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Utilizing Next-Generation Vision-Aid Products for the Ergonomic Practice of Surgery

An Interview with Dr. Raymond Singer

Quote OpenAll surgeons eventually develop neck and back pain. ... To the extent that the SurgiTel loupes corrects so many issues (weight, posture, lighting), the proper loupes setup can make a huge difference to the majority of surgeons. In my case, Quote Closeit took away 90% of my back issues... 
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From the President
Improving Your Working Posture and Work Environment 
In the School of ErgoPracticeŽ, Part 3 

B.J. Chang PhD


"A surgeons' work environment and working conditions are often harsher than those of an industrial worker" describes a well known researcher. And conditions are not much different for dental and veterinary clinicians.


In this month's white paper I examine why this is and what each of us can do about this. I provide three steps to enhanced workplace comfort and safety.


Start with our three steps and you may finish with greater working comfort and safety along with a longer, healthier career.


To learn how to make your practice an ErgoPractice

Introducing the Touch-Free LED Headlight from SurgiTel: The Eclipse™ LED. Featuring IR sensor technology the light turns on/off with a wave of the hand.

* Avoid the risks of cross-contamination *
* Wave it on when you need the light, wave it off when you don't *
* Consult without blinding patient/assistant *
* Conserves battery life *

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