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SurgiTel Loupes Changed my Posture and Changed my Life 

Joyce Turcotte, RDH, M.Ed, FAADH

Quote OpenI would say my loupes have made the biggest difference in my new posture and all the relief it brings to me. I went from chiropractic work three times a week to Quote Close maybe two times a month. I almost can't believe it.
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From the President

New Year's Resolutions: Develop 7 Habits for Health and Fitness 

by Jin Chang Ph.D


Changing unhealthy habits, like a poor working posture, requires a multifaceted approach. You don't have to wait until neck and upper back injury occur to start. In this month's letter I share 7 new habits that can help clinicians enjoy a healthier 2014 and beyond.



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This Month's Question
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Q:  Travis in California asked:
"I work in process improvement at a lab where we provide cancer diagnostic tests. I'm interested in using loupes in our lab where we inspect small biopsies of tissue. I was curious if someone was willing to come in and show us some of your products."
A: Of course! Our local representatives not only help you find what loupes will work best for your work, but will also fit you during your visit and will serve as a free resource throughout the life of your loupes.
    For the work you describe you may very well be interested in our PrismPro line with professional grade, 5.5x to 8.0x magnification. You will find no other company offering these magnifications in TTL/FLM loupes.
Know someone still using old heavy loupes?

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