Listen to today's 4-minute radio commentary about the 2016 presidential race
'Dump Trump' movement gains steam

You've probably never heard of Kendal Unruh. She's a Denver Christian high school teacher, a conservative activist, and a member of the Republican National Convention Rules Committee. And she just might be able to do what 16 Republican presidential candidates and well-funded Super PACS could not do: take down Donald Trump. 

In my 4-minute radio commentary below, I feature a number of soundbites from her appearances on TV and radio. 

Today in Cleveland, Ohio, ahead of next week's Republican National Convention, Unruh is urging at least 56 of her 112 fellow members of the Rules Committee to sign her conscience clause that reminds delegates that they are unbound, and therefore not obligated to vote for the candidate who won the primary or caucus of their home states on the first ballot.

On the website,
they note that "The language adopted at the 1880 convention, that specifically ensured delegates could not be bound, has been part of the convention rules for 136 years and remains part of the temporary rules heading into Cleveland as Rule 37(b)."

Listen to my 4-minute radio commentary below for
all of the details.

Take a look at the newly published 122-page paperback entitled Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate.

Watch the TV ad from the group.

And listen to my 4-minute radio commentary below for all of the details.

Do you agree with Kendal Unruh's analysis that the Republican delegates are not obligated to vote for Donald Trump on the first ballot? 

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