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Bruce Johnson is a performer specializing in family entertainment.  He has been appearing as Charlie The Juggling Clown since 1974.  He combines magic, juggling, pantomime, trick cartoons, clowning, and other variety arts skills to create his own unique performance style.  His experience includes six seasons with outdoor American circuses and eleven years at the Raging Waters amusement park. He is a popular instructor and has lectured in eight countries on three continents.
Bruce began his Thought For The Week email newsletter in May 2001 focusing on showmanship and creativity.  He originally intended it for clowns.  However, magicians, jugglers, and other vareity artists started subscribing because they found his messages valuable.  Readers have said that the Thought For The Week has been as useful in their private life as it has been in their professional life.  He now has subscribers on every continent except Antarctica.

Bruce is internationally recognized as a variety arts historiran and a prolific author specializing in familey entertainment.  In 2009 he was named the official World Clown Association Historian.  He contributed to Creative Clowning, was a senior columnist for Laugh-Makers Magazine, and published the Clown In Times, a journal devoted to clown history.  He has written over a thousand articles for trade publications.  He currently writes a column for Clowning Around, published by the World Clown Association.  He has compiled several lecture note booklets.  He wrote Comedy Techniques For Entertainers and the Creativity For Entertainers trilogy. 


Bruce has started a second email newsletter for readers of the Creativity For Entertainers trilogy.  The Creativity For Entertainers newsletter contains additional ideas, resources, and corrections to the original set of books.  The Creativity For Entertainers newsletter will also contain ideas and information shared by readers.  The purpose of this newsletter is to make the books as valuable a resource for readers as possible.
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  • Creativity 17  (11/3/2011)
  • Creativity 16  (7/19/2011)
  • Creativity 15  (4/25/2011)
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  • Creative Exercise -- Fifty Uses, Flexagon, Make A Splash, Will the Books Match, Pooh's G-Together Game, Booking Sheets
  • Creativity 11  (3/18/2010)
  • Creative Exercise, Silk Painting, Color Changing Streamer, Sunfire Blendo Addition, In Memory: Don Brisbane, Creativity at SECA, Available Props
  • Creativity 10  (2/12/2010)
  • Mistaken Identity, On the Spot Creativity, Business Card Magnets, Suitcase Latch
  • Creativity 9  (12/3/2009)
  • Will the Music Match, Larry Becker's Punchline at Christmas, Christmas Playing Cards, Spoonerism
  • Creativity 8  (9/25/2009)
  • Nine Dots Solution, Instant Wild Card, Review -- Blackstone the Magic Detective, Who is What?, Volume Two Corrections
  • Creativity 7  (8/14/2009)
  • Is It Appropriate?, Sing a Song, Kiss, Nine Dots, Write Me a Letter
  • Creativity 6  (7/17/2009)
  • It's Nothing, The Method Isn't Important, HaHa-Ah at the Public Library, Stagecoach Revisited, Quotation
  • Creativity 5  (6/26/2009)
  • Transforming Books, Jimmy Happy Williams, Spot's Safety Message, Multicultural, Velcro, Volume Two Correction
  • Creativity 4  (5/14/2009)
  • Marked Fish 2, Cards for Caring Clowns, Napkin Rose, Creative Music, Craft Foam
  • Creativity 3  (4/17/2009)
  • Marked Fish, Phantom and Geni Tube Tips, Ali Bongo, Corrections
  • Creativity 2  (3/13/2009)
  • Card Stand, Evolution of a Butterfly, Adding Sound, Jazz Magic, Corrections
  • Creativity 1  (1/30/2009)
  • Card Match Principle, The Word, Innovation and Adaptation, Clown Camp Last Call
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