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July 1 marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for Worldwide Books and we will be conducting our annual inventory during the last week of June. From June 27 through June 30, while our staff diligently takes stock of all the books in our warehouse, business as usual will be suspended and no orders will be shipped or billed. However, you will be able to submit your orders through the regular channels (e-mail, Web site, telephone, fax, mail), and they will be promptly processed on July 1. E-mail and voice mail will be monitored throughout the week to respond to any urgent queries. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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New Titles
View all the new titles that arrived in May here.



Staff Picks




As the first official day of summer draws near and the temperatures climb, Worldwide's Trade and University Press Department has been readying its "summer reading lists." Although not the usual farawaysort of light summer fare, some recently published, wonderfully rich biographies could be perfect candidates for beach reading -- they will transport you to a different place and time while still allowing you to brush up on some art history. At the top of our list are the May releases: Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter, by Patricia Albers (Worldwide 144738), and Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted, by Justin Martin (Worldwide 143221). Other notable titles include Modigliani: A Life, by Meryle Secrest (Worldwide 142661), and Lee Krasner: A Biography, by Gail Levin (Worldwide 142339). If you're looking for a great summer romance read, My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, Volume One, 1915-1933 (Worldwide 142545) is one not to be missed. The letters reveal how the two artists met and fell in love and tell a personal history of the American Modernism scene. Read them in sequence to get the full story, or open to a random page to read a lovely little epistolary exchange. Either way, this book is nearly impossible to put down.



Bienal de São Paulo


Created in 1951 and inspired by the Biennale de Venezia, the Bienal de São Paulo was the secondsao paulo major international event dedicated to contemporary art. Held at the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the Bienal promotes Brazilian art and its link with the international scene, featuring works by some of the most relevant artists of today. The 29th exhibition, held in 2010, was accompanied by a well-illustrated catalogue documenting works by 159 artists (see Worldwide 33730). Since no formal arrangements for distributing the catalogue in North America existed, Worldwide's Acquisitions staff actively pursued this publication and obtained it directly from the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo. These kinds of acquisitions always prove to be challenging, as such institutions are not always set up or equipped to deal with international wholesale orders. Language barriers, shipping logistics, and customs regulations often further complicate the process. However, it is all the more rewarding to succeed and be able to offer this hard-to-obtain publication to our customers. 



Worldwide Web Site


A recent update to our Web site now allows users to export search results to a downloadable file in spreadsheet format. In the past, results from a search conducted using the Advanced Search page would simply be displayed on the screen in catalogue format. Some of our customers expressed the desire for a convenient way to compare our bibliographic records against their own holdings, which would be facilitated by being able to download the records in spreadsheet format.


While our Web site does offer a page where multiple records can be obtained in a spreadsheet format, this function depended on manually entering multiple ISBNs or Worldwide item numbers. Its functionality was also limited because the results were only available for display on screen, and required users to copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet. Results from the Advanced Search page did not previously offer the option of a spreadsheet format at all.


The Advanced Search page and the Multiple ISBN Search page now offer the option to display select records as before, or to download them as a CSV file that can easily be imported into a spreadsheet or database. Users can then further manipulate the data, which consists of elements of bibliographic information, indexing notes and descriptive comments, to fit their specific needs. The download option is available for a minimum of 6 records and up to 2,000 records at a time.



Use the Export to File function to create a spreadsheet of the New Titles list from the Advanced Search page.


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