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1st Quarter/2013
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Happy New Year! We at Counterpoint are here to help you achieve your business goals and resolutions by continuing to offer you the personalized support that you have come to expect, and which sets us apart from other software companies. Let's work together to make 2013 our best year yet! 


It's a new year, which brings new features. This issue of What's new at Counterpoint, focuses on the enhancements made to the Affiliate System, and how these changes can help you to grow your affiliate base, and ultimately, your business. 


Finally, every new year brings new opportunities. New opportunities, to create meaningful business relationships that we hope will continue to grow and prosper, but it also gives us an opportunity to strengthen those relationships we already have, so we would once again like to thank you for your continued support, and wish you all the best that this coming year has to offer!


Your friends,
Counterpoint Software
New Features                                                   

2013 is here! Counterpoint would like to help you increase your productivity and expand your reach this year, by pointing out some new features which can help keep your data organized and stream lined. The Affiliate Management System has been helping networks maintain and track their affiliates' compliance for years, but did you know it can now also help you expand your affiliates?


Affiliate Management

This new screen is a powerful tool that allows both Affiliate Sales and Services to view all information about your network's stations and potential stations. Affiliate Services can easily view all affiliate personnel, agreement, and compliance information in one convenient place, while Affiliate Sales can home in on existing affiliates, or target potential stations (if all stations are imported into the system).  For more information on how Affiliate Management can help your team, click here. You can also enter comments and action items for each station in the system, and the Contact Comment Report can sort and give you your daily to do list!


Filter Feature

The new Filter feature uses sets of criteria/qualifiers you create to identify groups of either existing affiliates or potential stations. You can save your Filter parameters, or create dynamic filters on the fly. The Filter makes targeting specific affiliates a breeze, and contacting potential stations that could be interested in carrying your programming easy. Find out how


Station E-Mails
The Station E-Mails feature differs from the main screen Vehicle E-Mail feature in several important ways. Unlike the Vehicle E-Mail screen which targets all personnel at all stations affiliated with a particular vehicle/program, the Station E-Mail feature allows you to e-mail specific people at stations. If using the Filter Tool, you can target people based on qualifying criteria. Station E-mail also allows you to send attachments with e-mails. For more information about using this feature, click here.


Be sure to keep reading What's New at Counterpoint, for more features version 5.8 and 6.0 have to offer! 



Affiliate Utilities

Keeping track of affiliate drops and adds can be a full time job. To add to the work, you frequently are not told about a drop or add until after the fact. When this happens, you may need to remove spots from the Affiliate System and the Electronic Affidavit System. We have quick and easy Affiliate Utilities that will help you do so, and ensure your system runs clean, and your agreements are up to date.


Overdue Clean Up

Running the Overdue C.P. report is a great way to help keep your affiliates posting on a regular basis, reducing the number of outstanding affidavits in your system. The selectivity allows you to run the report for any date span, combination of vehicles, and all or selective stations. Regularly emailing the Vehicle E-Mail automatic Overdue Notice will also help keep your affiliates on track!


Keep Your Information Up to Date

If you subscribe to Act1 or BIA, remember to run those imports on a regular basis to ensure that all of your station information is current. If you have questions about running these imports, please email [email protected].


Pervasive 11 Upgrade

If you have not done so already, it is time to upgrade to Pervasive version 11. Pervasive has stopped any development on version 10, and no longer supports any version prior. Pervasive version 11 is required to upgrade to Counterpoint version 5.8 and version 6.0, which offers many new features, like the Proposal XML Export, the ability to control what is exported through new Affiliate Avail controls, and the Affiliate Management System, as well as enhancements in speed and performance, for all of your Traffic and Affiliate Departments. For information and quotes on upgrading your network to version 11, please email [email protected]


Not on version 5.8? 

Contact [email protected] about getting you upgraded today. 



Who's Who at Counterpoint 
Melinda Lachance Pomeroy,  System Consultant,   [email protected]


January of 2013 marks Melinda's sixth year with Counterpoint Software. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication from University of California, San Diego and a master's degree in Communication Management from University of Southern California.


A second-generation San Diego native, Melinda began her career in broadcasting as a promotions intern at San Diego's KHTS-FM. From there, Melinda went on to be a member of the traffic department at DirecTV. Her radio and traffic background made Melinda an ideal fit for our support department, and she quickly proved herself to be an invaluable addition.


When not determining optimal client set ups, or answering their questions, Melinda enjoys attending attending plays, visiting museums, and participating in her monthly book club.


Behind the Screens

Release Notes Documentation

Links to new documentation are included on the release notes. View all documentation at 



Even the best of us need a little help every once in a while, which is why we created this Troubleshooting Guide that will help you hone in on why that affiliates didn't get their log this week, or why there is a discrepancy between Post C.P. and the Electronic Affidavit System. 


Stopping/Starting Agreements 
In a perfect world, affiliates would return their affidavits immediately after airing all of the spots correctly, and they would inform you well in advance of any changes in their contract with you. Until that perfect world becomes a reality, we have complied common scenarios that require stopping and starting affiliate agreements retroactively. We hope that these tips and tool will help you keep your affiliate system running smoothly!

Visit for additional manuals and  procedures. 
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Please email [email protected], to set up a webinar or in person meeting to discuss where the industry is heading, and how Counterpoint can help you get there. 
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Whether you have a new hire, a new backup, are using new features, or just need a refresher course, Counterpoint is here to help! With new training options, getting the training your network needs is easier than ever. 

Schedule an on-site visit to train or review current procedures, or an on-line webinar tailored to your needs , by emailing [email protected]

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