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A free Magickal  Moments newsletter now goes out weekly to over 1750 happy readers (see some recent samples below)  It's full of witchy fun, world news, inspiration and information; as well as keeping you up to date with all our new products & specials. New issues now come out Fridays - there is also the option of getting the new Magickal Energies newsletters as well - which come out Monday and highlight  Lunar and Solar energies for the coming week.
Here is what others have to say: 

What a great start to the week.
I went from smiling to laughing when I read about you hexing the cricket, then blessing the mushrooms and the jet which is energy in action, and ended up snorting helplessly when I read your story about your potential customer who is in the DIY home cooking market. Great newsletter - I do love starting the day with Uncle Festers . . .
THANK YOU for your interesting and insightful newsletter that I receive  . .. I long to switch on my computer and see what star sign the moon is in and in what phase. Keep it up,

I look forward to tomorrows one again.I also like to tell you how much I love your newsletters. Really, truly I look forward to your email everyday. I've set my first emails to come at 6am every, and it comes onto my phone, so your email is like my alarm which wakes me up. I look forward to reading it, before I get up and going as its a positive and spiritual start to my day. Its a really special service that you offer and has made a difference to me. You and your ideas are a inspiration.

I have returned from the UK which was fabulous. I visited many stone circles, sacred sites and spiritual places, met many new friends and just itching to get back there next year. Anyway, what I want to tell you is that I received all your newsletters whilst I was there and a lot of info was passed around from your articles. I think your newsletter is just fabulous and so full of information ... I absolutely love it.
Hi Margaret, as an aspiring young adults author I love all the interesting tit bits in 'In the News' section, and the fantastic witchy pictures, different spells and herbs etc,you have in your daily newsletters. I have come up with numerous ideas for short stories to novels from. Keep up the good work. 

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