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What's New at Counterpoint: The Affiliate Clearance System!



We are excited to introduce the new Affiliate Clearance system, and show you all it can do to increase the accuracy and timeliness of affidavits for your network, while making the process easy and user friendly for your affiliates! 


The new System allows your affiliates to:

  • View their Affidavit Status Easily: stations see the number of overdue weeks/affidavits right on the Main Menu screen 
  • Analyze Missed Spots quickly: stations can see (and makegood) missed spots on the Main Menu screen
  • Replace Copy and/or Spots: stations can replace objectionable spots with another network spot, and post the replacement spot(s) on their affidavits
  • Identify log revisions with Color Coding: log spot and ISCI changes are color coded for easy identification.
  • Bonus Spots: affiliates can bonus  and indicate bonus spots on affidavits
  • Make Spots Good: affiliates can MG missed spots 
  • Navigate the system with new Help Tools: new legends, help menus, and video tutorials make navigating the website a breeze! 
And more ... 

Read on for more about how these and other enhancements will help your affiliates and and your network compliance capabilities. 


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New Features                                     

The Affiliate Clearance System provides your affiliates with easy to use tools to help them report all of their spots accurately and efficiently. For a complete description of all of the new features, please read the Affiliate Clearance System Highlights.

Main Menu

A new look provides a clear snapshot of overdue affidavits and missed spots.

Makegood Spots

Affiliates can make missed spots good directly from the Main Menu or Affidavit screens.

Spot Replacement

Should a station be unable to run a spot, due to copy issues, objectionable content, etc., a choice of valid network spots to run in its place is provided.

Color Coding

Advertiser and ISCI changes are now easily identified through color coding. 

  • New (added) log spots are shown in green
  • Removed log spots are shown in red with the word "Removed" placed next to the advertiser/product name.
  • New ISCI codes are shown in green
Bonus Spots
Depending on your setup, your affiliates may have the ability to bonus and accurately report bonus spots on their affidavits. 

Keep reading What's New at Counterpoint?, for more features Counterpoint has to offer!


Best Backup Practices

Move your Counterpoint database backups from the local server disk to a network share


Counterpoint database backups ensure that you've got reliable, daily -- or more frequent -- data restore-points that you can quickly recover to in the event of a system disaster. 

The backups are a snapshot of all the required data files, automatically compressed and stored in the SAVEDATA folder on the production server. When the hardware or operating system fails, Counterpoint Support can help you quickly restore the most recent database backup available. Whether you move the backup zip files manually, or write a script to move them automatically, having that backup in a handy location on the network makes all the difference in the race to get back up & running. 


Contact support@counterpoint.net with any questions about database backup and storage.  

Tips and Trends from the Support Team

Insight into Coming Features, Industry Trends and Pro Tips.


You can easily check the status of your Electronic Affidavit exports, with the Export Journal report. 


The Export Journal includes all export information: vehicles, stations, spot counts, added and deleted spots (for re-exports), the date, time, and duration of the export, and important error information if spots are not delivered. 


The report can be generated to show only discrepancies, or a complete record of the export, making it a valuable audit and trouble shooting tool. 


To learn more about handy export troubleshooting tools, check out Troubleshooting the Electronic Affidavit Export.


For comments and questions, please email saraschones@counterpoint.net.







Behind the Screens

Setup Options

There are several features of the Affiliate Clearance System that can be customized to your network's needs. 


System wide, you can determine whether or not your affiliates can bonus spots and the length of time affiliates have to view/makegood missed spots. You also control all possible missed/replacement reason(s) that your affiliates must apply to miss or replace a spot. 


On a vehicle by vehicle basis you can decide if your affiliates can:

  • Create Makegoods
  • Replace objectionable spots with other network spots
  • View a log summary 



For additional information, please see Affiliate Clearance System Highlights


Meet Up   

Have questions about how Counterpoint can help your network?

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Need Training?

Whether you have a new hire, a new backup, are using new features, or just need a refresher course, Counterpoint is here to help! 

Schedule an on-site visit to train or review current procedures, or an on-line web session tailored to your needs, by emailing:
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