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SurgiTel Delivered the Magnification I Wanted Without the Pain

Darryl L Hatchett, DDS

Quote OpenI feel that SurgiTel is way ahead of the game compared to their competitors in ergonomic features. ... At different times in the past 3 years I have wondered if I would have to change careers due to too Quote Close much pain. Thanks to SurgiTel I no longer have to worry.
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From the President
Can Work-Related Pain Be Avoidable or Reversible? 
In the School of ErgoPracticeŽ, Part 1 

B.J. Chang PhD


Every loupe manufacturer claims their loupes are "ergonomic." It is an easy thing to say. But SurgiTel has proven their products, again and again.


See this month's story from Dr. Hatchett for one example. And, see the testimonials below for more.


Dentists, Hygienists, Surgeons and Ergonomists all recommended SurgiTel.

In this month's white paper, read about what makes the difference between claiming to serve their clients' ergonomic needs, and doing it.


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Dentists, Hygienists, Surgeons and Ergonomists all Recommend SurgiTel

What makes truly Custom, Ergonomic Loupes?

Front-Lens-Mounted Loupes

  • Customizable declination angle
  • Patented stabilization technology for clear images and easier work
  • Patented vertical slide and double hinge create a custom alignment to your personal working posture

Through-the-Lens Loupes

  • Steeper declination angles achievable using SurgiTel's patented and patent pending technology
  • Patented frame tilt allows for better downward vision and more complete eye protection
To learn more about what custom loupes can do to make your work easier and more comfortable, contact your local representative online
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