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There are many ways in which Worldwide Books learns of new exhibition catalogues and other art-related publications that we may wish to include in our approval plan programs. We systematically review the new offerings of domestic and foreign trade publishers, university presses and distributors, and our acquisitions staff also rigorously and exhaustively monitors the exhibition schedules of hundreds of museums throughout the world to find out about new catalogues of potential interest to our clients (see also below).


Although there is significant overlap between these two methods--since many museums now routinely team up with commercial publishers and distributors to more economically and efficiently produce and market their titles--each year a large number of exhibition and collection catalogues continue to be published independently by museums and galleries both large and small. Worldwide prides itself on its ability to offer a wide range of these somewhat more obscure and hard-to-obtain publications for our library clients. 


Occasionally, a customer's order or inquiry helps to alert us to a title from a source that we do not routinely monitor. And increasingly, publishers and even authors contact us directly to ask that we consider their books for inclusion in our approval plan program and database. We always welcome announcements of new and forthcoming publications, and to encourage new-publication alerts we have recently incorporated a simple online form into our Web site that allows anyone to submit details on recent or upcoming publications for our consideration. 
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What's on When and Where?

Our Acquisitions Associates monitor dozens of periodicals in their efforts to offer extensive and timely coverage of museum publications. Several of these periodicals have particularly useful calendars that can provide librarians with succinct, reliable information on current and forthcoming exhibitions.


One of the most thorough sources is The Art Newspaper, which prints both an comprehensive calendar of exhibitions in each monthly issue and an annual guide to shows scheduled for the coming year. Another very good monthly calendar for thorough coverage can be found in The Burlington Magazine. Both of these publications organize their calendars by country and then by city.


Beaux Arts Magazine primarily covers France, but also has a monthly calendar of European shows, and publishes a detailed summer guide. Museum Tijdschrift offers broad coverage of European shows as well, cited in a monthly insert.


Several magazines focus more exclusively on a particular region. La Revue des museés de France, for example, covers French exhibitions and will indicate whether or not a catalogue accompanies any given show. Art in America devotes an entire issue each summer to forthcoming U.S. shows, and Art Asia Pacific cites upcoming exhibitions throughout Asia. Detailed coverage of German art venues can be found in the quarterly KunstQuartal.


In addition to periodicals, there are scores of Web sites that also detail exhibition dates and venues, and in future newsletters we will highlight some of the most useful sites.
Represented with no less than nine titles in this month's New Titles list, the Gagosian Gallery is a major commercial art gallery with exhibition spaces in New York, Beverly Hills, London, Rome and Athens. For a comprehensive list of Gagosian Gallery publications in our database, click here.
The gallery has long been known for showcasing the work of such emerging artists as Jenny Saville, Taryn Simon and Tatiana Trouvé, as well as for retrospective and group shows on Picasso, Gorky, Lichtenstein, Ruscha, Warhol and other major modern and contemporary figures. Their publications are often beautifully produced books with excellent color reproductions of the featured works. A notable example is the massive four-volume catalogue raisonné of Ed Ruscha's paintings.
Among their most recent publications are a survey of the work of American painter Ed Paschke, which accompanies a New York exhibition curated by Jeff Koons (Worldwide 72986); the catalogue accompanying "Crash," a group show held in London that brought together recent works produced by many international artists in homage to British novelist James Ballard (Worldwide 33429); and the catalogue of an Athens exhibition of Picasso's linocuts (Worldwide 72965).
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For nearly 50 years, Worldwide Books has served academic, museum and public libraries as a specialized source for art exhibition catalogues issued by museums and galleries throughout the world. For the past two decades Worldwide has also offered comprehensive coverage of new books on art, architecture, photography and design published by hundreds of leading American trade and university presses. Serving as a centralized source for a wide range of scholarly art books and exhibition catalogues, Worldwide is uniquely positioned to assist and guide art libraries in careful and efficient collection development.