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ASD Mobile 2 Selected 
as Finalist for the 2012 NFDA Innovation Award

We are thrilled to announce that ASD Mobile 2, our powerful mobile application, was recently chosen as a finalist by the National Funeral Directors Association for the 2012 NFDA Innovation Award. This prestigious award is given annually to a funeral service vendor whose product or service was introduced during the previous year and represents creativity, innovation and excellence.

A distinguished panel of judges selected ASD Mobile 2 as one of the five finalists for the award. The winner will be announced at the Opening General Session of the NFDA 2012 International Convention & Expo in October after the funeral service community has an opportunity to cast their vote online. Online voting will end September 14 on the NFDA Business Exchange website

We are grateful to all of our clients who have helped spread the word about ASD Mobile 2. You can help ASD win the 2012 Innovation Award by casting your vote onlineHave more than one person voting? There is no log in required and you can vote multiple times provided you use different computers or devices. 

To learn more, click here.

We hope you and your family enjoyed a fun and exciting Independence Day. Every major holiday, ASD creates a special schedule that includes all of our employees. While our call specialists work shorter shifts, scheduling all of our operators increases the overlap of employees to guarantee the office is never short staffed. 

On July 4th, ASD fielded more than 9,000 inbound calls:
  • 88% of all calls were answered by the 1st ring
  • 98% of all calls were answered by the 4th ring


Click here to learn more about how ASD ensures all calls are answered promptly. 

Innovation is central to everything here at ASD: from the development of our Mobile Application to the selection of companies for our Rewards Program. So it should be no surprise that the successor of the NFDA Innovation Award is our Rewards Partner FuneralScreen, which was honored last year for their digital signage systems. FuneralScreen's turnkey packages allow directors to replace outdated directories with digital screens

that display service information and photos in vibrant, high-definition color.


FuneralScreen is the first to install, design and manage a service for funeral homes that offers a Complete Digital Solution. The company's mission is to update the traditional presentation of their clients' memorial in a brilliant new way using modern graphics. From custom-framed displays, built-in wall monitors, wall mounts and stands, FuneralScreen provides a digital alternative to letter boards and impersonal announcements. FuneralScreen will design and manage the signage system with the funeral home's selected customizations and offers nationwide installation. 



As part of our Exclusive Partnership with FuneralScreen, ASD clients receive an attractive discount on Screens, Digital Signage Players, Stands and subscription costs. These savings help directors reduce their expenses while working with two truly innovative companies.


"My FuneralScreen system is now completely functional. Not only does the system exceed my expectations, it has received positive feedback from all the families we have served since we've implemented this system. The system allows us so much flexibility to personalize the wake and funeral services, as well as advertise our willingness to join the 21st century."


-Andrew Ruggiero, Ruggiero and Sons Funeral Home 


Click here to learn more.


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ASD is pleased to welcome William Leighton to our experienced team of Supervisors. Bill was hired as a Call Specialist in 2007 when he was 18 and just starting college at Villanova University. Managers quickly noticed Bill's eagerness to learn and teach others. He was promoted to a Training Specialist position within a year. In 2010, Bill began taking on new responsibilities as an Assistant Supervisor while earning his Bachelor's degree. Bill graduated with a degree in Business Management this Spring.


ASD has always been a highly appealing work environment for young professionals looking to start their career. The average ASD employee has been with the company for more than six years, largely because ASD offers employees opportunities to grow within our company and tuition reimbursement. Like many young people who begin their career at ASD, Bill soon developed a deep sense of empathy for funeral home callers and a strong desire to provide comfort to others.  

"I have grown as an employee and more importantly as a person during my career at ASD by trying to emulate the outstanding staff around me. Their dedication to their work, our clients, and to one another has been a major influence on me and has helped me reach my career and personal goals. I cannot think of a better environment to grow up in." 
Click here for information on Career Opportunities at ASD

"10 Burdens That Funeral Directors Carry"

The following burdens are not necessarily funeral service specific, but many, if not all, come with this profession.  Those of us who stay in this profession do so because we find serving others in their darkest hour extremely rewarding, yet there are burdens to be borne.  Here's ten.


Lack of Personal Boundaries

The phone rings at 3 AM in the morning with a hospice nurse on the other end of the line telling you that so-and-so has died, that so-and-so's family is requesting your services and that the family of so-and-so is ready for you to come and pick up so-and-so. The phone rings at 6 PM the next day. Someone needs to see so-and-so ... he simply can't believe so-and-so is dead and must come to the funeral home at once to see so-and-so.



While those of us who stay in this business do so because we love serving people, the lack of personal boundaries can lead to depression.

Depression, because my son's baseball game was at 6 PM, but somebody in so-and-so's family needed to see so-and-so this very minute.  Depression because the emotional needs of others somehow always trump my personal life needs.  And all of a sudden "I'm not a good father" and "I'm not happy with my life."



Psychologist Carl Rogers described how he "literally lost my "self", lost the boundaries of myself...and I became convinced (and I think with some reason) that I was going insane".  When we in human service, and death service, become pulled into the whole narrative of death and dying, we can lose ourselves. 


Click here to


Caleb Wilde

ASD loves reading the insightful stories and astute observations shared by our client, Caleb Wilde, on his blog, Confessions of a Funeral Director. Caleb's refreshingly honest perspectives has also rightfully caught the attention of 20/20, Connecting Directors and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Confession of a Funeral Director covers everything from societal issues such as the death of Trayvon Martin, to Caleb's firsthand experiences working as a funeral director, to personal stories about Caleb's family and the recent adoption of his son Jeremiah. Click here to read more blog posts from Caleb. It won't be long before you find yourself laughing out loud or wiping a tear away.  


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ASD is proud to sponsor American Funeral Director Magazine's Funeral Conference at Yankee Stadium on September 14. Funeral Service: A Whole New Ball Game will feature a dynamic lineup of speakers who will share their insights on how to win with customer service, increase cremation profitability and create better connections with families. 
Afterwards, directors will have an opportunity to tour Yankee Stadium's Monument Park before heading to a private, luxury suite to watch the Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays. This unique conference allows funeral professionals to network with their peers in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Reserve your seat today: only 100 seats available for this exciting event. Click here to learn more.
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smileASD Staff Is Professional and Compassionate in All Situations!

Each week, ASD awards four employees with an "Outstanding Service Award". This special recognition is given to ASD Staff who exhibit the sensitivity and attention to detail that set ASD apart from other answering services. 


Recent examples of "Outstanding Service Awards"

  • Training Specialist, Alana, determined a caller who didn't want to leave a phone number was calling to report a recent passing.
  • Call Specialist, Ayiana, compassionately assisted a caller who had just found out about the loss of her father.
  • Training Specialist, Kim, handled a call from another funeral director who initially wanted to hang up and call a different firm. Kim was able to convince the caller to provide a contact phone number.
  • Senior Call Specialist, Jim, patiently relayed information to another answering service that was repeatedly putting him on hold. 

Click here to see more "Outstanding Service Award" winners.  



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ASD would love to profile your funeral home for our blog or industry publications. If you have an exciting story to tell, event you are planning or information you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Contact ASD's Staff Writer, Jessica Fowler, at [email protected] 

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Thank you to Nomis Publications for featuring ASD's 40th Anniversary Announcement on the cover of the Funeral Home and Cemetery News
Coming Soon: 
"ASD Mobile for Android" 
We are excited to announce the launch of  

our Beta Testing Program for the "ASD Mobile for Android" app. Directors that have expressed an interest or requested an ASD Android app were sent a link to download the beta version of ASD Mobile app for the Android platform. This full featured app is a mobilized solution to help directors manage every aspect of their ASD accounts.

Our exclusive Beta Testing group will help us to enhance the app and ensure it is fully functional on all Android devices. Once the ASD Mobile for Android app has been fully tested, it will be available for all of our clients to download in the Google Play store. We expect the app to be released before September.


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ASD on the Road

ASD's Operations Manager, Linda Haas, and Corporate Relations Specialist, Mary Ann Carlisle, had a wonderful experience at the Florida Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association convention. It was great to spend some time with our  Rewards Partner, Eagle's Wings Air.
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Our top-quality service maintains the highest degree of professionalism with extensive training, careful monitoring and cutting-edge technology that tracks and records every incoming call. We understand that our voice may be the first impression a family member has of your funeral home and continually review your calls so that every time your phone rings, an experienced and compassionate operator will be there to answer.

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