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4th  Quarter/2012
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We would like to send our thoughts out to all of our East Coast Networks that are affected directly and indirectly by Hurricane Sandy. We like to think of you as more than just clients, you are friends, and we are here to support you throughout Sandy's aftermath. 


The leaves have turned their beautiful colors, and are rapidly falling to the ground, daylight saving time has fallen back, and the temperatures are dropping. Yes, Fall is upon us, and as we tidy up those beautiful fall leaves and work on restoring the East Coast, we must also tidy up our databases in preparation for 2013!


This issue of What's New at Counterpoint will remind you of the year end To Do list, as well as check programs and reports that will help maintain a clean and efficient database for the years to come. 


Finally, we would like to thank everyone who sent in your company's logo for our new client section on We are extremely proud of our relationship with your company, so if you have not yet sent your logo in, please do so we can be sure to include you! Send all logos and questions to [email protected]


Your friends,
Counterpoint Software
New Features                                                   

As you clean up this year's data in preparation for 2013, you still need to wrap up 2012 by invoicing and closing these lasts few months. There is never enough time in the day, but making the time to run some simple check programs prior to invoicing can save an enormous amount of time in the long run. 


Spot Discrepancy

The Spot Discrepancy report compares what was ordered to what was scheduled within a given time period, and will point out any discrepancies. A clean database with no discrepancies will result in the report saying "No Data Exists." Should any discrepancies occur, contact  [email protected].


Missed Spots Report

Running the Missed Spot Report regularly will ensure that all ordered spots will be billed. The report can be generated for a specific date range, and will list every vehicle that has missed spots. 


SSF, CFF, and SMF Utilities

Counterpoint has several utilities that not only check for spot discrepancies, but will also repair any errors found by running the utility in Fix mode. The SSF Utility, SMF Utility, and CFF Utility, analyze each spot's information to ensure its validity. Any errors found will be displayed and stored in the CSI\Prod\Data\Messages folder. Always contact [email protected] if errors occur, and be sure to supply the error log . Click here for more information on these and other Invoicing Check Programs. 


Reconciling the Month and Running Zero Purge

In addition to running check programs before invoicing, closing and cleaning up your database at the end of the month is just as important to keeping your database running smoothly. Reconciling monthly, ensures that your database is in balance by adding new invoice totals to past receivables, and subtracting all payments made within a period. If your database is not in balance you will not be able to close your month. Once your month is closed, run the Zero Purge feature to move all of your paid in full transactions. Running Zero Purge frequently will keep your database clean and reports running quickly.


Be sure to keep reading What's New at Counterpoint, for more features version 5.8  has to offer! 



2013 Rate Card Reminder

It seems like we just wrote last year's reminder, but it is once again time to create your Rate Card for the upcoming year. Please take a minute to review your current Rate Card, note any necessary changes, and create your new Rate Card for 2013. Click here for helpful information on creating and altering your 2013 Rate Card.


Creating New Seasonal Sports Vehicles

Now is also the time to create new Sports Vehicles and Event Schedules for the upcoming 2013 seasons. The Sport System, Vehicle, and User Set-Up cheat sheet will walk you through creating new vehicles and schedules, as well as introducing you to some new features! 

Archive Utility

As we get everything buttoned down for winter, what better time to clean up old, unused data? Counterpoint retains all contracts, logs, invoices, etc., so that data can always be accessed and audited. But when is the last time you viewed a contract from 1997? The Archive Utility will go through and remove data prior to a date of your choosing, and place it in a file that can be reactivated if needed.


Pervasive 11 Upgrade

If you have not done so already, it is time to upgrade to Pervasive version 11. Pervasive has stopped any development on version 10, and no longer supports any version prior. Pervasive version 11 is required to upgrade to Counterpoint version 5.8 and version 6.0, which offers many new features, like the Proposal XML Export, the ability to control what is exported through new Affiliate Avail controls, and the Affiliate Management System, as well as enhancements in speed and performance, for all of your Traffic and Affiliate Departments. For information and quotes on upgrading your network to version 11, please email [email protected]


Not on version 5.8? 

Contact [email protected] about getting you upgraded today. 



Who's Who at Counterpoint 
Nora Browne,  System Consultant,   [email protected]


Nora has over 15 years of Broadcast Industry knowledge and experience. 


Nora began her career as a receptionist at Sports Byline USA, and was quickly promoted to Traffic Manager. After moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Nora worked in the Traffic department at Premiere Radio Networks. 


In 2004, Counterpoint was very happy to welcome Nora to our Support Team, where she continues to be a vital member of our team, and an invaluable resource for our clients.  

Behind the Screens


Reconciling in Post Log

Did you know that in addition to importing your automation log and posting live aired times through Live Log, you can also manually reconcile your network spots in the Post Log screen? You can alter a spot's time, date, and/or ISCI, and can also miss spots, bonus spots, or make spots good, the day after they air. Click here to learn how Post Log can help you!


Release Notes Documentation

To keep you in the know about new software features and enhancements,   links to new documentation will now be included in the release notes. You can view all documentation at 


Automatic Backups
Hurricane Sandy has taught us the importance of preparing for a disaster. Have you been making backups regularly? Find out how you can set up automatic backups to run nightly by clicking here


Visit for additional manuals and  procedures. 
Meet Up  
Please email [email protected], to set up a webinar or in person meeting to discuss where the industry is heading, and how Counterpoint can help you get there. 
Need Training?
 Whether you have a new hire, a new backup, are using new features, or just need a refresher course, Counterpoint is here to help! With new training options, getting the training your network needs is easier than ever. 

Schedule an on-site visit to train, or review current procedures, or an on-line session tailored to your needs today, by emailing [email protected]
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