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July was a month for photography at Worldwide Books, with the receipt of more than 60 new photography titles, and we are excited to share a few highlights from this extensive list.


Renowned documentary photographer Bruce Davidson's massive oeuvre is celebrated with the publication of Outside Inside, a three-volume survey of a life's work (Worldwide 141186). A member of Magnum and former recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, Davidson witnessed and recorded the Civil rights movement as well as documented the varied and changing population of New York City over the years. Davidson himself revisited his archives to select and personally reprint over 800 images that span his career from 1954 to 2009.


Another important publication on documentary photography is North Korea Caught in Time: Images of War and Reconstruction (Worldwide 132331). Comprised of 150 rare surviving photographs, this book reveals images never before in print and illuminates the censored struggles of North Korea. If seeing is believing, here is a testimony to a nation that embodies the aftermath of WWII.


Frida Kahlo: Her Photos (Worldwide 72966) is a treasure trove of insight into the lives of Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Only recently rediscovered, Kahlo's personal collection of photographs ranges from well-known artists such as Man Ray, Edward Weston and Tina Modotti, as well as many unsigned photographs quite possibly taken by Kahlo herself. Over 450 of these fascinating images are published in this volume.


In the world of fine art photography, the latest exhibition of Sandy Skoglund's work, which opened in Venice last year, will travel to Stockholm's new museum of contemporary photography, Fotografiska. We recently stocked the accompanying monograph, Sandy Skoglund: The Artificial Mirror (Worldwide 33297), which includes 90 of the artist's photographs of her fantastic and meticulously constructed environments, which often feature brightly colored animals overrunning domestic interiors. 
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Distribution Changes and How They May Affect Library Approval Plans

Although libraries may not always be familiar with the specific arrangements publishers have made for the commercial distribution of their titles, booksellers serving the library market need to be very adept at monitoring and responding to these changes in order to maintain continuous and immediate access to publishers' titles, both forthcoming volumes and backlist titles. And it is important for libraries to understand how the changes can impact the coverage they are receiving from their vendors.


While some publishers choose to handle their own distribution, many rely on wholesale distributors to promote their new titles to booksellers and libraries, and to provide warehousing and order-fulfillment services. Terms of these arrangements vary. In some cases a publisher may be closely tied to a particular distributor whose imprint may actually appear in their publications alongside the publisher's own. Or, a publisher may simply arrange for a certain distributor to provide warehousing and order-fulfillment services on a contractual basis, in which case the arrangement may be all but invisible to most libraries.


To assist libraries in navigating these waters, Worldwide Books often includes distributor information in our bibliographic records even if the distributor's name is not actually imprinted in the publication, especially when the distributor is a major publisher or wholesaler whose distribution arrangements are likely to affect libraries that maintain approval plans with multiple vendors. Such information may be critical in helping those libraries avoid duplication of titles received on approval.


Also affecting coverage is the fact that distribution arrangements may change after a publication has already gone to press, but before it has been released - in which case a distributor's name might be wrongly imprinted in the publication, a dilemma for both libraries and booksellers. It may be difficult to predict, for example, how a publication that bears D.A.P.'s imprint, but is not actually being handled by D.A.P., will be treated by various library vendors whose agreements with libraries call on them to either include or exclude D.A.P. titles from approval-plan shipments.


To minimize duplication and to avoid having important titles "fall through the cracks," librarians are encouraged to consider carefully how these kinds of distribution changes might affect their approval-plan profiles, and to coordinate and revise the instructions they provide to their vendors so that there is no ambiguity.


Some recent distribution changes that may warrant your attention:

Steidl Verlag is no longer distributed in the U.S.A. through D.A.P., and has made arrangements to distribute their titles themselves, using services provided through Innovative Logistics. Since Steidl is not a U.S. trade publisher per se, Worldwide plans to begin supplying Steidl titles as appropriate to those approval-plan clients who did not previously receive Steidl through Worldwide because we had been instructed to exclude D.A.P.-distributed titles from their coverage. (We recently sent an email message to our approval-plan clients that are affected by this change, alerting them to the situation and explaining our response to it.)


image2Getty Publications (including titles published by J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Conservation Institute, Getty Research Institute, Getty Trust Publications, etc.) are no longer being distributed through Oxford University Press, and are now being handled by Chicago Distribution Center (a commercial arm of University of Chicago Press, but a separate and independent entity).


image3PowerHouse Books (formerly distributed through Perseus Distribution) and Smithsonian Books (formerly an imprint of HarperCollins, and before that known as Smithsonian Institution Press) have both recently switched to Random House for their distribution.


If you have questions about how these changes might affect your Worldwide Books approval plan, or if you wish to provide instructions regarding coverage of specific imprints, please contact David Fogel at your earliest convenience:


David Fogel, Approval Plan Manager

Telephone: 800-473-8146 ext. 20


Single Examination Copies and Special Archival Volumes Now Being Offered through Our Web Site

Quantities Are Extremely Limited



Recently added to our Web site are bibliographic records for nearly 800 archival examination copies, including rare volumes recently culled from our former reference library, as well as titles that were never included in our approval plan program. The volumes are in like-new or very good condition unless noted otherwise, and we anticipate that many of the rarest and most desirable titles will sell quickly. In most cases we have just a single copy of each title to offer, and we encourage interested libraries to review the list at their earliest convenience. The titles can be searched and ordered through our Web site in either of two ways:


          Select the button labeled "Examination Copies and Archival Volumes Only" at the bottom of the Advanced Search screen; you can further filter the list by selecting simultaneously any of the other filtering options offered on that page that serve to limit searches by geographic region, medium, period, etc.


          To view the list in its entirety, without the option of filtering, select the "Examination and Archival Copies" link from the "Special Lists" pull-down menu on our homepage, or click here.


The titles being offered are drawn from two basic types of material as described below, and include titles that were never supplied through our approval plan program, as well as titles that have been out of print for many years:


Examination Copies of Titles That Were Not Included in our Approval Plan Program


Each year in the course of evaluating new titles for possible inclusion in our approval plan program, Worldwide purchases scores of examination copies that are ultimately judged to be inappropriate for inclusion in our approval plans for one reason or another. Single copies of selected titles that we purchased for examination and ultimately rejected are now being offered for sale. Although many of these titles were not deemed essential for our approval-plan clients, the titles we have selected to list will likely be of interest to libraries that collect broadly in certain subject areas.


Archival Copies of Titles That Were Included in Our Approval Plan Program


From the 1960s through the late 1990s, Worldwide maintained a reference library that included one archival copy of each and every title that was selected for inclusion in our approval-plan programs. In the 1990s, large portions of this unique reference collection, which totaled some 30,000 volumes, were sold to two major art libraries, one in Spain and the other in Taiwan. However, certain volumes that these two clients already owned remained unsold and have been in storage at Worldwide ever since. In many cases, these exhibition catalogues have long been out of print and the copies in our reference library have not previously been offered for sale.
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