Listen to today's commentary
about the 2016 presidential race

In a brilliant speech last Wednesday, Donald Trump
hit a home run by clearly articulating the reasons why
Hillary Clinton should never be president. 

I include the best soundbites as well as great analysis by
CNN's Drew Griffin and talk show host Rush Limbaugh. 

If Donald Trump can exercise the discipline to stay on this message, he'll not only excite the Republican base, but he'll win over the voters in the mushy middle to win the White House.

Listen to my commentary below.
Is your office chair torturing you?
Dan Rather: Trump could win; Trump's new TV network
Obama: I won't say "radical Islamic terrorism"!
Trump vs. Clinton: Gun debate in post-Orlando world
Kudos to Trump for tough stand post Orlando massacre
Will Trump pivot to general election?
How Trump blew the Cal Thomas interview
Media: Hillary's nomination was Second Coming
The socialism of Bernie Sanders
Hillary's lap dogs in the media
Trump blasts judge in Trump University case over ethnicity
Daily Show correspondent: Hillary NEEDS to be our boss!
How Bill and Hillary exchange cash for foreign favors
Hillary Clinton helped a child rapist avoid a 30-year jail sentence
Hillary Clinton smeared Bill's sexual victims
A closer look at Trump's pro-life Supreme Court picks
Trump releases list of Supreme Court picks
Trump talks about divorces, regrets & being wounded
Trump's brutal worldview
Donald Trump's bad treatment of women  

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