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SurgiTel Loupes and Headlights Have Made My Teachings Successful

Avery Bennett, DVM

Quote Open The lenses are of excellent quality so we have the ability to visualize tissues, small organs, blood vessels, et cetera in small patients such as birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and rodents. In addition they encourage, or maybe I should say, require an appropriate posture. I have learned a lot about ergonomics since meeting Dr. Chang and have come to realize how Quote Close important this is for all surgeons. 
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From the President
Ergonomic Training with Hands-on Courses:
What Can Course Attendees Learn About Clinical Ergonomics?

B.J. Chang PhD


For over the last 20 years, SurgiTel has partnered with educators throughout the country to help facilitate hands-on labs. Attendees not only learn about
specific procedures in their field, but also have the opportunity to learn more about tools for performing these procedures better and with better ergonomics.


Read this month's paper for more information on what attendees have reported learning through testing SurgiTel loupes and lights during their courses. 


And if you or an associate currently host or teach a hands-on lab, read further to learn how SurgiTel can supply your attendees with tools to help them get more out of their experience.


To learn for yourself on what attendees to courses have found from using SurgiTel loupes and lights, 
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SurgiTel in Partnership with Dental Learning present:
Practicing Dentistry Pain Free
by Timothy J. Caruso, PT, MBA


Timothy J. Caruso is a practicing physical therapist who is nationally known as a professional speaker who has worked extensively with dental professionals since 1988 in the areas of ergonomics, injury prevention, productivity, exercise, and wellness.

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