impressive career with a record to date of 33 Wins (24 knockouts, 9 decisions), 2 Losses, and no Draws. At only 25 years old, he currently holds both the WBA Super World Flyweight and the WBO World Flyweight Titles.  


Not only is he a true champion and a real professional in the sport of boxing, our Home-Town Hero has not let his fame and success go to his head. Gallo is one of the nicest guys that you could hope to meet and it is very common to see him out and about around Rocky Point. Next time you run into him, be sure to congratulate him on yet another well deserved award.   


Estrada's most recent fight was on September 26, 2015, at our Convention Center right here in Puerto Penasco, where he successfully defended his title against Hernan "Tyson" Marquez by knockout. You can see that fight below:  



Juan Francisco
Juan Francisco "Gallo" Estrada vs Hernan "Tyson" Marquez


To make this story even better, another of our Home-Town Hero boxers just happens to be married to Gallo Estrada. Her name is Linda "La Muneca" Soto and she has an impressive career in her own right. You can see her fight next month, right here in Puerto Penasco. Don't mess with this dynamic family.  



Sea Turtle Release in Rocky Point

     By Richard Scott for


"Can I touch one?" The boy stares at the 13 tiny creatures in the Styrofoam cooler. A small crowd of people has followed the biologist as she carries the just hatched Sea Turtles down to the spot where they were born. "Everyone please, we need to form groups. Each is responsible for one turtle." Itzel Cardenas is the biologist in charge of protecting them. Today, she is here with representatives of PROFEPA (Mexico's equivalent of the Environmental Protection Agency), Alma Yanes, Sub Director For Ecology in Puerto Penasco, the Mexican Navy (Marines), as well as CEDO, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. Together, they work to make sure that the nests of endangered sea turtles have the best chance of surviving until they are ready to venture out into the ocean.


"Hold out your hands please" Itzel says to the boy. Each group selects one person to handle their turtle, who then gets a squirt of peroxide to keep any contamination from the animals. Adult or child, everyone chosen has the look of a kid at Christmas.


It is a late afternoon in October in Puerto Penasco Mexico. One hour south of the U.S. border, 'Rocky Point' as it is also known, is the gateway to the Sea of Cortez and it's wealth of ocean life. Homes line the dunes above the Las Conchas Beach,

and it is here that these turtles will be released. "Once they mature, they will return to this same spot to lay their eggs." says Paloma Valdivia, the Director for Education and Outreach at CEDO. "We have 3 nests this season, this is the first one that is ready. It takes around 46 days for them to hatch."


Each group hovers over their chosen handler as they kneel to place the turtles on the sand. Then . . . they sit there, not moving or even looking very alive. "It's the temperature" says Marco Navarro, an intern for CEDO. "they are sensitive to temperature. We keep them in one of those open beer coolers you see at a convenience store, because it lets us control the temperature. That's also why we don't leave them in their nest. A lot of the nests over heat during the Summer, so this way more of them survive to swim out to sea."


Adjusting to their new surroundings, the turtles start to move. As they perk up, their 'crews' form lines heading to the waves. Here and there, someone smooths the path ahead, but the sea turtles seem to know exactly where they want to go, needing no help. Some only manage to wiggly where they started. These will be brought back another time, perhaps when it is warmer.


Everyone holds their breath as the fastest one nears the waves. A couple of steps, then the foam takes hold of it, and tumbles it into the surf. Ouch! Now with some water to hold him up, those floppy steps become smooth paddles, quickly taking the turtle out to where he is just a black dot on the surface.


Today with a little help, five begin their lives in the ocean. Being part of a Mexican Sea Turtle release is a special event. The number of nests around Rocky Point is relatively small, but everyone of them is important to the survival of the species. When you are in Puerto Penasco, be sure to stop by CEDO to learn more about the local environment.  

First Lady Meets with U.S. Residents

        By Richard Scott

Rocky Point has quite a few U.S. citizens who live here, at least for a good chunk of the time. Many own homes, rent condo's, and help out with charity work. They consider this town their home away from home. But the differences in language and culture can sometimes keep them just a little outside of the local community.


Rocky Point's new First Lady, Linda Pivac de Munro, knows about living in two cultures at once. Three actually. Here grandfather emigrated to Mexico from Croatia. Born in Mexico, Linda spent years in Arizona as a student, learning to speak English along the way. To help bridge the gap for 'Americanos' living in Rocky Point, Linda invited members of the Las Conchas home owners association to share lunch, as well as information on what's going on around town. La Fondita Restaurant on Freemont was the location.


"I went to high school near there!" One man says, when Linda mentions where she attended classes while living in the Phoenix area. Both the First Lady and Mayor Ernesto 'Kiko' Munro are bilingual, and some faces at the table show their pleasant surprise at being able to speak easily with someone from the local government.


Inside La Fondita's Mexican tiled dining room, over plates of enchiladas and glasses of red jamaica, questions are answered, and stories shared.


First Ladies are always responsible for DIF, which is the city's social services agency. The Las Conchas HOA has a long history of their own events, which support a number of programs that 'give back' to the community. "Your Art in the Park event is coming up, maybe we can have a booth from DIF there, so more people can know us." Soon, talk turns to the holidays of Halloween, and Dia de Los Muertos.  


One resident explains that every Halloween, residents give out a ton of candy to local kids who come to the Las Conchas entrance gate. "Last year we had 1500 little guys!" She explains. Linda says "We would love to have all of Las Conchas come to the city's Dia de los Muertos Festivities. It will be at the Cholla Mall." "Oh, you mean Rodeo Drive" says the woman. "After the candy is gone, we'll be there."


Along with Day of the Dead, the First Lady mentions the Black and White Ball, set for November 20th. "It's our annual black tie affair. We have like a 20 piece dance band coming from Ciudad Obregon! They play everything, '60's, '70's, Spanish English" She explains with such enthusiasm, you just know that she and her husband will be the first ones on the dance floor. "Really, I do hope you can come."


"Thank you very much" says Maria Conchita Peralta. Maria is the Cultural Liason between Puerto Peñasco, the U.S., and Canada, and is a Las Conchas resident as well. She helped set up this meeting. "Well, the bridge is now open" she says as she gives out the First Lady's contact information. "Oh, we can drive on it now?" someone asks. "No, she means you can reach me at this number with any questions" says Linda. "The over pass? They say maybe it will be finished by the Bike Rally" as everyone laughs.

Puerto Penasco as an International Tourism and Investment Center

Considered the most important beach destination along the Sea of Cortez Riviera, Puerto Penasco is becoming a global tourism and investment center. This is why present Mayor Ernesto "Kiko" AMunro organized the forum "Organization of Destination Management" shortly before taking office.

According to a press release, the new Mayor proposed strategies for tourism and urban development of the city, accompanied by Oscar Espinoza Villareal, President of the renowned national think-tank Contorno.

Munro explained that since the June 8th elections, at which time he was elected, he has been working to position Puerto Penasco as the most important destination for tourism investment in the Northwestern part of the country. This has also focused on sustainable growth and urban development that will provide the quality of life the citizens of Puerto Penasco need.

During the forum to assess results, members from the Contorno reported that during 2014 Mexico was ranked 22nd globally by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), same period of which saw an economic influx of $16.3 
Billion Dollars. This has brought Mexico back into the "top ten" destinations, with the arrival of 24.1 million tourists from abroad.

Based on a study in Puerto Penasco by Contorno carried out in November of 2014, Espinoza Villareal, who served as Tourism Secretary during the administration of former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, stressed it is important that Puerto Penasco incorporate new niches such as" Congresses and Conventions, Border Tourism, Medical Tourism, Retirement Communities, Golf and Luxury Tourism, Social Tourism, Rural Tourism, And Casinos.

Espinoza Villareal expressed Mexico faces an enormous challenge to grow, and Puerto Penasco possesses all the characteristics to become a global tourism destination. He recommended that Puerto Penasco establish a Destination Management Organization (DMO), to guarantee the continuity of projects that will allow key figures to influence urban planning, growth, and services the destination requires.

In addition, the former Regent of Mexico City (94-97), recommended the new DMO develop a long-term strategy for the management and development of the destination for the next 10 years, with the goal of establishing priorities and actions to direct tourism development in Puerto Penasco, such as creating an icon to represent the identity of the destination.

Finally, he stressed decision making for both toursm and urban development should be done in a coordinated manner with tourism service providers, realtors, business organizations, investors, collegiate groups, and public opinion.
Mayor Participates in Bi-national Meeting, Seeks to Ease Border Crossing at Lukeville
By Jose Antonio Perez     JoinUs Magazine  


Looking for ways to ease the vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the international border between Sonoyta, Sonora and Lukeville, Arizona was the goal of a binational meeting recently attended by Puerto Penasco Mayor Ernesto "Kiko" Munro, along with Customs and Border Patrol authorities from the U.S. National Security Department and the Mexican Ministry of the Treasury and Public Credit.  


A press release issued after the meeting detailed opinions and strategic projects were exchanged during the meeting. Similarly, the mayor remarked upon the need to foster improvements to the Sonoyta border Crossing, as well as the opening of a Sentri lane. He noted during holidays, vehicle traffic on both sides of the border can have waits of up to 4 hours.  


He stated that according to the data, Puerto Penasco receives 2 million visitors annually, of whom the majority are from the U.S.  Seeking solutions to the Sonoyta-Lukeville border crossing would help to further promote Puerto Penasco as an accessible destination for tourists, businesses, and investors.  


During the important binantional meeting held in Lukeville, AZ, participants from the Arizona Customs and Border Protection included Armando Goncalvez, Commerce Program Director, Peter J. Bachelier, Port Director, and Edward Rodriguez, Deputy Port Director, similarly, Karlo Villalpando Sevilla, Deputy Customs Administrator from Mexican Customs was on hand, along with Sonoyta Mayor Heriberto Serrano. 


In addition to the recent meeting with border officials from Lukeville and Sonoyta, in furthering the mayor's work again abroad while continuing to promote Puerto Penasco as an attractive city for investment and the best tourism destination in Northwestern Mexico, Munro also recently participated in the Arizona League Showcase held in Tucson, Arizona.  


At the event, which was attended by many of the majors, from across Arizona along with Government officials and the Canadian Cousul in Tucson, Munro expressed the intent to reactivate the Scottsdale-Puerto Penasco flight. He also encouraged those in attendance to visit this tourism spot, where construction is currently moving forward on the cruise ship Home Port, and the installation of industrial centers are also projected. Therefore this is an excellent opportunity for investment.  


The mayor was accompanied by Alonso Dominguez, Administrator of the Mar de Cortes Airport, as well as representatives from the Puerto Penasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) who set up an informational stand to help promote the geographic benefits for tourism and investment in Puerto Penasco, as well as natural recreational areas including the Pinacate and the beautiful beaches along the so-called "Aquarium of the World." 

Driverless Car Makes Trip Without a Hitch

Topes were one of the challenges on week-long, 2,400-kilometer roadtrip

A Mexican-born scientist who began working in 2006 on a driverless car has completed another step in the testing stage, a trip from Nogales, Sonora, to Mexico City with no one at the wheel.


Raúl Rojas' 2010 Volkswagen Passat, named Autonomos, completed the 2,400-kilometer trip without a hitch, despite the challenges posed by construction zones, potholes and the ubiquitous tope, or speed bump.


Three colleagues accompanied Rojas on the trip, which took about a week. He described some parts of the journey as scary but there were no important safety incidents, he told Nevada Today.


One issue proved to be the absence of lane markings on long stretches of Federal Highway 15 where repaving had been carried out after rain damage.


Rojas and his team took turns with the duties that overseeing a driverless car entailed: one to watch the road and one to watch over the computer and navigation systems. Two followed in a support vehicle.


Autonomos operates with seven laser scanners, nine video cameras, seven radars, a very precise GPS unit and a multi-terabyte database containing descriptions of the highways. Those systems succeeded in guiding the car through the Sonora desert, down the west coast, up to Guadalajara and to Mexico City.


It was the longest roadtrip by far for one of Rojas' vehicles. His previous record was a 300-kilometer round trip between Berlin and Leipzig in 2012.


A professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the Free University of Berlin, Rojas is currently working at the University of Nevada, focusing on intelligent systems, robotics and self-driving cars. He is a graduate of the National Polytechnic Institute.

Carlos Slim and Bill Gates Join Forces to Help the Poor in Mexico and Central America

  Bill Gates and Carlos Slim (Photo:


The foundations of two of the world's richest men are stepping up efforts to use innovative data and mobile technology to end easily preventable deaths of mothers and newborns in the poorest pockets of Mexico and Central America.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together with the Carlos Slim Foundation are preparing to launch next year a second phase of Salud Mesoamerica, a program hailed by experts as a success story.


The $170 million program, also backed by Spain, the Inter-American Development Bank and local governments, is part of a trend in aid financing that uses independently collected data to measure results achieved by government programs and conditions financing on meeting targets.


Governments "are learning how to access rural communities," Melinda Gates told Reuters in an interview this week at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference 2015 in Mexico City.


Inequality across Latin America is much deeper than in many parts of the world, and unprecedented surveys by Salud Mesoamerica revealed that pockets of Central America were on a par with the poorest parts of Africa when it came to rates of malnutrition or lack of access to health services.


The Carlos Slim Foundation aims to deploy a program it runs in 11 states in Mexico that uses mobile technology and special software to monitor pregnant women in rural areas, improve nutrition and make sure those with problematic pregnancies get special attention.


"I can go to a specific region and a specific state... in Mexico and I can look and see exactly how we are doing on maternal health, child health and neonatal deaths," Gates said. "That tells me as a government how to act."

Microsoft Announces $1 Billion Investment



The firm will support digital education and inclusion over the next three years.

Microsoft Corporation will invest US $1 billion over the next three years in digital education and inclusion in Mexico, it was announced after a meeting Thursday between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The president's office said in a statement that the two discussed Microsoft's presence in Mexico over the next 20 years, along with its participation in telecommunications.


Following their meeting, they met with Microsoft scholarship winners from the Mexican Youth Institute, a federal agency that operates under the Social Development Secretariat and promotes education, health, employment and social inclusion on behalf of youth.


At least one successful young entrepreneur was among them.


Alejandro Cantú is the founder and general manager of SkyAlert, a seismic warning system that he developed as a Microsoft scholarship winner. The firm had four employees four years ago; today it has 75.


SkyAlert has its own earthquake detection system which sends an alert to its millions of users when it detects seismic activity. Users are also provided information about the quake's intensity.


The system employs Microsoft technology, cloud servers and security.


Cantú is working on expanding the service into California.

Celebrating Life on Day of the Dead in Mexico


Photo by Tony Ballesteros - dia de los murertos celebration at the Cholla mall (Shacks 5th Ave)


One of Mexico's most important religious holidays is celebrated on All Saint's Day (Nov 1) and All Soul's Day (Nov 2): Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead.   Traditionally, November 1st honors deceased children and November 2nd honors deceased adults.


Far from being a morbid event, Day of Dead emphasizes remembrance of past lives and celebration of the continuity of life.  This acknowledgement of life's continuity has roots which go back to some of Mexico's oldest civilizations: Olmec, Zapotec, Maya, Purepecha.   The Aztecs, too, celebrated Day of the Dead, although earlier (August) on the current calendar.


Day of the Dead is celebrated passionately throughout Mexico, and especially so in smaller provincial towns and cities.


One of the culinary highlights of the season is "Pan de Muerto" (Bread of the Dead) which is a semi-sweet sugar-coated bread made from eggs and infused with natural citrus fruit flavors.  It's traditionally taken with hot chocolate that has been mixed with cinnamon and makes for a perfect blend on a chilly November evening.


Planning for Day of the Dead can be done days, weeks or even a whole year in advance, during which time family members will gather ofrendas, offerings, to the dead.  Toys are usually offered for deceased children and bottles of tequila, mezcal, or atole for deceased adults.  Trinkets, or the deceased's favorite food or candy, may also be offered on the grave.


During the celebratory period, it's traditional for families to visit the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried to clean and to decorate the graves with the offerings.  Offerings are also put in homes, usually with foods such as caramelized pumpkin, Pan de Muerto and small sugar skulls which are sometimes engraved with the deceased person's name.  Decorations usually include orange marigold flowers called cempaxochitl, or Flor de Muerto ("Flower of the Dead").


Day of the Dead is a holiday that attracts a certain fascination for visitors from outside of Mexico. Celebrations in the city of Oaxaca and the town of Patzcuaro are particularly well attended by foreign visitors; early bookings for local accommodation are essential if you want to experience Day of the Dead at either of these places.


The precise ceremonies, offerings and customs for Day of the Dead celebrations vary by region and town.  However, the fundamental traditions described here are echoed all over Mexico and a visit to a cemetery, where the graves are bursting with color and decorations, and the lives of those past are lovingly remembered by those present, is a worthwhile inclusion to your experiences of Mexican culture during this time of year.


November 2nd is an Official Public Holiday in Mexico.

Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead)

Día de los Muertos
, or the Day of the Dead, Mexico's festive annual celebration of life - and death - takes place on November 2. The modern celebration, now an official Catholic holiday, owes its roots to the Aztecs, who devoted two full months of the year to honor the dead and assist departed souls to their final destination. During and after the Spanish conquest, the culture of the Aztecs became infused with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Consequently, the Day of the Dead coincides with All Souls' Day, the day after All Saints' Day.

Pan de Muertos (Day of the Dead bread), is as fascinating in its folklore as it is in its variety of shape and style. Undoubtedly a European import, (after all, its not cornbread de muertos or tortilla de muertos) the basic ingredients, butter, cane sugar and wheat flour were not known in Meso-America prior to the conquest.

However, the animal forms (these breads often resemble turtles, rabbits, and crocodiles) are suggestive of Aztec traditions, in which anthropomorphic figures were formed from amaranth seed dough and eaten. The Bread of the Dead dates back to the conquest years, when the Spaniards first arrived in Meso-America and were terrorized by their discovery of Aztecs rituals of human sacrifice.

There have been many studies that seek to define the meaning of Pan de Muertos. Some show that, in an effort to keep with Indigenous roots, the four lines usually found atop the bread simulate the four cardinal points of the Aztec calendar, each of which, in turn, relates to one of their four principal deities. Another interpretation of the four lines, more in keeping with the teachings of the Catholic Church, is that they represent the bones of those who have passed away and the center represents the heart or skull.




  1.  Combine the sugar, salt, anise seed, and yeast in a small mixing bowl. Heat the milk, water, and butter in a small saucepan over medium heat until the butter is just melted; do not allow it to boil. Add the milk mixture to the dry mixture and beat well with a wire whisk.
  2. Stir in the eggs and 1 1/2 cups of the flour and beat well. Add the remaining flour, little by little, stirring well with a wooden spoon until the dough comes together.
  3. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured wooden board and knead it until it's smooth, elastic, and no longer sticky, about 9 to 10 minutes. Place in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a clean kitchen towel, and allow the dough to rise in a warm area until it has doubled in size, about 1 1/2 hours.
  4. Heat the oven to 350°F and arrange a rack in the middle. Punch down the dough and divide it into 2 pieces. Cut 3 small (about 1-ounce) balls from each half and mold them into skull-and-bones shapes. Shape the large pieces of dough into round loafs and place the skull-and-bones on top. Place the breads on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let them rise another hour.
  5. Brush the loaves with the egg yolk mixture and bake. Halfway through baking, about 20 minutes, remove the loaves from the oven and brush again with the egg wash and sprinkle lightly with granulated sugar. Return to the oven and bake until the loaves are golden brown and sound hollow when tapped, about another 20 minutes. 



"Ya" in Spanish -  It's All About the Context


Ya, which is usually an adverb but sometimes a conjunction, is one of those words whose meaning depends almost entirely on the context. Sometimes it doesn't have much of a translatable meaning, becoming a filler word something like
pues, adding a slight amount of emotional content to a sentence (although the exact nature of the emotional content may be difficult to determine out of the context).

The most common meanings of ya are "now" and "already," although it can even mean "later." Often, it signifies a slight amount of impatience, although it sometimes can indicate satisfaction or agreement with the person being spoken to. As you might have guessed, it's a word you'll come across more often in informal conversation than you will in formal writing.Following are some examples of

ya in use. Please note that many of the sentences given could be translated or understood differently, again depending on the context in which they're spoken and sometimes the intonation.

  • Already (the most common meaning when used with a verb in a past tense): Lo he leído ya. I've already read it. El lunes ya lo habré visto. By Monday I will have already seen it.
  • Now (especially when describing an anticipated action): Ya está aquí. She's here now. Ya salen. They're leaving now.
  • Now, already (when expressing surprise): ¿Sales ya? You're leaving already? You're leaving now?
  • Right now: Lo quiero ya. I want it right now. Tienes que estudiar ya. You need to study right now.
  • Still, any more (especially when used in the negative): Ya no trabaja aquí. He doesn't work here any more.
  • To note that a wish has been satisfied: ¡Ya conseguí el trabajo! I got the job! Ya entiendo. Now I understand.
  • To indicate frustration:¡Basta ya! Enough already! ¡Ya está bien! That's plenty! ¡Ya era hora! It's about time!
  • To indicate emphasis:¡Ya lo sé! I already know that! Es difícil, ya verás. It's difficult, you'll see. Ya puedes empezar a estudiar. You had better start studying. Él no comió, que ya es decir. He didn't eat, which is saying something. Ya me gustaría ser inteligente. I'd love to be intelligent.
  • Later (to indicate something will happen in the indefinite future):Ya ocurriré. It'll happen. Ya lo haré. I'll get it done.
  • To express agreement (or, with an ironic tone, to express incredulity): ¡Ya, ya! Oh, sure! Ya, y el papa es luterano. Sure, and the pope is Lutheran. Ya, pero es difícil. Yes, but it's difficult.
  • To call attention to something: Ya que no está aquí, podemos salir. Since he's not here, we can leave.
  • To offer reassurance: Ya aprobarás el examen. You'll pass the test. Ya verás. You'll see.


Enjoy your month. See you in December!

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If you are looking for a team of  real professionals who specialize in Puerto Penasco's best family of "True Beachfront" resorts, you've found us, and we are here to serve you.

Whether Buying or Selling, no one can serve you better when it comes to the Sonoran Resorts. We have been here since the beginning, and we will be here for you when you need us.

We don't just sell the Sonoran Resorts, we ARE the Sonoran Resorts. We work directly with the Developers, the HOAs, and the Rental companies. We really can help you in ways that no one else can.






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Jim Ringquist
Sonoran Sales Group