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What's Hot & Getting Hotter : Eclipse Touch-Free LED Headlight
Howard Glazer
Quote OpenSimply waving your hand in front of the light will turn it off or on. This translates to an aseptic advantage since you don't have to touch the battery pack or any on/off switch. Two other benefits are the uniformity of the light beam and that there is no color change in the light regardless of depth of field - so you see the actual color of a tooth and the materials you are using.
First Truly Touch-Free Headlight: Eclipse LED
B.J. Chang PhD

Are you putting your patients at risk with cross-contamination? Are you touching your LED headlight with a gloved hand, or are you using some other half-measure?

In this issue we discuss the evolution of the touch-free movement and how SurgiTel developed the first, truly touch-free LED.
Plus, an excerpt from Dr. Howard Glazer's review of the Eclipse LED in AGD Impact.
Video Highlight:

How to turn your loupe-mounted, LED headlight on/off without touching it

Avoid cross-contamination with the Touch-Free, Eclipse LED Headlight.

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