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3rd Quarter/2014
Issue: 9

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What's New at Counterpoint 



This year Counterpoint celebrates 20 years of serving the needs of radio networks and stations. We are proud of our relationships with you over the past two decades, and the incomparable total network broadcasting software system that continues to grow through our partnerships. 


We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to the many more years and innovations our partnership will foster. 


Counterpoint would like to welcome our newest clients:

Courtside Entertainment Group

Aire Radio Networks

Curtis Media Group

Yahoo Sports


Your friends,
Counterpoint Software
New Features                                                   
In our continued effort to provide all of our clients with the highest quality of support and documentation resources, Counterpoint now offers an even easier, more efficient way to locate the materials you and your staff need to get your jobs done. You now have the ability to search documentation by keywords, subject, or alphabetically. 


To enter the Documentation website, click on Documentation from the Help menu in the Traffic or Affiliate Screens.


Resource Search Engine

Need to find an answer to a question quickly? Have a new hire or temp that needs a reference manual? You can now access the resources needed to answer your questions and pick up new tips about Counterpoint quickly and easily through the new Resource Search Engine. 

Simply type in the topic you wish to explore, and all relevant documentation will become available for you to review. 

The Search defaults to searching on ANY Keywords, meaning that if you type in Split Copy, documents that reference Split (copy and network) AND/OR Copy will be retrieved. You can switch the parameters to search on ALL Keywords, meaning documents with Split AND Copy will be displayed, or you can search using the Exact Phrase, meaning only those documents that have the words 'Split Copy' will appear. 

Search by Folder

In addition, you can search by topic, by clicking on the Documents by Folder tab. To find the document you are looking for, look for the system folder, then the screen in question. For example, if you are trying to enter an Affiliate Agreement, click on the Affiliate System folder, and then the Affiliate Agreement sub-folder, to view all of the pertinent resources.



Search Alphabetically 

If you know the name of the individual document you are after, you can always search the list of all resources alphabetically by clicking on the Documents Alphabetically tab, and scrolling to the correct document. 



Be sure to keep reading What's New at Counterpoint, for more features Counterpoint has to offer! 


Counterpoint is constantly producing new materials to help your staff make the most out of your software. To keep you apprised of the latest resources, the Recently Added Documents tab (located below the Search field), lists the ten most recent publications on the website. 

Not on Version 6? 

Contact [email protected] about getting you upgraded today. 

Who's Who at Counterpoint 
Christine Duffy,  System Consultant,  [email protected]



Christine's first exposure to radio was in 2003 as a freshman at Long Island University's C.W. Post, where she was heavily active at the campus radio station. She went on to land her dream internships at NYC's "Z-100" and Long Island's "WBAB," producing station promos and liners. After earning her bachelor's degree in broadcasting in 2006, she got her first job at Westwood One starting as a Commercial Continuity Coordinator.  During her 4+ years there, she was promoted to the position of Sports Traffic Manager, while freelancing as an NFL Highlights Editor for Westwood One's live broadcasts. Christine had no difficulty making the jump from Broadcast Operations to Information Technology as the company's first in-house Business Analyst.  It was in this role that she was first introduced to Counterpoint Software during the Westwood One/Dial Global merger in 2011 and was welcomed by Counterpoint Software as a System Consultant at the start of 2012.  Since joining Counterpoint, she's enjoyed the opportunity to support our clients in their use of the software.

Christine, a newlywed and an aspiring oenophile loves cooking, learning, crafting, DIY-ing and her tuxedo cat, Tony.


Behind the Screens

Feature development is driven by your needs, and the demands of our industry. Frequently, when one client has a support issue, many others will as well due to an industry request. 


To find out what is trending at Counterpoint, click on the Frequently Downloaded Documents button (below the Search field) to see the current top ten downloaded items. 


Visit for additional manuals and  procedures, and direct any documentation questions to [email protected]. 

Meet Up   
Please email [email protected] to set up a webinar or in person meeting to discuss where the industry is heading, and how Counterpoint can help you get there. 

Need Training?
Whether you have a new hire, a new backup, are using new features, or just need a refresher course, Counterpoint is here to help! With new training options, getting the training your network needs is easier than ever. 

Schedule an on-site visit to train or review current procedures, or an on-line webinar tailored to your needs, by emailing [email protected]
Have a Question?   
To get answers to your questions fast, email our System Consultants: [email protected].
Support Hours 
8a  - 10p Eastern Time,
Monday through Friday 
Holiday Schedule
Counterpoint will be closed:
Thursday and Friday, November 27th & 28th, in observance of Thanksgiving
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