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Hearth Connection wants to share news and information related to ending long-term homelessness. During the legislative session, Hearth Connection sends monthly updates on legislative news and policies that can impact homeless services and programs in Minnesota. Please sign up to receive these updates in the future, and view past newsletters below.
Hearth Connection is an innovative nonprofit working to break the cycle of homelessness in Minnesota through supportive housing.  To learn more, please visit us at www.hearthconnection.org.
Governor Releases Budget Proposal    1.24.13 

Medica Supportive Housing Initiative   11.15.12
Legislative Session Wrap-Up   5.24.12
Funding Announcement   5.2.12

Housing Bonds Alert    3.28.12
Day on the Hill Alert   3.8.12
Housing Bonds and Visible Child Act   2.28.12

Research Releases    1.20.12


Legislative Session Wrap-Up    8.30.11
State Shutdown Update    7.8.11

State Shutdown Possible    6.15.11

Legislative Newsletter - May    5.20.11

Action Alert    4.28.11

Critical Programs & Advocacy    4.15.11
Proposed State Funding Levels    3.30.11
Legislative Newsletter - March    3.16.11

Action Alert    3.11.11

New State Budget Forecast    3.2.11

Governor's Budget    2.21.11

Legislative Newsletter - February    2.2.11
Legislative Newsletter - January    1.20.11

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