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Thought For The Week
February 8, 2010
Issue #363

By Bruce "Charlie" Johnson

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week's newsletter.  I appreciate hearing from you.
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Today is the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.  It was through scouting that I got my first entertainment opportunities.  I also learned many valuable lessons by being involved with scouts.  Happy Birthday BSA.
I have a second newsletter for owners of my Creativity For Entetainers trilogy.  I do not send it as often as I do the Thought For The Week.  I hope to have a new issue ready soon.  You can read past issues in my newsletter archive and decide if you would also like to receive that newsletter.
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Thought For The Week 

February 8, 2010

By Bruce "Charlie" Johnson

"Do a good deed daily!" - Boy Scout Slogan


Today is the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.  The Boy Scout movement started in England in 1908 when Lord Robert Baden-Powell published his book titled Scouting for Boys.  William Boyce, a publisher from Chicago, was visiting London when an unknown scout did a good dead for him and refused a tip.  Boyce was so impressed by the boy's actions that when he returned to the United States he joined two other men in incorporating Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.


During the past century the Boy Scouts of America has been urging their members to do a good deed daily. 


I was the recipient of a good deed during my first trip to Singapore with Clown Camp.®  Singapore has an extensive subway system.  When I was returning to our hotel after an evening off, I was studying the map of the subway system trying to decide which trains I needed to take.  A teenage boy asked me where I was going.  When I told him, he pointed out the route on the map which required changing trains.  He got on the train with me, and made sure that I transferred to the correct train.  He got off at the station nearest my hotel, and then crossed the platform to take the next train in the opposite direction.  That was when I realized that he had gone out of his way to make sure I did not get lost.  Other moments like that made that trip very enjoyable.  I am looking forward to my scheduled return to Singapore with Clown Camp ® this summer.  (You will find a link for more information on that program in the Educational Opportunity column.)


When I am in a variety show or attending a convention, and somebody like Kenny Ahern or Lee Mullally does everything they can to help the other performers I am not surprised to learn that they have been involved in the Scouting program.  They continue to live the life of service taught by Scouting.


Most important of all is doing good deeds within your family.  It is easy to get so caught up in doing things for other people that you don't have any energy left to do things for your family.  Yet, that is where those good deeds are most valuable because of their cumulative long term effect.  Frequently Carole turns to me, and asks, "What can I do for you?"  I really appreciate that.  The connection it causes is worth much more than big gifts on special occasions.


How can you put the concept of a daily good deed into action?  What opportunities do you have for doing a good deed in your personal life?  As an entertainer, what opportunities do you have for doing a good deed?  What good deeds can you do for family members?

Charlie the Juggling Clown Presents

The first two booklets in my Charlie the Juggling Clown Presents series are now available.  They are designed for use by young or novice entertainers, but are also of value to more experienced entertainers.
Charlie The Jugglign Clown Presents Comedy Bits and Skits For Youth Group Meetings and Campfires is a revised version of my previous Comedy Blackouts booklet. It is an excellent resource for clowns who perform as an alley.  Much of the material is also appropriate for use by ventriloquists.  The price of this booklet is $5 plus $5 for postage and handling within the United States.  International orders will be charged the exact postage fee.  If you want to know what that is before placing an order, send me an email and I will let you know.
Charlie The Juggling Clown Presents Introduction to Magic: Easy Illusions You Can Perform with Common Objects is a new publication.  There is a little overlap with the contents in Creativity For Entertainers Volume Three: Creative Routines.  I think there is enough unique content to make it worthwhile to purchase both books. None of the illusions require any special magic props.  In fact you can easily find most of the required items allowing you to perform if the opportunity arises and you have not brought your regular props.
The price of this booklet is $10 plus $5 postage and handling in the United States.  Foreign orders will be charged exact postage.   
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Bruce Johnson
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Educational Opportunities
April 29 - May 1, 2010
Branson Magic Bonanza
Branson, MO
I will be there with a dealer table.
July 9-15, 2010
Clown Camp Singapore
Sixteen hours of classes over three days plus four days of performing in Singapore schools. 
September 8-12, 2010
South East Clown Association Convention
 Introduction to Juggling, Creativity Techniques, Trick Cartoons, Banquet Show, and Dealer Table
I believe in promoting any event I will be lecturing at.  If you schedule me for an educational event that you are hosting, I will list it here.  My goal is to do what I can to best meet the needs of you and your group.
For information on additional services that I can provide for an educational event 

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