Your ErgoPractice:
Assessing and Utilizing Surgical Telescopes
for the Ergonomic Practice of Dentistry

An Interview with Dr. Lance Rucker

Quote OpenYou have only one body in this life. Take care of that body very carefully. Protect it. Concern for your health is not
a matter of selfishness. Your optimal health is in the very highest interest of your Quote Close patients, both current and future.
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From the President
Are Your Loupes Supporting Your
Healthy Neck Posture?
In the School of ErgoPracticeŽ, Part 2 

B.J. Chang PhD


It may seem like there are an infinite variety of loupes available, of all sizes shapes and colors, but there are only four different types.


In this month's white paper I will evaluate the four different types of loupes available today and describe their features. Suffice it to say, some will provide more for your work and personal health than others.


But you don't have to take my word for it. Dr. Rucker (interviewed at the left) has laid out the essential criteria, resulting from decades of research, used in our evaluation. 


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Oral Health Journal: Declination Angle, The Key Factor for Custom Loupes

Oral Health Journal, in their Dental Materials & Technology section, has reprinted our April whitepaper to share with their readers. This piece describes, step by step, how clinicians can determine the declination angle they need so their custom loupes will be truly custom.
In case you haven't determined your angle, revisit this article on the Oral Health Group website by using the link below.
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