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This issue of the newsletter highlights Worldwide's approval-plan program, perhaps the most important collection-development service that we offer to libraries collecting in the areas of art, architecture, photography and design.

Worldwide provides thorough and systematic coverage of titles from hundreds of museums and galleries throughout the world, while also offering comprehensive coverage of new art books from scores of American trade and university presses, and is highly regarded for its flexible, expertly administered approval-plan program. Plan subscribers are ensured a balanced and conscientious selection of publications on all aspects of art and art history, while saving valuable staff time otherwise consumed by complex search and ordering processes. Our many standard plans can be customized as desired, and special plans can be designed to suit virtually any selection profile or budget. Modifications to a plan may be implemented at any time, and subscribers are granted unrestricted return privileges.

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New Titles
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Our approval plan program for exhibition catalogues is carefully structured to accommodate the wide range of acquisitions priorities and budgetary levels that exist among our client libraries. At the core of our plan offerings is the Basic Selection (Plan 1), made up of some 300 of the most important exhibition catalogues issued in any given year by museums and galleries throughout North America and abroad. About 80% of the Basic Selections are in English or bilingual in English and another language, and this group of English-text catalogues is subdivided into four additional standard plans of varying size. Plan 7 encompasses all the English-text catalogues from Plan 1 (some 250 titles annually), and is further subdivided into increasingly selective categories (Plans 8 through 10) for the benefit of libraries wishing to limit and prioritize their acquisition of English-language materials.


A second broad level of exhibition catalogue coverage is our Supplemental Selection (Plan 2), made up of volumes on more specialized topics or documenting exhibitions on less prominent artists. While titles in this group are critical acquisitions for certain library collections, they may be of lesser importance to libraries with smaller budgets or more restricted collection needs.


A number of topical plans draw on both the Basic and Supplemental Selections. These include plans devoted to art of the post-1945 period (Plan 20), architecture (Plan 24) and photography (Plan 25), among others. For libraries with focused interests in particular areas, all of our numbered plans may be supplemented by titles from our Additional Selection category of museum publications, a third level coverage made up of exhibition and collection catalogues that are not included in any of our standard plans. 

Plan 7
Recent Plan 7 selections


In addition to our standard plans, Worldwide administers museum-based plans, whereby we monitor a specific list of regional, national and/or international institutions for a library, as well as an eclectic group of customized plans based on subject area. These customized plans have focused on such diverse areas as contemporary ceramics, American and European decorative arts, fashion, early American modernism, and the work of women artists.


Exhibition-catalogue plan shipments may also be supplemented with standard trade and university-press books from the scores of commercial and academic publishers whose offerings in the areas of art, architecture, photography and design we cover systematically, applying the same high standards of selection that are brought to bear in the museum publication program. We also offer customized, stand-alone approval plans for focused or broad coverage of these monographic publications.   


As a specialist in the selection and distribution of publications on art, architecture, photography and design, Worldwide is uniquely qualified to administer highly targeted approval-plan profiles that respond to the special needs of academic, public and museum libraries. For more information about our approval-plan programs, please click here or contact David Fogel, Approval Plan Manager. 






Approval plan numbers can be used as search parameters on the Advanced Search page of our Web site. Simply enter a plan number in the field labeled "Approval plan number" at the bottom of the search form (all plans must be entered in the field as two-digit numbers, with a leading zero if necessary), and combine that designation with one or more of the many other available parameters on the search form. A useful application for such a plan-based search is to identify all the titles in a specific plan that we offered in a particular imprint year. For example, a search conducted by entering 2009 in the "Year of publication" field in combination with 09 in the plan field will yield a complete list of the 88 Plan 9 selections from that imprint year. For a brief description of each of our standard approval plans, click here.


To conduct more complex searches, two or more plan numbers can be entered in the plan field separated by one or more of three logical operators: AND, OR, AND NOT. For example, a plan subscriber considering increasing coverage from Plan 9 (80-90 catalogues per year) to Plan 8 (170-190 per year) can enter an imprint year along with 08 AND NOT 09 in the plan field to identify those Plan 8 titles that were not also included in their Plan 9 during that particular year.  


Customers who subscribe to any of our standard approval plans may also find it useful to combine their plan number with a particular month from the Recent Arrivals menu in order to identify titles they recently received or can expect to receive on approval. For example, subscribers to Plan 20 (Post-1945 art) received these titles that came into stock in October of this year.


Customers searching for individual titles on particular topics can use plan-based searches as a guide to the relative importance of our offerings in their area of interest. For example, a search for recent important English-text catalogues on contemporary painting might be conducted by entering 2010 in the imprint-year field along with Painting from the Medium menu and Post-1945 from the Period menu. A Plan 7 search of these parameters will yield 18 recent titles; 16 of those 18 will be displayed in a search of Plan 8, 7 of the 18 in a search of Plan 9, and just 4 of the 18 in a search of Plan 10, which is made up of the most significant English-text exhibition catalogues in any given year.



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For nearly 50 years, Worldwide Books has served academic, museum and public libraries as a specialized source for art exhibition catalogues issued by museums and galleries throughout the world. For the past two decades Worldwide has also offered comprehensive coverage of new books on art, architecture, photography and design published by hundreds of leading American trade and university presses. Serving as a centralized source for a wide range of scholarly art books and exhibition catalogues, Worldwide is uniquely positioned to assist and guide art libraries in careful and efficient collection development.