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Issue #417 
November 7, 2011

By Bruce "Charlie" Johnson





I had a surge in orders for my Creativity For Entertainers books and ran out of copies in stock.  Thank you to those who ordered books and waited for me to replenish my stock from the publisher.  All books that were on back order have now been shipped.  I have books on hand to fill additional orders.


Creativity For Entertainers Volume Three: Creative Routines may be of particular interest to you at this time of the year.  It contains many routines that you can easily make and customize for holiday routines.  Some of them are secular routines, some are spiritual in nature, and some can be used in either setting.  Here is just one example.  You tear up a blank piece of paper, put it into a bag, add color, and then pull out a restored sheet of paper with a picture appropriate for the event.  The directions in the book make this very easy to perform.  I have discovered a special way of folding the papers which makes it easy to open them without fumbling and insures that the picture is right side up when you reveal it to the audience.  Using computer clip art you can create any picture that you want.  It can be a picture of Santa Claus wishing the employees of a specific company a Happy Holiday.  It can also be a picture of a nativity scene for church events.  I like to give these restored pictures to somebody in the audience as a reminder of my performance.  If it is a corporate event, I give it to my contact person who often puts it on a bulletin board where everyone can see it.  When I did a show last week at a nursing home on Halloween I produced a picture of a pumpkin against a background of fall leaves.  The activity director put it up on a bulletin board to remind the residents of my show, and immediately booked me to return for a Christmas show next month.  Complete details for making and performing this routine, including directions for making a drawstring change bag, are included in my book.


Here is another holiday tip from volume three.  Make a drawstring change bag from red velvet or another holiday print fabric and you have a versatile prop themed to the holiday.  I refer to my red velvet drawstring change bag as Santa's pocket toy sack and use it to perform a holiday themed routine.  When I appear as Santa, I take that change bag with me and use it to perform magic tricks for the kids.  That goes over very big because everyone knows Santa has to be a magical character to be able to do everything he accomplishes in one night.


We are about three months away from the Show Me Clowns For Jesus conference.  Each educational opportunity that I participate in is unique.  What sets this one apart is that it is dedicated to Gospel Clown Ministry.  This is the third time that I have been involved in this conference.  The first two times that I attended it was held at a Bible Camp in the mountains.  It was a beautiful setting, but reaching it was a challenge.  In recent years they have moved to a much more convenient location, a hotel in Springfield, Missouri.  I am looking forward to returning to this conference which has a wonderful spirit.  I hope to see many of my subscribers there.  You can get more information by using the link under the Educatioanl Opportunities column to the right.



I'll see you down the road,


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Thought For The Week 

November 7, 2011

By Bruce "Charlie" Johnson


"Different flowers are beautiful to different people." - Chinese Proverb


We all have different preferences, likes, and dislikes. I try to remember not to impose my taste upon others.


There are many possible styles of clowning, magic, and music. There are many possible styles of music. I definitely prefer some styles to others. However, I know that I shouldn't force my preferences upon others. Just because I don't care for an act does not mean that there are not others who love it. That is one reason why I don't make a negative comment about an act I've seen where others can overhear me. If somebody asks my opinion about an act, I'll wait until we can discuss it in private. I don't want to infringe upon the enjoyment somebody else may have gotten from a performance that fit their preferences.


I find that frame of mind helps me be more appreciative of other entertainers. I can enjoy their skill even if I don't enjoy their style of performance. I am able to say, "I normally don't care for that kind of act, but it was very well done."


The variety of preferences by audience members is why I include a variety of material within my show. If somebody doesn't like something, hopefully there will be something else that they like. For example, I do a three-ball juggling routine. Then I hold up a sign asking if they would like me to juggle with 4. Next I juggle with two balls and a large cut out numeral 4. Hopefully if somebody didn't like the juggling, they will enjoy the pun. Then I do actually juggle four balls in a brief routine. Then I perform a magic effect. Hopefully if somebody doesn't think juggling is beautiful, they will think the magic is beautiful. Then I might do an audience participation routine, followed by some trick cartoons, followed by a comedy magic effect, followed by a three-club juggling routine, and then maybe a straight magic effect. By varying the types of routines and keeping them short each person will see something they enjoy without having to wait too long. The longer the show is, the more variety I try to add to it. I often do a thirty-minute act without speaking, but if an act is longer than that I generally include at least one verbal routine. To use the metaphor from the opening quote, I look at my performances as a garden and try to plant as many different types of flowers as possible. That way as many the greatest number of people will find a flower that they like. Then like a florist I try to arrange the flowers in the most pleasing way when I create each bouquet.


When I perform in a show with other entertainers, I try to do something that will be different from the others to increase the variety within the show. If I am in a show made up of magic acts I'll concentrate on juggling routines. When I appeared in the Comedifest Staff show a month ago I knew there were several people in the show who were jugglers, so I concentrated on performing magic routines. By adding more variety it helps the entire show be more successful.


When I am in a variety show I don't try to be the best act in the show. I know that is an impossible goal. Different acts will appeal to people who prefer that type of act. So, I concentrate on being the best I can be of the type of act that I perform. Then people who like my kind of act will really enjoy what I performed. Those who don't like my kind of act won't be satisfied any way. Hopefully they will like one of the other acts in the show that is a different style. If each person in the show tries to be the best they can at the type of act they perform, the entire show will succeed.


How many different flowers have you planted in your variety arts garden? How can you arrange them into the most pleasing bouquets? How can keeping in mind that different styles appeal to different portions of the audience affect your relationships with other entertainers?










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