Listen to today's 4-minute radio commentary about the 2016 presidential race
First homosexual speaker to ever address
the Republican National Convention  

On Wednesday here in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump invited Peter Thiel, the first ever homosexual speaker, to address the Republican National Convention as well as a television audience of millions. Peter is the founder of PayPal and a venture capitalist/hedge fund manager worth 2 billion dollars. When Thiel underscored his perverted sexual behavior, the delegates unfortunately gave him a standing ovation complete with wild cheers.

Listen to my 4-minute radio commentary below. 

It's one thing for a pro-homosexual, so-called "conservative" group called The American Unity Fund to organize their "Big Tent Brunch" here in Cleveland this past Wednesday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have every right to fly out transgender activist Bruce Jenner, a man who went under the knife for his breast implants and who pops synthetic female hormones to stunt his God-given testosterone. They can sip on all the mimosas they want at their little brunch.

But when the Republican nominee for President of the United States gives an avowed homosexual like Peter Thiel the spotlight, it not only harms the Republican pro-family brand, but it will alienate the very base of the Republican Party, many of whom are conservative Christians, whom Trump needs to win this November.

Listen to my 4-minute radio commentary below. 
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