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New Titles
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Special Acquisitions


Victoria and Albert Museum 


074297Abrams recently announced the forthcoming release of Western Illuminated Manuscripts in the Victoria and Albert Museum (Worldwide 74297), a new collection catalogue published by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, that is due out in September. This three-volume set documents the V&A's collection of illuminated manuscripts that date from the Middle Ages through the 19th century, and includes such works as the St. Denis Missal of 1350 and the Chambord Missal of 1844, the Sanvito Petrarch of 1463-64 and William Morris's Book of Verse of 1870.


Only 350 copies of this publication will be made available for sale in North America through Abrams, and we encourage customers to reserve their copies in advance. Orders can be placed through our Web site; approval plan customers who wish to have the title included in their regular shipments should contact David Fogel.


The V&A has also recently published a collection catalogue on Chinese export ceramics (Worldwide 74240), an exhibition catalogue on contemporary Japanese fashion by Yohji Yamamoto (Worldwide 74249), an exhibition catalogue on oil sketches by John Constable (Worldwide 74014), and the catalogue for an exhibition on masterpieces from its collection of European decorative arts from the 17th and 18th century that opened at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth (Worldwide 74303). 



Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum


Administered by the Union Académique Internationale in Brussels, the series Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA) encompasses scores of volumes that have been issued since the first title appeared in the 1920s, with museums in at least 27 countries participating in this ongoing project to comprehensively document their collections of ancient Mediterranean pottery.


074178Because the volumes are not produced by a single publisher, but are instead published independently by the various museums participating in the project, it has traditionally been somewhat difficult for both booksellers and libraries to monitor release of new volumes. Worldwide has just solicited orders for one of the more recent titles, a 2008 publication documenting the collection of the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney (see Worldwide 74178) that was not distributed commercially in North America, and that relatively few American libraries had yet acquired. This is the first volume devoted to an Australian collection.


Worldwide alerted scores of library clients that had previously ordered selected titles in the CVA series from us that we would be placing a bulk order for this Australian title, so that we could accurately assess interest in advance of placing our order with the publisher. By soliciting advance orders for a title that would be very expensive for us to stock, we were able to confidently submit a more sizeable order to the publisher, which helped us to economize significantly on shipping charges. That in turn has enabled us to offer the title at a very competitive price to clients who responded to our offer. This is the sort of special-title alert that we plan to feature in future issues of the newsletter and that we encourage clients to consider.


Although Worldwide continues to accept orders for the Australian volume of the CVA, the cost of restocking in small quantities will likely be higher, and we do not anticipate being able to continue offering the title at the same initial price. 


Worldwide routinely monitors this series and plans to announce new volumes as they come to our attention. If you wish to receive these announcements, or if you would like to submit a series standing order to Worldwide, please contact us.




Staff Picks


Ai WeiweiAi Weiwei


On April 3, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was placed under arrest by Chinese authorities, and while it is still unclear what charges will be brought against him, he remains detained. Internationally acclaimed for his multi-faceted work, Ai Weiwei epitomizes the surging Chinese contemporary art scene (see, for example, Worldwide 33209, 73638, 73924, 139994 and 142127). Although he has often represented China at such international events as Manifesta, Documenta and the Venice Biennale -- and has been involved in projects of national prestige in China, including his collaboration with Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron in designing the stadium built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics (see Worldwide 33233) -- his outspoken criticism of Chinese culture and politics (see Worldwide 142861) has frequently put him at odds with his own government.


Recent work by Ai Weiwei includes a site-specific installation at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona (Worldwide 74160), and the iconoclastic Dropping the Urn (Worldwide 73746), in which he destroys ancient Chinese ceramics.




Newsletter Anniversary


Send us your comments and suggestions


One year ago this month we sent out the first issue of our newsletter, which replaced the e-mail messages we previously sent to announce our monthly lists of new titles. As with many new ventures, this first year has been marked by experimentation with form and content. Through much trial and some error, we have offered alerts about new titles and a variety of news items that we hope you have found to be useful and interesting.


Because Worldwide primarily serves library clients, our newsletter is geared towards librarians, acquisitions staff and others who may be involved in the selection of art-related publications, including art faculty members and curators.  Previous issues have presented articles covering the services we offer, alerts about noteworthy new publications, and helpful information on how to use our Web site's on-line database. Other topics have included news stories that related to our company, such as our involvement with ARLIS/NA, and short features on museums, galleries and publishers. All back issues of the newsletter are archived on our Web site, where they can be accessed freely.


Since this newsletter is written for you, we are very interested in receiving your feedback. Perhaps you would like to learn more about individual publications, or find out about forthcoming titles that are particularly noteworthy, or that may have very limited print runs. Or you may be curious about the museums and galleries behind the exhibition catalogues. Or maybe you simply wish that we would finally decide on a color scheme for our newsletter. Whatever your thoughts may be, we welcome your feedback. Please e-mail us your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.


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