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Dr. Raymond Singer
Quote OpenI often turn off the overhead light. For one thing, it drops the temperature at the field considerably. This makes me more comfortable because I am not as warm but also protects the surface of the right ventricle of the heart which can be a significant risk during long cases. My eyes are less tired at the end of a case, I have lost less fluid Quote Close from heat, and I am more relaxed...
5 Requirements for Clinical LED Headlights
B.J. Chang PhD


What are the 5 requirements for Clinical LEDs? How can you easily tell if you have a bad LED spot? How do you know you have the best tools so you can do your best work?


We answer these questions and more in this issue of ErgoPractice News.


Plus, Dr. Raymond Singer imparts some hints on how to achieve the best light contrast in the operatory.


Video Highlight:

How to turn your loupe-mounted, LED headlight on/off without touching it

Avoid cross-contamination with the Touch-Free, Eclipse LED Headlight.

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