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We wish to congratulate the winners of this year's Worldwide Books research awards, which were presented at the recent ARLIS/VRA conference in Minneapolis.


The Worldwide Books Award for Publications goes to Richard Minsky for "The Art of American Book Covers" (Worldwide 138551). Mr. Minsky is an author, curator, book artist and founder of the Center for Book Arts in New York.


Kristen Regina, Head of Research Collections at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens, received honorable mention in recognition of "Slavic and Eastern European Visual Works on Paper in the Washington, DC Region," published as Volume 11, Issue 2/3 of Slavic & East European Information Resources


The Worldwide Books Award for Electronic Resources was awarded to Samantha Deutch, Manager of Research & Programs, Center for the History of Collecting in America, Frick Art Reference Library, for the project Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America, a pioneering resource created to help researchers locate primary source material about American collectors, dealers, agents and advisors, and the repositories that hold these records.


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New Titles
View all the new titles that arrived in March here.



Meem Gallery, Dubai


Deadline to Order Is April 22 


kiarostamiWe have recently been in touch with Meem Gallery in Dubai on behalf of a university library client who had expressed interest in the Gallery's publications on modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art. Their catalogues are produced as very expensive, limited edition publications, but provide extensive, well-produced documentation of the work of leading Middle Eastern artists. Because of the titles' high prices, we will not be supplying them automatically to any of our approval-plan clients, nor will we be including them as part of our regular inventory; instead, we will simply be placing a single, consolidated order to fill firm orders and approval-plan requests from our customers.


Before placing our order, we wanted to alert those clients who might be interested in acquiring some of the Gallery's titles. By consolidating our order, we hope to economize on shipping, which will help us to honor the recommended list prices for their publications.


Al-AzzawiThe gallery director is promoting especially these three titles: Abbas Kiarostami (Worldwide 33839), Dia al-Azzawi: Retrospective (Worldwide 33840), and Parviz Tanavoli: Monograph (Worldwide 33841).

He notes that the volumes are particularly important and likely to be of interest to American libraries that collect materials on contemporary Middle Eastern art. Please note, however, that we are also able to supply any of the gallery's titles, a complete list of which can be found here.


If you are interested in acquiring any of these volumes through Worldwide, either through firm orders or your approval plan, or if you have any questions or wish to receive additional information, please contact David Fogel by Friday, April 22nd. 




Worldwide Books: The Video


"What We Know from Art . . ."


Worldwide Books was pleased to be one of about a dozen exhibitors at the recent ARLIS/VRA conference in Minneapolis to take part in the Vendor Slam event, a forum that allowed participants to make brief presentations on their companies' products and services.


While most of our fellow participants made "live" PowerPoint presentations, we chose instead to produce a lighthearted five-minute video that provides a brief history of Worldwide and a broad overview of our strengths and services. A highlight of the video is a fast-paced montage of images of academic and museum libraries, using photographs supplied to us by our customers.


The video was produced entirely in-house, and drew on the varied talents of our staff. Joanna Cerro (Trade Program Associate) provided voice-over narration along with David Fogel (Approval Plan Manager), who wrote the script and, in the spirit of a poetry slam, delivered a "rap" about what makes WorldwideBooksSlam.wmvWorldwide special at the conclusion of the video. An original musical soundtrack was composed and performed by Everett Fox (Receiving Department), and photographs of our workplace were taken by Emily Parsons (Customer Service). Eileen Baker (Exhibition Catalogue Program Manager) and Michael Sampson (Order Fulfillment) assisted in the selection of the dozens of catalogue and book covers that illustrate much of the script. Jochen Beheydt (Bibliographic Editor and IT Manager) used's Impress and Windows Movie Maker to edit the video and create custom animations. And in his role as Executive Producer, Kelly Fiske (President) had a hand in various aspects of the production and made sure that its tight four-week schedule was adhered to.


While the video was well-received by those who saw it at the conference, many librarians who expressed interest in seeing it were unable to attend the session due to scheduling conflicts. It now may be viewed in several "venues": on our Web site, our Facebook page and YouTube.



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For nearly 50 years, Worldwide Books has served academic, museum and public libraries as a specialized source for art exhibition catalogues issued by museums and galleries throughout the world. For the past two decades Worldwide has also offered comprehensive coverage of new books on art, architecture, photography and design published by hundreds of leading American trade and university presses. Serving as a centralized source for a wide range of scholarly art books and exhibition catalogues, Worldwide is uniquely positioned to assist and guide art libraries in careful and efficient collection development.