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Hello and welcome to the Archives for The Benedictine Cyber Toolbox!
Here you'll find back issues of the newsletter.  Just click on the one that you would like to read and, wella, you'll be there.  You'll be able to both view and to print a back issue of the newsletter.
I hope you find the newsletters helpful and inspirational.
  • Back Issues of The Cyber Toolbox
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  • Cyber Toolbox December 2015  (12/29/2015)
  • Holiday Greetings and the Twelve Benedictine Days of Christmas from Randy the Cat. Jane writes on the desire of the heart.
  • Cyber Toolbox July-August 2015 Final  (8/28/2015)
  • Jane announces the new edition of St. Benedict's Toolbox. Jane's article and tool are about living our purpose. Ricky is dealing with new members to the feline cloister. The recipe is Benedictine Asian Eggplant.
  • Cyber Toolbox May-June 2015 Brief  (5/29/2015)
  • Jane announces the Give-A-Toolbox project where first editions are to be sent free of charge to church, monasteries and organizations in need.
  • Cyber Toolbox May-June 2014  (6/24/2014)
  • Jane talks about personalizing the Rule and there is a new feline article from Ricky. Tasty vegetarian tacos is the fare of the day. And a new game - Benedict Rulez!
  • Cyber Toolbox Jan-Feb 2014  (2/21/2014)
  • Jane's newly formatted newsletter. She shares her ideas about doing everything to the glory of God. And a new recipe section.
  • Christmas Greeting 2013  (12/26/2013)
  • Jane shares Randy's version of "The Twelve Benedictine Days of Christmas" originally published in December 2012.
  • Randy Announcement July 2013  (7/11/2013)
  • Jane shares the news of Randy's death and of his new life in the Paradise Cloister.
  • Cyber Toolbox May-Jun 2013  (6/13/2013)
  • An abbreviated newsletter announcing Jane;s upcoming Sabbatical and an upcoming program.
  • Cyber Toolbox Mar-Apr 2013  (4/16/2013)
  • Jane reflects on the Annunciation in light of Mary's trust. Randy shares his exploration of care of the sick in the Rule.
  • Cyber Toolbox for Jan-Feb 2013  (2/21/2013)
  • Jane writes about knowing God's love for us. Addressing a problem in the feline cloister, Randy mews about the dangers of pride.
  • Lenten Program 2013 February Release  (2/2/2013)
  • Learn about and register for Jane's 2013 Lenten Program conducted by conference call
  • Randy's Christmas Greeting 2012  (12/26/2012)
  • Randy's shares his "Twelve Benedictine Days of Christmas."
  • Cyber Toolbox Nov-Dec 2012  (12/5/2012)
  • Jane focuses on weaving Christ into our lives while Randy gives ways to help the sad and grieivng.
  • Cyber Toolbox for Sept-Oct 2012  (11/8/2012)
  • Jane suggets ways to find moments full of glory. Randy reflects on meandering with wild turkeys (??)
  • Cyber Toolbox for July-August 2012  (8/24/2012)
  • From Jane - Coco the dog and finding God in our traveling. Randy writes about trasnformation in the tough stuff of life.
  • Cyber Toolbox for May-June 2012  (6/19/2012)
  • Jane writes about clearing away "stuff". Randy gives ways for more positive relationships.
  • 2012 Mar-Apr  (4/30/2012)
  • Church on fire!! Randy reflects on being considerate of others.
  • 2012 Jan-Feb  (2/21/2012)
  • Looking at Lent a new way. Randy helps Jane to keep calmer.
  • 2011 Nov-Dec  (12/10/2011)
  • A Christmas issue. Being in the present moment. Randy mews about meddling.
  • 2011 Sep-Oct  (10/24/2011)
  • Jane writes on living from a spiritaul heart. Randy comments on having possessions.
  • 2011 Jul-Aug  (8/6/2011)
  • Jane talks about playing catch and Randy comments on how hard it is to put up with the foibles of other cats.
  • 2011 May-Jun  (6/13/2011)
  • An article about grumbling from Jane and Randy mews about staying close to home.
  • 2011 Mar-Apr  (4/25/2011)
  • A Lenten issue - Keeping a Holy Benedictine Lent AND the first "Rule According to Randy!"
  • 2011 Jan-Feb  (1/12/2011)
  • Read all about listening.

"Prefer nothing whatever to Christ."

The Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 72, Verse 11

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