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For nearly 50 years, Worldwide Books has served academic, museum and public libraries as a specialized source for art exhibition catalogues issued by museums and galleries throughout the world. For the past two decades Worldwide has also offered comprehensive coverage of new books on art, architecture, photography and design published by hundreds of leading American trade and university presses. 
Hundreds of titles are added to our online database each month.  These new titles are subsequently announced in our e-mail newsletter and in our printed catalogue.  To receive our electronic newsletter, which is also posted on our Facebook page each month, sign up through the link at the bottom of the page.  Below is an archive of previous editions.  Each edition not only features a link to a list of the new titles for that month, but also includes information on our company, tips on how to use our website, announcements for certain publications and events, and more.
To receive a hard copy of our new titles list in the mail each month, please contact our Customer Service department.

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