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What's New at Counterpoint: Version 7 is here! 



Counterpoint introduces Version 7, which offers new software modules to help you make the most of your Traffic and Affiliate systems.


Upgrade to v7 for:

  • Speed: measurable performance improvement
  • More Business Process Automation: schedule-queuing features for exports, report-generation, and more
  • Background Task Monitoring: user-friendly status tracking for all automated tasks (backups, imports, exports, etc.)
  • Enhanced Affiliate Compliance Tools: improved tracking, capture and reporting for network and station compliance data
And more ... 

Read on for more about features we've developed to give you quicker, better commercial spot management -- for your advertisers, agencies, stations, and your internal business operations.


Counterpoint welcomes our newest clients:


Cross Platform Media

WYD Media

HRN Media Network


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Counterpoint Software
New Features                                     

We've fine-tuned the tools for measuring delinquency statistics -- including a station responsiveness measurement -- and incorporated both Network and Station commercial spot compliance tracking, to give you a quick and easy view of your affiliates' compliance at every level.  

Affiliate Measurement

The Affiliate Measurement Utility, measures and stores the amount of overdue vs reported weeks, the number of Network and Station non-compliant spots, and Station Responsiveness. Several reports pull from this stored information, to give you a quick and easy view of your affiliates' compliance.


You can check out more information about the new Affiliate Measurement Utility in Affiliate Utilities . 

Network Compliance

To determine whether a spot is 'Network Compliant' or 'Network Non-Compliant', Counterpoint compares the aired date/time to the contracted flight of the spot, and flags the spot as 'network non-compliant" if it was moved outside of its ordered parameters.

Station Compliance

Station Compliance is determined by comparing the aired dates/times to what was pledged. (Affidavit-posting promptness is not taken into account for station compliance.)


Please refer to Network and Station Compliance, for additional compliance tools and metrics information.

Station Responsiveness

Station responsiveness measures the average number of days between the date on which the spots aired and the date the spots were posted, with a # of days count ranking. A low number (1) indicates prompt posting, while a higher number (7+) means there is a lag in posting time.

Compliance Reports

The following Affiliate System reports now reflect all the spot compliance data:  
  • Affiliate Measurement
  • Advertiser Compliance
  • Fed vs. Aired
  • Pledged vs. Aired
  • Advertiser Placement
  • Advertiser Fulfillment

And we are adding more all the time ...

Keep reading What's New at Counterpoint, for more features Counterpoint has to offer!



What's new with Pervasive?

Pervasive PSQL is the database management system on which Counterpoint runs.


PSQL v12 is here
You can read the complete overview of v12 features and changed behavior in this PSQL v12 What's New PDF or get the highlights on the PSQL v12 Product Page.

Service Pack 3 for PSQL v11 is available now

See what's included in this service pack, released in December 2014, as well as in prior SPs, and download current updates at: PSQL V11 Downloads.


Contact [email protected] for assistance with applying Pervasive service packs (there is no charge for Pervasive updates).


Click here for additional Pervasive support life-cycle  information.


2015 Broadcast Calendar  
The Counterpoint 2015 Broadcast calendar is available at www.counterpoint.net. Click here to get yours today!

 Not on Version 7? 

Contact [email protected] about getting upgraded today. 

Who's Who at Counterpoint 
Mary Nelson,
Senior Account Manager,
[email protected] 


Mary was born and raised in New England. Her first job in radio was at a local AM/FM station in Farmington, Connecticut.While working at the station, Markteron software was installed, and the company piqued Mary's interest which brought her to the west coast, where she spent over 10 years supporting Marketron clients. 


Mary's experience and knowledge of radio and traffic made her a perfect fit for Counterpoint Software. Two decades later, Mary has had various positions and responsibilities within the company. As a Senior Account Manager, she enjoys the opportunities to share her broadcast knowledge with networks while supporting Counterpoint Software products for our clients.    


During her free time, Mary enjoys movies, crafts, and outings with her Australian Shepherd, Sophy, who was recently certified as a service dog. Mary also spends her off-hours volunteering with a local group that promotes sustainability and organic growing.

Behind the Screens


Task Monitor 

Automated tasks, such as backups, exports, imports, etc. can now be configured for continual status monitoringWhen a task is executed, its status will be color-coded and displayed as a menu item in the title bar so users can monitor task progress and be immediately alerted if there is ever a problem.   


For additional information, please see IT Utilities


Meet Up   

Mike Rooney and Melinda Lachance will be attending the NAB in Las Vegas 
April 13-16, 2015.

Email: [email protected] to set up an in person meeting to discuss where the industry is heading, and how Counterpoint can help you get there. 
Need Training?

Whether you have a new hire, a new backup, are using new features, or just need a refresher course, Counterpoint is here to help! 

Schedule an on-site visit to train or review current procedures, or an on-line web session tailored to your needs, by emailing:
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Daylight Saving Time is 
Sunday, March 8th
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