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Rationale for the Visualization, Diagnosis and Treatment using SurgiTel Prism Pro Loupes

George Grayson, BSc MSc DDS

Quote OpenThe quality of work and the speed of restoration of teeth will increase. Increasing magnification causes all margins of restorations to be more accurate. Time will be saved by little or no bleeding as the tooth tissue interface is not compromised. Difficult Quote Close situations now become manageable.

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From the President
Dr. Chang

Are you using the right magnification loupes? 

by Jin Chang Ph.D


One friend claims you should use 2.5x magnification loupes. Another claims you need nothing less than 4.5x loupes. Which is correct?


Your magnification needs will depend on your personal characteristics and your personal work. You won't be very well served without truly custom built loupes.


To learn about the algorithm you can use to determine your magnification, see SurgiTel's newest white paper!


For a free magnification consultation, contact your local representative at 1-800-959-0153 or Contact Your Rep Online!
Know someone still using old heavy loupes?
Feature Product of the Month Product Highlight

Prism Pro Line
(5.5x, 6.5x, 8.0x)
  • Magnifications offered by no other loupe company in both FLM & TTL Styles: 5.5x, 6.5x, 8.0x
  • Made possible by SurgiTel's patented, multi-lens and prism technology
  • Increase your diagnostic ability, production, speed and work quality 
If you would like to learn more about our exclusive, high-power Prism Pro Line visit our new website, ask your question online, contact your local rep or call 1-800-959-0153.

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